Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Underworld

© 2017

Journeying down to the Underworld
I know that I risk losing my mind
but somewhere there in the sludge and the slime
there are diamonds to be found
they’ve been fashioned there in the pressure and heat
by the pain and tears of the past
they’re the powers that your Soul can call
when you love yourself at last

But journeying through the Underworld it’s hard to take the heat
caked in sweat and grimy tears and blisters on my feet
hunger gnaws and my throat is parched
and I dare not eat the fruit
for all will be lost for just one drop of the deadly, magical juice

Journeying through the Underworld
I walk with the ghosts of my sold-out dreams
the road is long and it’s hard to stay strong
hearing the heartache in their screams

Now the Underworld is a lonesome place
when I bump into a devil with a handsome face
my head gets foggy and I’ve forgotten why,
did I come to find myself or to surrender and die?
I know I must run, but he’s telling me to stay
and so I listen to him,
and I lose my way
And he takes my hand at the witching hour
I’m totally seduced by his molten power
and now I make a fatal mistake,
stretch out my hand and take just one taste

My head is giddy,
blood roaring in my ears
I can’t stop laughing at my former fears
but my heart is numb
it’s dead you see
and the devil laughs and claps his hands in glee

And in altered state I lose my form
I am SO awake,
no longer forlorn
I split wide open and my dragon is born

Now the Underworld is a magical place
of golden rivers and cavernous space
and I am totally enthralled,
I might say spellbound
I don’t notice the devil changing face
or the diamonds he has stolen that are mine

My breath is fire
but I can’t fly free
I’m shackled by his desire and his Spell over me

March 2017

Now the Underworld is a tormented place
I peer in a lava pool and I see my face
and the anguish there should break my heart
but it’s dead you see
I tore it apart

The heat is gone,
my breath turns to frost
all is dark and I’m totally lost
and I’ve forgotten trees dancing in the twilight breeze
or moonlit skies over crashing seas

Looking down at what I’m clutching in my hand
at first I thought it was gold
but it’s just dead sand
and I fall to my knees at the edge of the pool
god I was so blind -
the devil played me for a fool

The searing truth brings a tear
falling from my eye
I peer again into the pool
and see an angel crying
and now my tears turn to diamonds
my wings open and I fly

Christine Jordaan
13 November 2015

© 2017

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