Thursday, 23 March 2017

From the Firelight

Briefly I believe in something beautiful, kind, good, pure in the World – call it Source/Light/Love.  And obviously the dark is undeniable – it pulls the puppets' strings from the shadows… feeding on our misery.

When I name gods and goddesses below, I am speaking about the archetypes I feel running through the fabric of reality… the olde magical Celtic ways are beautiful to me.  There is a basic rule – Harm None.  And so I write for the animals, for the Earth, and for my Self to be healed. If we all just took responsibility for transmuting our own Shadows, the world would be immediately lighter, brighter, and kinder.

All my writing :  © 2017

The Priestess Speaks:

When the primal Flood receded
         I was there
                  Soil bare

as Wind loved Me
 He carved Me into Mountains of Stone
  the Ice came
   and I stood

I AM Africa
    My bones are ancient matter
             of a Promise made
                 and a Cry that shattered
                         the One into dual
      Day and Night
Dark and Light
    so that Source could know how Love feels
           the Ecstasy, the Despair
             and the Tears that heal

I AM the spirit of the Marula Tree
     Roots reaching down
   I wrote the words to Songs
          that returning Swallows keep
Mine is the power of the Forest in the Pod
          of the Wish of a Tree
                and a Dreaming of the God
the warm dark Magic of the soft Cocoon
      the Death and Rebirth at the Dark of the Moon
the strength of century upon century
      colors layered in the Rock face
         Mine is the beat all Wildness drums to
                       and I am the safe place
                             that the little Duiker runs to

I am the Circle of Mourning
      when a Spirit shakes off form
          but I am too the Pain and the Joy
                 when a Child is born

I AM Woman
     a glitter of Stardust
that dreamt a Wish and fell
   I have burned in the Fire
         and been lost in Hell
fought with my Demons
        until I remembered the mission
               was quite simply to Love
                       and to guide the lost ones
1994 Pietermaritzburg
I AM Priestess of the Sacred Feminine
     guarding Her Flame down through the Ages
             in all Her guises
                  from the first Dawn
to where we wait now in the Dark Night
        for the world to be reborn

Goddess, Earth Mother
   please shine Your Light into all the confused areas of My Being  
          show me what is good and can grow in Your Light
fill Me totally and break down any crystallised dark forms in My Self
        grant Me clarity on the Way forward and light the Path for Me

And as the Shadow within Me is transmuted
  may the Shadow of Mankind be transmuted
    bringing Light and Love down to Earth
may Heaven manifest on Earth

Stag of the North
Wolf of the East
Lion of the South
Swan of the West

by Antler and Moon
Feather and Sun
it is now done
All is One

Christine Jordaan​
Lunar Eclipse – Blood Moon
04 April 2015 = 16

Invocation of the White Lioness

The Lion-God… the Heart of Africa… the Son behind the Sun…  His bones are being used in traditional medicines and dark magic… trapping His Soul… we need to free the trapped Souls of the Lions killed for their bones, their skins, their heads… they are bred to be killed for profit… thousands wait in cages to die.  Lightworkers across the world went to sacred sites to read this the night before the first Global March for Lions, which I initiated in 2014.

Isis, Artemis, Bride
I call upon the power of three
King Stag, Lord of the Wild and Free
as I say so mote it be

Lady and Lord of the Earth and North
grant me the strength and timelessness of the standing stones
the nourishment of the forest floor
of mossy streams and resting bones
the silence of the cave
where we die to be reborn

Lady and Lord of the East and Air
as a gale lifts the stale, stagnant energy
please cleanse my soul until all is light and free

Lady and Lord of the South and Fire
as I step into the flames knowing that I AM fire
burn through my soul until all is pure
release the constraints of time and place

all this heartbreak
these tears
this anger
these fears
become a sword of pure love
which none can withstand

White Lioness,
we invoke you
the Lady has need of you

Seven years it’s been
since you have walked in your physical body on Earth
you were born in a death camp
but died free
thus you know the evil we fight

We need your help
to set the stolen Souls free
and guide them back safely
to their Peace in the Dreaming
of the Lady

You are Lioness
you are Mother
protecting Her Pride
please journey with us into the darkness
Credit:  Earl Brown
The Souls that have been stolen
may they return
the cords that are holding them
may they burn
and may the Dark Ones that took them
be bound
hands to feet
root to crown
hands to feet
root to crown

