Saturday, 28 July 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home on the Dune
The water in the background is the Bay, and in the front of the photo is the Indian Ocean

My beloved Boerboel, Leo


Bambi - as sale for bushmeat.  I raised her with a bottle for a few weeks.
Eventually I released her into the Elephant Reserve
I like to think of her walking around in the forest

She loved honey!!

Harry used to fly in for minceballs and clack until he got them

After the rains, on the road to Maputo

Shebeen on Inhaca island

Looking for mud crabs

Our old watering hole, but then unfortunately it burnt down

The President visiting the area

Thinking of another project

Bart, I picked him up in the Reserve.  I think an eagle dropped him on his head.
Eventually I had to euthanase him.

A new dhow being built

The community launching a new dhow

In the Elephant Reserve

Vasco and Cleo just want to swim, swim, swim

Santa Maria village - Zac's pub

Building material arriving

Mongoose on the dune



Cleo and I surveying our forest

I love the flamingos 

This monkey likes the view too

Every day he visits

Not a good idea to fly 3 months pregnant - nice to have friends like these 

This school was built by a developer in the area - this is the opening

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