Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mozambique 2016

Wow that was a bit of an emotional trip back to Santa Maria, Mozambique last week.  In October 2013 I left, after ten years there, and returned to South Africa. 

There's been a lot of changes - a new restaurant, Bemujis, in the Mangroves really makes a great addition.  But on the whole the area has retained it's laid-back, raw charm.

Luckily the bay was calm on the way there.  (NOT the return trip).

Maputo Skyline


Bemujis restaurant on the bay

Mr Dick Nhonguane
Inhaca island in the background

Rugby in the mangroves

Meeting with The Boss - Nkosi Zacarias Nhonguane

Love the licence plate

Sandbanks at low tide

Catching up with my dear friend Abel, now in his 80s

Beach Bar

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