The innocent blood that was spilt
each drop of the sacrifice made
forms a river of Light
to guide us
through the darkness
to where they wait

Let the Souls that were stolen
let the cords that are holding them
and may the Dark Ones that took them
be bound
hands to feet
root to crown
hands to feet
root to crown

This Love that guides us
this Love that we are
we have as a shield
and follow as a Star

Walking The Path
no darkness shall harm us
for we walk in the Light
with Angels around us

White Lioness,
and all the Angels of Light,
we place a shield over the body of the Lady
please keep the Dark Ones from Her shores
those that would harm Her
and maim Her Children
we banish
those that would enslave Her Soul
we bind
hands to feet
root to crown
hands to feet
root to crown

The sleeping one has now been awoken
the Love of the Earth has spoken

As She is the Moon
and He is the Sun
as You are within Me
and We are all One
all is now done
all is now done.

Christine Jordaan
KwaZulu Natal, March 2013

To awaken King Arthur

In every ancient culture the People have a Hero sleeping in the mountain -
Legend promises He will arise when needed to defend the Land...
When the danger is greatest…

Now is that time – our Earth is being destroyed… terror is being waged upon the Feminine, it’s a time of sex-trafficking, rape, suicide bombers… we need our Hero, before China, the reptile dragon, covers the world with grey concrete… China who is raping our Wildernesses, stripping the lands of Africa of hardwoods, stealing the animals from Her forests… please Arthur – we need You!  I have no wish to be covered from head to toe in veils of the women-hating Sharia-advocating cult.  Neither do I wish to live in a transgender land of machinery and concrete.  

I want to run free with the Sunlight on my hair… 

The Sacred Feminine must be honored once more – and Arthur is Her Champion.

Lady and Lord of the North and Earth
of the caves of death, and the Soul’s rebirth
of mountain peaks reaching up to the sky
and rocky chasms where diamonds lie
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of the East and Air
of gentle breezes and winds that tear
of the breath of Spirit upon which eagles glide
and blows pictures with clouds in the deep blue sky
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of the South and Fire
of the spark of life and the witches’ pyre
of dancing flames and devouring burning
Strength forged in the flames from tortured yearning
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of the West and Water
of healing wells and cleansing lighter
of underground rivers and oceans deep
and silent lakes where secrets sleep
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Goddess of the Underworld
Keeper of the Crossroads
Your Priestess kneels weeping
at the Sacred Well
and the King lies asleep in the mountain

ln a time now passed into fairy-tale
the legend of Arthur and His Knights of the Holy Grail
told of a Sacred Pledge that He would heed this Call
and when all seemed lost and the world would fall
He would awaken to defend His land once more

Hero King of Olde,
this is the hour that the Prophecy foretold
awaken, awaken
the Wildwood has fallen
and the Lady is taken
She is imprisoned in chains
and darkness is covering our lands

deep Earth knowing
let Him hear
the screams of beasts and His people crying
rich soil growing
make Him whole
Hecate, please may He pass and guide His Soul

Arthur, awaken from Your sleep
time for the King to battle once more
lands are burning
Sun Wheel turning
devils are swarming to Her shores
forests falling
oceans dying
animals tortured
children crying
promises were broken and Angels fell
Souls are lost in earthly hell
Hearts are closed to the Lady’s pain
shattered minds erupt in flames
madness stalks the screaming homes
god is long abandoned
and the devil sits on his throne

deep Earth knowing
let Him hear
the screams of beasts and His people crying
rich soil growing
make Him whole
Hecate, please may He pass and guide His Soul

and let the Spirit of the noble King
enter into every Man
and their Hero awaken deep within
and may They rise up and defend the Land

By all the Power of Land and Sea
as I have spoken may it come to be
with the Grace of Moon and the Strength of Sun
as Love is within Me and through Love We are One
all is now done
all is now done

Christine Jordaan
KwaZulu Natal, April 2014 

Calling Me Home

Circle drawn
All in balance
Spiral traced in and down
Body of Earth
Celestial Crown

