Saturday, 21 March 2015


I visualise the pockets of animal lovers like little candles shining across a darkened globe.  As more people join us through love, the light will grow until the entire planet is shining and shimmering... a Kingdom of Rainbows.

We need MORE kindness, MORE compassion, MORE patience, MORE give, MORE love.

We need the Lady (Mother Earth/Sacred Feminine) to be championed - we need MORE HEROES!! (and heroines of course ).

Only when She is respected and restored to her rightful place in our collective psyche, will our broken society heal.

Earth is a living, breathing being...  her rivers, her oceans, her forests... are dying.
Her animals (and children) are crying out to be noticed and cared for.

How can you turn away?

How can you sit and drink your coffee as if nothing is wrong?

The big, greedy, transnational corporations don't want you to visualise Her as alive and beautiful.  Then we would never allow them to do what they are doing.  The animals are pleading with us... but our children are instead listening to talking machines.

We have magic all around us...   cocoons open and beautiful fragile butterflies emerge...
We are taught to tune out from nature....
So that we won't notice Her suffering, and our degradation...

All we need to do is plug back in.

Stop!!  Go outside... Look up... imagine the silent planets slowly turning... know you are part of something that is massive and awe-inspiring....

Feel yourself on this crazily spinning planet hurtling through the cosmos... interconnected...

Look down... feel your feet stretching through Earth searching to be rooted in wonder...

Now go create some miracles!

Let everybody know that you will no longer tolerate our planet, our home, the Lady being destroyed.
If you're a rebel or you want to fight... pick the right side, and the good fight.

Vote with your money!
Go organic!
Go vegan!


Find organisations that resonate with you... that are helping to manifest a greater vision - a prettier, gentler, kinder world.  Support them in any way possible.

And stop buying junk you don't need and won't make you happy. And keeps you on the hamster wheel trying to fill a space that material goods just can't full.



Be blessed!!

Credit:  DeviantArt

Friday, 20 March 2015

Global March for Lions - Durban - 14 March 2015

Well... it was a boiling hot day, and although we walked up in a small group to the assembly point... these guys came along and pulled one of the lady's earrings right out her ears.  R5k Tanzanite.
It kinda put a damper on the start.  The police had told us which route we were allowed to march.
Um... the assembly point was full of sleeping hobos.
So many people told me that they weren't coming because of the route and when I got there I understood why.

HOWEVER, we were a merry little band of lion warriors.  And very honored to be joined by Hon Ms SJ Nkomo, MP, and Secretary-General of the Inkatha Freedom Party, as well as Mr Les Govendor of the IFP.  Thankyou so much for joining us.  I can't say enough nice things about Ms Nkomo - such a genuinely warm Lady!!  Viva!!!  Once again, I pray fervently that IFP reclaim KZN next year.

To everybody that came... THANKYOU!!

Good news is the police have agreed we can have the beachfront back!

Thankyou to Brian Connell, Clair Crook, Xolanie Khumaloe, David & Claire Crook, Jenni Campbell, Carol Dillon, and Beth Duncan - so sorry about your earrings.

The kids totally rocked it!!

Jenni - bless her - was an absolute angel.

Myself and Hon. Nkomo, MP, IFP

This youngster was really having a ball... little eco-warrior in training!!

