Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lady & The King Stag

                       was badly wounded
traversing the wastelands
cold winds tearing at Him
suffering alone
so much to give
so full of courage and strength
so needing to be loved better
so needing to live
She was trapped in the Underworld
Her wing broken
so gentle, so kind
so needing to learn how to be loved
so needing clarity of mind

Pic:  Credit Unknown
Somewhere in Africa
as Spring was returning to the dry land
and the full yellow moon rising over the savanna
a Lion roared
setting into motion
a Destiny that was written
when the stars were being born
Credit:  Laurent Baheux

And the Angels wept with joy
as the Sword of Integrity and Devotion,
that had been forged in the fire of His Wounding was drawn

He made a promise to the Spirit that lived within Him
– the Stag –
King of all that is honorable, wild, and free

She had a vision
of a Peace of the Heart of Earth
where all was gentle and golden
and in wise harmony

With an eye to Her North Star
the Swan in the Heavens, to guide Her
She wove the Magic of the Lady into Being
and placed it under the protection of the Knight of the Lion
and then knelt at the silent pool
Blessing the source of 3 streams - Zuvuya KwaZulu Natal 2014

She saw that She had followed the Swan
out of the cage of her agony
and the Kingdom of Rainbows lay at her feet
and Her Love of the King Stag
had bought Her to the Lion
and His Warrior…
as They were fated by the stars to meet

the Knight to Her Maiden
the Priest to Her Priestess
the King to Her Queen
the Lion to Her Wolf
and the King Stag to Her Lady

She knew no matter what happened
She would always be held
in the Light and the Song
and that she was better for having met Him
and that knowing Him had made Her strong
She read in Her eyes in the pool
that Her wing had healed
and Her Heart had been given
as a true gift without needing
anything in return
so She planted Him
a Garden of Wishes…
of peace, of the happiness
that She knew He deserved…

and although She wished passionately
that He came home
to join Her in the Kingdom of Rainbows
to keep the realm safe in the Light
She left it up to His free will
and the magic of shooting stars
on a soft African night
Pic Credit Unknown
He saw Her dancing  
and hesitated at the edge of the forest of His Soul                              
a glint caught his eye and He turned               
His shield was shining like a mirror
and He looked deep into His heart
to see His Destiny that would make Him whole
Pic Credit:  Unknown

And the King was wounded  
   so that it bled into the Sacred Earth
each drop wept over
    by the Maiden of His Heart
who forsook the Kingdom of Rainbows
and wandered forlorn through the Forest,
   speaking to the Trees,
seeking the Magick that would heal Him,
   pleading with the Centaurs to open the Stargate to call for help

Winter came and the Grasslands grew empty
the wild Beasts were captured
      or killed for sport,
Flowers wilted and died
and the Rivers ran dry,
the Moon looked down and wept
   and still
     …the Wounded King fevered and slept

The Maiden reached at last
      a Cave within the terrible Darkness
that had claimed Her,

gazing into the mirror of Self
She saw Her Light
    and knew that the Healing lay within Her

Deep in the Forest
She lay down in the murmuring Stream,

     Her Hair became Ripples
Her Eyes sparkling Stones on the Riverbed
Fish ate Her Flesh and grew nourished
   in turn feeding the Forest with their Death

She floated out to Sea as the current claimed Her
where the Sun saw a flashing of Turquoise
in the deep Ocean blue crashing onto the Shore each Day

          in mourning for Her Love,
He took pity on Her
     and raised Her as a Cloud in the brilliant blue Sky

Dreaming inland,
      She rained upon the Forest
so that a beautiful Canopy of Flowers
grew over Her King sleeping in the Grove
March 2017
the Flowers spoke to Him of Love
      of Beauty
of Raindrops that sought Him
   of a Cloud’s Shade that sheltered the Forest
              from the Heat of the Sun,
their soft words reached Him in His Burning
   and left a trail of Dewdrops to lead Him Home

but She was a Cloud now
having given up Her human form
    to bring Flowers to heal Him,
seeing Him in the Grove
  She poured out Her Love
   in a final Rainshower on the Forest
         until every drop of Her had soaked into the Ground
             and the Shade of the Cloud had disappeared

Sunlight blazed down through the Forest Canopy
transforming the Rain into Mist
filling Him with Life
       and He arose

He glimpsed Her Shadow dancing in the Moonlight
      and knew Her in the soft Moss on the arms of the Oak Trees
He felt Her in the gentle Breeze
which teased the Bees in the Branches
          early in the Morning

He vowed to never lay down His Sword
        until She was safe,
that He would champion Her Forests
Isle of Raasay, Scotland 2002
and defend Her Animals

When He knelt to drink at the Sacred Stream
       where She had dissolved Her Form
He saw Antlers reflecting back at Him
       and He understood as She was the Lady
He was reborn into His Divinity as the King Stag

Now He could commune with the Centaurs
   who agreed to open the Stargate to help Him
          on His Quest to restore the Wasteland

And the God-Lion looking down with Love
   from His starry Throne so far, far above
knew it would soon be time for Him to return
Pic Credit:  Unknown

The Lady danced for the King one night in the Fire
   and the crackling Flames asked Him to build Her a Temple

         where the ancient Wisdom could be shared,
a Sanctuary where the Animals could live their lives in peace
       where all who came
would be inspired to protect Her Innocent Beasts
       and transcend their own Shadows
so the God-Lion could return to dwell in Her Forest

    the Centaurs gave the ancient Sign
       that collapsed the illusion of Space and Time
              and cloven hooves shook the forest ground
                     as merry little fauns
                         danced the spiral

Trees trembled in their rapture
       as Moonlight drenched the sylvan glade
            every leaf
             each root,
               every wishful little shoot,
                 as they swayed

Sweet expectation held the forest enthralled
        even the Dwarves emerged from their deep-Earth halls
               the animals gathered
       and waited side by side
with the King Stag standing silent and proud

The Blood Moon rose
   the Goddess held Her Breath
     Spirit of Life fought with the Dark of Death
  and the Stargate opened
     as Time murmured
         then paused
the God-Lion returning to the Earth once more

As cosmic Paw touched Sacred Ground
      Antler tipped to His golden Crown
   Lord of the Earth greets King of the Heavens
from ancient legends

And in that Shift,
    our cities began to fall
Man’s vanities reaching tall
   shuddered, folded,
and were no more,
all was chaos and the dust rose high
     but nothing covered the brilliance
  of the stars glittering in the Blood Moon Sky

Whole towns were swallowed by hungry sores
           which had been bleeding and festering
     while Man chased more,
       the pain which had lain,
            quietly simmering,
             burst into flames
      and the world as we knew it
    Man’s dominion over Nature
            finally overturned

The animals in the forests
     the witches in their caves
         shrugged off the shackles,
            no more slaves
     and the Goddess wept
       as all awakened who had slept
and now danced with Her to stay
    in the free, wild Day

Myself and a magical Scottish Tree with my friend standing in it
Sometimes people come into our lives to hold our hands through rough patches, or just to have fun with on this crazy spinning planet... but it's just for a moment that your paths cross, and then you wander on again, richer for the magick of the meeting.

by Christine Jordaan

© 2017

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