Dark Moon
release to the Night
Wounds and Shadows
that block the Light

Out of the darkest black
I call My Self back
I call My Self back

Persephone lead Me up and out
Spring is calling
Wind and Sunlight

New Moon
Faith renew
to Self be True

Fairies sit seeing at a silvery lake
and weave into being the tapestry of Fate
listening to the calling in a Soul’s yearning heart
and watching all the steps that it’s taken on The Path

Lessons learnt and tears wept
actions taken and promises kept
weaving, spinning
past and future into one
back through Time’s illusion
to where it all began

On their shimmering tapestry I see
a memory of Eden
Earth’s Prayer that dreamt Me
My Soul’s Vision
a Sacred Mission

Wolf howl
March 2017
Moonless sky
Pulse quicken
Witches fly
Heart yearning
Wheel turning
He is calling
Soul is soaring

13 years since the Promise made
years of heartache and karma paid
bitter lessons burning in hellish flames
rising up again

Imbolc Dedication Isle of Raasay, February 2002
13 years since She spoke at the Crossroads
13 years My blood dreaming in the water
13 winters My heart frozen to ice
13 suns have crossed Heaven’s starry skies
is my blood brought forth
by leaf of Holly from Her land
into this chalice of African wood
that holds Her sacred sand

Love and intention in my cauldron of Dark Moon,
seeds I have planted, and all being in tune,
what I ordain shall indeed come to pass –
manifest the Magick from the Isle of Glass

Activate the Sacred Cord
take me home to the wildwood Lord
Woman to Land
home to clan
through astral realms
over misty hills
heart pounds
Soul thrills
the King Stag is waiting
He is waiting

Goddess of the Underworld
I stand at Your Crossroads again
give me a sign which Way to take
and please clear The Path forward of all obstacles

Artemis of the Moon and wild beasts
I would serve the Grail by healing the wasteland and saving the wood

Bride – Your healing wells and magical poetry lit up the hearts of the Celtic tribes,
when the Magick seems so far away and my heart pines for the cool glens and purple heather – grant me Your third gift – Sight in the flames of the Fires of Inspiration

King Stag, as it has always done and always will do,
my life and Love belong to You,
Forever and in Truth

Pic Credit:  Unknown
If all be in alignment with the highest good
and rooted in the deep of the green Wildwood
so Mote It Be
It Will Be.

Christine Jordaan
Pietermaritzburg 2015

Lament of Gaia

It was Springtime
   and you were a child in My forests
        in awe at the splendor of the towering trees

I gave you rainbows to smile at after the storm
   and butterflies when you slipped and fell down

       a whole garden of friends in all shapes and sizes
with feathers, and fur
     scales and claw
      so much for you to love
            and to love you
Zuvuya, KZN Midlands January 2014
 I sob now
  those forests are torn down 
      and tears of acid raining on dead ground

You have grown away from Me
   slipping into a treeless realm
where My soft sunlight cannot reach you
  I sing to you on the evening breeze
but you have built walls to shut Me out
     and discord has entered the lands

In this,
  the autumn of My Being
   the colors are fading fast
I am wilting,
My meadows are silent
but for your ghosts walking the dreams
  of happy summertimes

My waters are poisoned
      shadowed and grey
  the merry ones do not leap and dive,
all is empty and dead,
 choking in plastic
   and foul green slime,
vomited up by your industries into My once crystal clear rivers

Will nobody save Me?

Where is My Love
  in this twilight of My story
     where on Earth do You linger
     My heart?

Do you lie dreaming on the tides of yesteryear
    locked in a  happier embrace with Me?
       are you lost in what could have been
have you seen
what they are doing to Me?

    Night draws near
cloudy and cold
  I have need of you

Hold up your sword
   and fight the good fight
defend your non-human brethren

as I gave you My flesh and fruit
 My Sweet
   as I sheltered you
now awaken the Son within
   to shelter them

or else
   I am lost

I will sink back on these dead petals in despair
     and winter will come
but this time it will not give way to spring

    No, I will become ice
you will not know Me
   and then I will crack
      torn apart by the lack of You
as My heart is tearing now

   I will be no more
     not even a whisper
for no voices will be left to sing of Me

you will be gone
  abandoned your form
      perhaps found a new heart

All will be dead
My beauty forgotten

Or shall I erupt in wrath as a woman scorned
    lash out in rage
        great burning rivers of gold
pour down with ash and mud
    until I have covered every last sign of you
        the mockery you have built
these monuments to your vanity
     towering high
they will crash and crumble
    back into dust

