Monday, 7 November 2016

I AM Love

© 2017

I am a cat stalking along city rooftops
independent and free
nobody owns me

I am a swan dreaming gently
in the pale gold reeds at the lake’s edge
sheltering for the winter

I am a dragon soaring high overheard
roaring flames to protect Her land

I am a deer trembling
in the misty purple heather
I quiver,
every fibre of my being alert to the sound of Him
coming through the deepening Dusk

Inchnadamph, Assynt, Scotland, 2002
With all of my heart and soul
with every atom and particle
along every string and wave in the multiverse
I love the King Stag

I feel His love in the heat of the sun warming me
I see His power in the strength of the eagle’s wing as He glides overhead
my heart breaks for His nobility as He dips His antlers
to Her full light rising
a pale circle like a fat dew drop on a green leaf in the deep forest

I am a spider spinning my web
new and glistening each day
trying to tell Him in a different way
how much I love Him
I spin a story
just for Him
about my conversations with Night
just before Dawn broke

I am in the silent pool
a reflection just waiting
for Him to see me
Glen Helen, Isle of Man, 1999
I do not wish to join the river
for it will carry me away from Him
I want to stay here forever
below the secret high places
just waiting
to see His proud silhouette
against the twilight sky
as He steps regally down the valley
every breath I draw
is one of longing
and hoping
and dreaming
my heart is full to bursting
of knowing

I told my secret to the breeze
tickling me softly at midday
the breeze told the clouds
that quickly blew my way
they shook themselves empty
of their clean, clear rain
and I was waiting,
just hoping
He would come to drink again

The stars tiptoed out
through the heavy velvet sky
and took their places one by one
as planets wheeled by

I lay so still
just drifting
quietly in the Dream
as a leaf gives up Will
and floats
trusting down the stream

He was wild
He was roaming
the lonely vast free
and my heart was roaming with him
as the shade is to the tree
Assynt, Scotland, July 2002

By Christine Jordaan, 2013
© 2017

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