Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Searching for The Sun

Formed into being at the dark of the Moon
born into body when Her light was full
but seem to be spinning around this earth on my own
Sun, Sun are you shining still?

I’m lost and alone in the dark and its cold
been searching for ages for your golden light
it’s been a good journey wandering free
but now I need daytime to balance the night

I stop atop the cliffs and called you from mountain top to sea
and in my heart I heard you answer – you’ll come when I find me
so I followed Moon from East to West
North to South I dreamt and cried
restlessly seeking
laughing and weeping until I thought my heart had died

Winter reigned for many years
I turned inwards and did not see
until one day I had a dream
that you were also looking for me
I was lost and frozen to ice
yet your words brought the promise of Spring
Aviemore, Scotland, 2002
bit by bit I began to thaw
and once more heard the Robin sing
I stood alone
head bowed in thought
Moon was waiting I cried and fought
then I whispered a silent prayer
I followed my heart
and found my Self there
Isle of Raasay, 2001
dancing alone on a rugged hilltop
Moon bright shining down
in the purple heather singing
wearing a starry gown
I laughed aloud, I’d been too blind to see
that my heart was also looking for me
we embraced and loved and merged into one
and set off again to find my Sun

So I’ve dreamt my way through ancient forests
Sleeping in an Oak Tree, New Forest, England, 1999

once thought I saw a ray piercing the night
hoped I find you in a magic clearing
but it was just my reflection silvery white

Now I’ve wished upon a shooting star
it led me here to these mountains of snow
I’ve come on faith that Spring will come
but its cold down here
don’t you know?
I need your light so that I can see
the darkest hour is just before dawn
when I’ve climbed the highest white peak
Chamonix, France, 1999
will the blizzards go?
will it then be morn?

Love and Light
Moon and Sun
Silver and Gold
all is one

Loch Morlich, Scotland, Feb 2002

Loch Morlich, Scotland, 2002
© 2017

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