You have ripped away My forests
torn the heart out of My body
    consuming all
leaving nothing for your animal family
the beautiful fabric I weaved for you
was full of life and joy
    now it is rent with bloodstained gaping holes

the horror,
    the despair,
slowly covering all
   is almost too much to bear

Come back to Me
   come back to Me
come dance again in My fields and flowers
   bring your harps
      your words
and love Me with music in the moonlit hours

it is nigh midnight
   we’re on the brink
you and I

   shall we go plummeting down
or soaring up high
to a new way of being
   in love
together again

it is possible
   if you could learn to share
     and care
harming none
  if you could just realise that
       All is One

Christine Jordaan (2013) 

Prayer for South Africa…

Lady and Lord of North and Earth
of strongest rock and yielding clay
of flowering meadows and forest ways
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of East and Air
of a flutter that listens and carries a prayer
of a gale that strips your Soul’s story bare
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of South and Fire
of molten magma of Earth’s boiling core
of the heat of passion that kicks down a heart’s door
please grant us Your Presence and Power

Lady and Lord of West and Water
of seas that are so in love with the Moon
and wash and wave to Her starry tune
please grant us Your Presence and Power
Sea Spirit Full Moon
Sun You have returned to Your place of Power and Glory
in the Heavens in the House of Leo
the ancients teach the world was created when You were in Leo
and thus now is the time to re-image our world
all the heavenly bodies are in perfect alignment for us to ascend into Light

Fig Tree, Kruger, 2004
Ngonyama, Sacred Lion,
Protector  of Africa
Kruger 2004
You are territorial by nature and defend Your Prideland from invaders
the leaders that are betraying us – let it be as in Your Wild Kingdom
only those with the highest good of the Pride in mind and who are fit to rule do so,
within the perfect balance of nature’s self-sustaining eco-system
strip the power from those
that would betray Our Lady
to foreign devils
cast them out into the Wilderness
no more a risk to Your Pride
the warmongering plotted in the corridors of power and behind closed doors
let it cease
let there be only Peace

Grant us leaders that respect the land and all the Beasts,
that understand we are caretakers of Earth,
and will lead South Africa into the next dimension of Light and Love,
and let Your Sacred Kingdom of the Amazulu
return to Ndlovu, the gardener of the Forest,
let those wandering lost and alone,
let them return to the hearthfires of home,
let the return to Power be a sacred exchange
for an end to traditions that harm the animals,
so we may move forward in Light,
not with the Blood of the Sacrifice of the Innocent weighing our Souls down
because we understand that human and animal - we are all under Your Protection
and here by the Grace of our Lady

As Sun is now peeping up over the Sea in the East
and the Moon descending to rest in the West
let South Africa be totally at Peace
let us be blessed
let all be blessed

As the Stars retreat behind the crimson streaks above
let there only be Love
let all be Love

As we kiss day hello and wave goodbye to the night
let there be Light
let there only be Light

As the Sun stays away just far enough from the Earth
so that we may have warmth without bursting into Fire
let there be Balance and Justice
in the seats of Power

And as we become purer,
please Ngonyama come walk amongst us once more,
open the portals to the Cosmos that we may explore
the galaxies and worlds beyond this one,
that we may know the Infinity of Space
and all that is One outside of time and place

If it is at all in my Power
at this predestined hour
and in alignment with the highest good of all,
I open and bless the Stargate
I draw down the Heavens...
I draw the light down to Earth,
the sacred energy of Leo
the Lion of Africa
a King amongst Kings,
I ask that He return to His Pridelands
His Kingdom on Earth
and guide us into the next dimension of our Being

As the Sun lights up the Moon
and our Love is in tune
with the Music of God
that the Christ Consciousness holds
all is now done
all is now done

Christine Jordaan
KwaZulu Natal, 2014

Protection for all Eco-Warriors

Guardians of Earth and North
I cast the Circle and invite You forth,
I ask for the strength of Granite formed in the deep
where busy Dwarves mine and Dragons sleep,
the protection of Black Tourmaline and Fire Agate
to guard from harm and those that hate

Guardians of Air and East
where soft Breezes and howling Gales meet,
of heavy clouds that hide the eye of the Storm
and that magical place where Rainbows are born,
please grace us with Your Presence and Power

