Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Still Betraying the Wild Ones

This memory popped up now on my Facebook page.  Three years ago I wrote this... and where do we stand now...

Still cub petting, still breeding lions, and the horrendous lion bone trade.

Still betraying the Wild Ones.

When, oh when, are we ever going to grow into the compassionate beings that deserve Earth in all Her beauty?

When will we learn that an animal's energy is worth more to us alive?
By killing it, eating it, drinking it's bones - we're just taking in energy temporarily, and it's an extremely dark energy.

By keeping our wild eco-systems functioning naturally, and seeing them as the manifestation of the Sacred... this keeps our planet's energy pure and thus our own.

We need to stop the cortopracy deliberately creating Mordor!  They know Nature should be the source of our greatest spiritual strength!  That is why they are destroying it.


Global March for Lions
Today, somewhere,
another roar has been silenced
by bullet or deadly bow
and a betrayed spirit departed
to wherever the Wild Ones go
Today, somewhere,
 an executioner
has hung up his weapon of death,
boasted his tale of a bloody kill
and his victim’s last agonising breath
Today, somewhere,
another heart has broken
and bitter, despairing tears wept
and a plea to the Sacred poured out to the night
drifting up to the angels where wishes are kept
In springtime last year I had a vision
that the King Stag was standing
on a lonely high peak
so faithfully
in the mist of the magic
so patiently ,
hurting, with the tragic,
waiting for us to grow into our Heroes
and in our thousands we gathered before Him
and knelt in a fervent prayer
that the Light would descend down to Earth
and live in every mind here
With a thousand sighs of the wind
and in a beat of the Earth’s wise heart
the tears of outraged Love
are carving out a new path
The hands of the heroes have reached
across the cultures,
the colours,
the divide,
to fight the horror,
the twisted,
the sick,
of the lions bred to die
Christine Jordaan, 2014
Durban, South Africa - first Global March for Lions 2014

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