Mr Les Govendor, Brian Connell, Hon SJ Nkomo, and Yours Truly


14 March 2015
Firstly thankyou all for coming and showing you care about the lions waiting to die.
I would also like to thank Prince Buthelezi of the IFP for his continued support of this cause. On Thursday this week Ms Nkomo submitted a Members Statement in parliament again calling for a ban on canned hunting. Viva Buthelezi!!
I am glad that somebody in parliament is standing up for the lions. Because it appears that our government is hellbent on wringing every last cent out of their exploitation. Is this ok with you? NO!
Well then we need to tell them. Our government works for US. It’s not the other way around. And we are here representing a large number of South Africans that are sick to death of the horror that the animals are enduring. We are here to DEMAND protection for the vulnerable in our society – those that cannot vote, or bribe, or manipulate, or steal funds to get themselves a better system.
President Zuma – there are THOUSANDS of people in the world that support this cause – to protect our wildlife, and ban canned hunting. How can you allow this to continue – in fact to flourish? Surely you feel a moral duty as President to save these animals? Shouldn’t you should be the first to call for a ban on this evil? Isn’t the lion sacred to your Zulu culture? Don’t you care at all?
Well, we are not going to stop, ever. What is happening is wrong and simply must be abolished.
I call upon government members to disclose any commercial interests in game farming, hunting, and other “uses” of our wildlife. Do we agree that they should NOT be writing laws and policies that affect the animals? Isn’t it a total conflict of interests that people that stand to make money from the animals’ exploitation and death should be anywhere near the law and policy making process concerning their welfare and protection?
I call upon Minister Hanekom, our Minister of Tourism, to protect our tourism industry which is at SERIOUS RISK of a boycott by the international community. If a true audit were done on the hunting industry as to where the income actually ends up – it would prove that very little goes to the poorest people who currently rely on tourism, and tourism spinoffs. That lady on the side of the road selling pineapples stacked neatly on her little stand in northern Zululand waits for tourists to stop and buy them…. It’s not foreign killers decked out in camouflage outfits that stop… neither do these killers support rural community-owned tourism initiatives…
I therefore invite these rural communities to take a stand with us and fight for their livelihoods.
I would encourage all tourism stakeholders to think hard about what a boycott would mean to them – because that is the way we are headed.
Our governments must choose between money from murder or from morals.
There are a few things I would like you to think about…
Why are we breeding lions? They are not for conservation purposes.
What kind of people breed lions to be shot for fun?
Who finds pleasure in killing lions that are habituated to humans, normally drugged, and baited to their death? Are these the kind of guest that we really want to host here?
Is this an example we should be setting our children – that killing is ok? Isn’t it this attitude that is anchoring the violence in our modern society? Killing animals for fun is not brave… it’s not clever… it’s not creating something beautiful or precious…. It is simply wanton destruction of magnificence that the hunters didn’t create and have no right to destroy.
We are also here today – standing up for our own rights as human beings – to live in rich, full, functioning ecosystems. Do we want to live in a wasteland – a barren desert where the only lions are in cages waiting to die on a rich man’s whim?
I personally have never agreed that anybody could take the right away from me or my child to live in the natural world that we were lucky enough to find ourselves in. Did you? So why are we allowing it? Mankind didn’t create the forests or rivers or lakes that we are busy destroying. Mankind didn’t create the animals whom we claim to own, and have the pure audacity to say that they are here for us to use.
We need to claim back our nature from the governments and big organisations that are doing zero to save it, in fact they appear to be doing their best to destroy it. The animals, our nature… they need US to speak up for them. They can’t do it for themselves. As long as there is profit to be made, and as long as senseless slaughter commands the sick, misplaced acceptance that it currently does – the innocent animals will continue to bleed their magic away into the Earth. Where will we be as a species when all the wild animals are gone?
Nature is the source of our greatest spiritual strength. We are degrading it, debasing it, and we are totally losing ourselves in the process as is evidenced by our broken society. We need to stop now.
Canned hunting is the ultimate symbol of all that is broken in our society… and how we view this issue indicates our moral stance on sharing this planet with other sentient beings. Do we exploit them at every step of the way just because we can?
Or do we exercise our integrity and compassion as humanbeings?
Isn’t there a gentler way of living here on Earth in harmony with all Her species?
Shouldn’t we find one and insist on it?
Animals should have a representative in every parliament, with a seat on the United Nations. They need enforceable, punishable, legal rights. We stand here in the sun today… free to walk around… what gives us the right to take this freedom from them?
What gives us the right to breed them, keep them in misery, until we kill them?
Try and feel it through the lions senses… can’t run, can’t hunt, can’t play.
They are bred for the bullet and just waiting to die.
Thankyou to our committee and Xolani and the team of marshalls.
Lastly, a big shout out to Durban Metro Special Events – they are seriously the most efficient, friendly, speedy government department I have ever dealt with in South Africa.
Christine Jordaan

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Gotta love the IFP

VIVA Inkatha Freedom Party - IFP !!

Thankyou Prince Buthelezi and Adv Anthony Mitchell




National Assembly: 12 March 2015

Honourable Speaker,

One year ago, in this House, the Inkatha Freedom Party tabled a Motion Without Notice decrying the barbaric practice of canned lion hunting. We stated that Africa’s wildlife, and in particular our lions, deserve the greatest possible legislative protection.

We implored Government to immediately denounce canned lion hunting and to amend our laws to fully protect our wildlife.

Honourable Speaker, that Motion was unanimously accepted and adopted by this House.
And yet, a year down the line, Government has failed to respond in any way.
The multi-million Dollar industry that profits from the murder of tame, drugged, captive lions continues to thrive in our country.

Only some 3 500 lions remain in the wild in South Africa. But more than 8000 lions languish in captivity, waiting to be killed. They are bred for the bullet.

We cannot pander to cowardly and pathetic pseudo-hunters, pretending it is good for tourism. South Africa’s reputation across the world is being mauled. What kind of a country exploits its heritage with such wholesale depraved cruelty?

Let us sound the call again to the one who can save our lions: MINISTER, BAN CANNED-LION HUNTING!