Guardians of South and Fire
of the roaring Lion in the centre of Power,
please guide us on the inner planes
and around us breathe a ring of Flames

Guardians of Water and West,
of gentle Waves and foaming crest,
where Poisedon rules and Mermaids call
in the restless Oceans that protect our Shores,
please grace us with Your Presence and Power

Elementals – you ARE Earth as I AM Starseed
our being in love here together is under threat as never before,
the Dark Ones are inciting hatred
and Mankind’s greed is consuming all

Rise up to protect Your own
let sleeping humans now be shown,
to defend the Beasts, let Your Power be known
I invite Leo down from his celestial home
and invoke Isis on Her starry Throne

Athena, You are Goddess of Wisdom and War
with the courage of the Lion and His mighty Roar,
You seldom engage in direct confrontation
instead winning Your battles
using the wisdom of Your reflection,
I invoke You on behalf of all of Earth’s warriors
who are rising up to take a stand for the defenceless,
crying out for the voiceless

King Stag, Lord of the Wild and Free,
You, of the high lonely places,
You are the Sacred Spark of Life
please help us hold true to our Vision of how it should be

Please place the eco-warriors under Your protection
as they battle  for the Elephants, Rhinos, Lions,
Earth’s gentle creatures, being mercilessly killed,
lend them strength and guard them from all harm on this journey,
let there be friendly Souls each step of the way to lighten their Spirits
and a safe place for them to rest each night

Athena, Goddess, and King Stag,
the night is dark and we are all so weary,
we hold the faith flickering in our heart
but sometimes we despair and lose sight of the way home to You,
please send us Angels to guard us and light The Pathway,
when the Dark Ones would rob our spirits of energy and harm us,
let your Cloak of Love and Light utterly hide and protect us,
let us feel Your Presence beside us, within us

Let Heaven be on Earth again,
Spirit manifest into matter,
and the world raise their eyes to a North Star of Love

As my tears are Yours
and Your heart breaks for my pain,
for the Souls of the Innocent
and the brutally slain,
we vow to never retreat,
never pause, never rest
until the Innocent are saved,
and all Life is blessed

as I am Mother and Daughter,
and You are Father and Son,
and together We are the Cosmos,
and in All we are One
all is now done
all is now done.

Christine Jordaan
KwaZulu Natal, 04 May 2014
Yule December 2005 Santa Maria Mozambique
Feast Day of Isis

Branch of Umkhule
reach up to the Sky
through white Clouds drifting
past Sun burning way up high
to silent wheeling Planets and silver-golden Stars
and Comets blazing past to where the Shining Ones are

White Goddess of Magic and Life,
Mistress of the Words of Power,
grant me the Words to bring Grace to Earth,
this is Your Feast Day on Earth,
honouring You as Patroness of Navigation,
please guide me now as I walk between the Worlds

You have fought the Evil
and You know the desperation of Love,
Your Light is Full tonight
but in the human Soul,
it is the Darkness before Dawn,
please shine Your Light into our collective Consciousness
illuminating The Way forward
so that Heaven may be on Earth

Earth Body, Star Seed
Heart open, Mind freed,
Soul knowing,
wings growing,
sent down,
Lady’s need

Leo of the Heavens
God on Earth at the Dawn of Time,
Your image, the Sphinx,
lies watching, 
waiting in the Desert for Your return
please grant me Wisdom of Choice
and Strength to hold my Sword high,
that Earth may be purified
and the Darkness transmuted,
the greatest of my Desires
is an Earth so light
that You descend to walk amongst us once more,
please out of this Night
may we come to the Light,
may All be Light

By golden Mane and sharpening Claw
twilight Growl and midnight Roar
may the King return Home,
He shall return Home

Roots of Umkhule reach down deep
through rich brown Soil and Worms asleep,
snaking, stretching, slinking down
to jewel-lit Caverns glittering underground

Dark Goddess of Death
and the Crossroads,
those from the Underworld that I ask to aid us
please grant them Your blessing and allow them to pass,
Queen of the Witches,
I call on my Magical Sisters
to lend their Power to mine,
all who are in alignment with this cause
are welcome to this Circle

Sekmet, Great Lioness,
Goddess of Destruction and War,
Patroness of Divine Retribution and Vengeance,
I invoke You
Mankind has unleashed war on Nature and the Animals
I seek to end the bloodshed

Spirits of the Lions sacrificed on the Altar of Man’s Shadow
I summon You,
may the apparent boundaries between us melt away
and I know You as part of my Soul,
Let us be One,
May we be One
We are One

The Powers that lie sleeping
in the ancient Valley of the Kings
I awaken You,
You hold Secrets I would retrieve,
there is a Power in my Soul
waiting to be set free by memory,
may the lives I have served You  enter my conscious Dream,
the Words I have spoken come to mind,
the Magick I have woven before
now be found

Many innocent lives cast away
bloodlust governing all holding sway,
a hunter
a kill
stolen lives,
Blood seeps into Earth
and She cries,
this Blood and Her Tears
binds and ties,
may all that would harm Her realise
an eye for an eye,
stolen lives

May Earth rise up in defence,
Water, Fire, and Air burn and cleanse
us of this horror that holds Man
on his knees to the God of Depraved

Let bullets that would kill shoot wide,
arrows that would pierce turn aside,
place a Shield around those that remain,
may the hearts of the hunters realise the pain

a hunter
a kill
stolen lives,
Blood seeps into Earth
and She cries,
this Blood and Her Tears
binds and ties,
may all that would harm Her realise
an eye for an eye,
stolen lives

We defend,
not attack,
but if they don’t cease,
we fight back,
this full Moon witching hour
Day and Night bind their power

Man’s dominion of Earth may it end
the fracture between Nature and Psyche mend

As Lion was revered in ancient Egypt
shall He return to His place in our Hearts
and Cosmic Order be restored
here on Earth

By the Howl of the Wolf
adoring the Moon
and the Roar of the Lion
saying goodnight to Sun
may it be done
it is now done.

Christine Jordaan
05 March 2015 (= 16) 

Full Moon Magick for an EcoWarrior

Full Moon rising through Midnight Sky
You are Earth beneath me
and Lady on high,
I invoke Your Power
please hear me now

Let all who look to harm the Beasts
receive the Light within their mind
and cause the darkness to nature cease
and evil intent to turn to Kind

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

May all the people throughout the world
share The Vision of what we need,
Love and respect for the natural world
to replace man’s selfishness and greed

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

Let the dreadful felling of the Forests end
and the Wild Green Wood be whole once more,
the Bears be safe within their Dens
and Howls of Wolves in the Twilight call

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

May the cage doors open and the Sad be free
to live their lives as they were meant to be,
in deep green Forest or tawny Plains
in golden Sunshine and summer Rains

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

May the horrendous torture and killing stop,
the fur farms close without another Blood Drop,
the lonesome Cats in cages for tiger wine,
and the Bear bile farms – a tragic crime

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

Those who would kill or maim for gruesome sport
may Angels descend and these Souls be taught,
Consciousness in any shape or form
is to be loved, 
not shot, tortured or torn

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

And nor be forced to fight until the bloody Death
or kept in chains until their dying Breath,
let people look into the eyes of the Other
and let them recognise a Sister, a Brother

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

Let us not eat or wear our non-human kin
and know that to keep them as slaves is a karmic sin,
our Oceans and Air should be pure and clean
Heaven on Earth, a perfect Dream!

Horn and Tusk
Skin and Bone
may the Animals 
keep their own

May every Animal be happy and free
as I say, so mote it be.

Christine Jordaan
Pietermaritzburg 2014

Warthog, Kruger 2004

To an Ivory Carver

far, far away
please hear my words
from a quiet Forest in Africa

Close your eyes,
run your fingers over the cool smoothness
of the Ivory before you,
feel the Presence of a gentle Nobility next to you,
let it touch your spirit,
open your heart to it

This Presence was once living,
a beloved stitch of the tapestry of Trees and Waterholes

southern Mozambique
He walked mile upon mile
through burning Plains,
cool Forests,
in Sunshine,
in Rain

He too felt Hunger
as you do,
He too felt thirst
as you do,
He too mourned His dead
as you do

Lift your face to the African Sun,
feel it warm you
as He did,
hear the scolding churr of the Oxpecker
as He did,
taste the River Water
as He did,
smell the dry Savanna
as He did,
feel the freedom
of the cool Night
from the heat of the Sun,
as He did

Now open your eyes
and see what is left of the magnificence of Him
lying before you,
What your industry has reduced Him to…

He deserved to die
in His time,
in peace
with His world
but you, far away,
had ordered his death

Can you not you feel the pain and despair seeping out of these Tusks
that He once dug for Roots with in the red Earth of Africa
Can’t you sense the brutal bloodshed that has traveled with Him,
the horror and anger of Mother Africa,
even though your fingers would carve beauty,
you are moulding Death
and Death and bloodshed hang over you

Death greets you at the door when you enter your workplace,
Death sits with you and watches over your shoulder as you work with His Ivory,
Death is embedded in your day and your evenings are shadowed by it,
Death drips agony in your dreaming,
pursuing you

It can be no other way
because He did not die in peace with His world,
He died for you to carve
and His Spirit has stayed trapped
with His Tusks

When you sell your work
you are selling Death,
His spirit, his traumatized Spirit,
will stay with His Ivory

Each time you unpack a new crate of Tusks
you are unpacking more Death and blood,
agony and anger,
and a curse and the sadness of Mother Africa
enters your aura
and taints your life with it,
your family’s,
your childrens

I know this
because I sit here in the Forest
and I hear the Trees whisper of Her pain,
the Birds are silent
each time a noble Elephant falls
in agony,
while the butchers that you have summoned
do your work
hacking off their Tusks while They are still alive

the Forest cries,
Mother Earth mourns
and I,
as a Woman of Africa
I curse you

I curse you
by the four elements
of Earth, Fire, Water and Air

I curse you
by strong Stone
turning orange in the Sunset
which you robbed Him of

I curse you
by Bone,
His precious Bones
picked clean by Vultures and left whitening,
a silent witness to the butchery you ordered

I ask the spirits of four Elephants to live with you
to remind you day after day,
and in the dread hours of night
of the suffering you are causing

Because your livelihood
is causing Death
to my loved ones
and I cannot allow this

To His tragedy
to Her sadness
I add my curse,
a black pool swirling over you,
around you,
inside you

Lay down your tools
close the door
cease to trade in Death

or live this lifetime
and all your lifetimes
hands with Death,
and anger,
and butchery
your Spirit will exist in agony

Burn the Ivory,
set their trapped Spirits free
to return to the Dreamtime of Mother Africa

All this rage and helpless despair welling up in my heart
the grief, these humble hearts,
grieving with hundreds of thousands around the world,
and bleeding anew each day
I lay on your shoulders

Christine Jordaan, 2013
Santa Maria, Mozambique
The Scrying Pool of Avalon

Guardians of North and South
of bursting Mountains and fiery wrath
I gather your Energy into me

Guardians of West and East
of flooding Storms and thunderous Beasts
I gather your Energy into me

I invite it  
I hold it
I mould it
I tame it to my will
be still

Into the silent Pool I stare
quiet my mind and see pictures there
the silent grey ripples shiver into Blood, 
crimson red, pouring as a River flooding onto the Plains,
slaughter and death,
as the World descends into darkness again

The sacrificed, the tortured, the slain,
humankind reaping as they have sown,
enslaved by the Evil they have enthroned

Hands clawing, stabbing, beating,
voices calling, screaming, pleading,
but it’s too late,
too late,
our society has been built on murder and hate
and many innocent shall perish in the flames

I hereby invoke Lex Eterna,
to restore Justice to Earth and Her Animals
if the world must fall before there is Peace
I ask protection for the innocent,
the Children and Beasts

Angels, I seek intervention to the picture before me
many here on Earth desire to live in harmony with all,
let the veils of illusions slip away and fall,
so it may be clearly seen what all the killing is for,
and may the good people rise up and call for a gentler way of being here

As Fire moulds Clay
to fulfil its Destiny of a new form
I shape this Power I hold
to mould my Vision

I dream of an Earth reborn
a green Eden once more,
where we remember to listen to trees
and the wild birds’ call

The Light shall shatter the crystallised darkness
the shadows shall transform or flee
so mote it be
so mote it be

As my Roots are in Earth
and my Soul belongs to the Wind
my Body is yours,
and my Spirit -
I dedicate anew to Your Service,
King Stag,
in Love
Christine Jordaan

12 May 2014

© 2017

Pic Credit:  Unknown

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