Thursday, 20 October 2016

Time to Awaken

Picture Credit:  Dhillon Deviant Art

In every ancient culture the People have a Sleeping Hero -
Legend promises he will arise when needed to defend the land
When the danger is greatest…
It seems pretty dark right now so I wrote this...
Lady and Lord of the North and Earth
of the caves of death, and the Soul’s rebirth
of mountain peaks reaching up to the sky
and rocky chasms where diamonds lie
please grant us your Presence and power
Lady and Lord of the East and Air
of gentle breezes and winds that tear
of the breath of Spirit upon which eagles glide
and blows pictures with clouds in the deep blue sky
please grant us your Presence and power
Lady and Lord of the South and Fire
of the spark of life and the witches’ pyre
of dancing flames and devouring burning
Strength forged in the flames from tortured yearning
please grant us your Presence and power
Lady and Lord of the West and Water
of healing wells and cleansing lighter
of underground rivers and oceans deep
and silent lakes where secrets sleep
please grant us your Presence and power
Goddess of the Underworld
Keeper of the Crossroads
your Priestess kneels weeping
at the sacred well
and the King lies asleep in the mountain
ln a time now passed into fairytale
the legend of Arthur and his Knights of the Holy Grail
told of a sacred pledge that He would heed this call
and when all seemed lost and the world would fall
He would awaken to defend his land once more
hero king of old
this is the hour that the prophecy foretold
awaken, awaken
the wildwood has fallen
and the Lady is taken
She is imprisoned in chains
and darkness is covering our lands
deep Earth knowing
let him hear
the screams of beasts and his people crying
rich soil growing
make him whole
Hecate, please may he pass and guide his soul
Arthur, awaken from your sleep
time for the King to battle once more
lands are burning
sun wheel turning
devils are swarming to Her shores
forests falling
oceans dying
animals tortured
children crying
promises were broken and angels fell
souls are lost in earthly hell
hearts are closed to the Lady’s pain
shattered minds erupt in flames
madness stalks the screaming homes
god is long abandoned
and the devil sits on his throne
deep Earth knowing
let him hear
the screams of beasts and his people crying
rich soil growing
make him whole
Hecate, please may he pass and guide his soul
and let the spirit of the noble king
enter into every man
and their Hero awaken deep within
and may they rise up and defend the land
by all the power of land and sea
as I have spoken may it come to be
with the grace of moon and the strength of sun
as Love is within me and through Love we are One
all is now done
all is now done
April 2014

Update 29 November 2016:  Since the horror of #PizzaGate broke - I have been wresting with my understanding of The Sacred...   actually not my understand of it, in so much as how I communicate with it... I love Nature... watching and celebrating the seasons change... to me Nature is Spirit made manifest and the Source of our greatest spiritual strength... but how on Earth do I sit on an Autumn Equinox and celebrate the beauty and energy of Autumn when I know that the #PedoFile elite sacrifice humans on this date.
When I speak about Hecate above.. in my mind I am speaking about a facet of the Divine Feminine which is "half" of The Sacred.  Hecate, Keeper of the Crossroads, who guides us in the darkness, keeping us safe.  So I feel compelled to point out that I am a LIGHTWORKER.  Not an evil witch!
However this #PizzaGate has definitely taken the joy out of the mythology of the ancient times for me.
I think to avoid attracting to myself entities that are not whom I think they may be because these #PedoFreaks are superimposing their evil on Earth, I think from now on I shall just refer to the G(o)od Force.

Raise your frequency!

Yes, it seems as if the world is falling apart. It is. This could be a great thing. The current reality sucks and benefits only the 1%. Earth is dying, animals hover on the precipice of extinction, ancient forests are being torn down, children are starving, being abused, and trafficked. Yet others drown in the horror and prison of drugs, blocking out the real and relinquishing control. Truly - the (d)evil sits happily on his throne right now.

What will be born from the ashes depends a lot on our expectations and our energy frequency - like attracts like.  We're magnets. Our expectations and thoughts create our reality. At the moment the future is unformed energy soup. Our thoughts in this present now, which is all we ever have, is what creates the future - our expectations give the energy form and shape.

Focus on an Earth so bright that our Souls are able to descend into our physical bodies.

Picture credit:
It is now more important than ever to hold true to the vision of what we want - heaven on Earth (which spells "heart").
Focus on the g(o)od, and starve the (d)evil of energy. Our intention to create a better planet (spells "plane") for EVERYONE will help manifest it.

Incidentally energy spells "green". Besides signalling energy itself should be green and renewable... it's also a hint to use plants to raise our frequency. Different plants have different energies. If you're battling now with all the Chaos swilling around and seeking to instill itself in our reality and bodies... go talk to trees and flowers. Just look at them and visualise Earth becoming lighter, purer, and humanity kinder. Nature is Spirit made manifest and should be the source of our energy (we don't need to steal energy from the animals by eating or killing them - this feeds the (d)evil). 

Setting our intention to manifest a brighter and lighter Earth is half the battle won. We must want it, long for it, dream it into being.

What we truly want the Universe will deliver.

And remember Nature hates a vacuum. Don't deplore the darkness, and forget to focus on the light.

Hold true to the Vision.

Expect miracles.

Be blessed everyone.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mozambique 2016

Wow that was a bit of an emotional trip back to Santa Maria, Mozambique last week.  In October 2013 I left, after ten years there, and returned to South Africa. 

There's been a lot of changes - a new restaurant, Bemujis, in the Mangroves really makes a great addition.  But on the whole the area has retained it's laid-back, raw charm.

Luckily the bay was calm on the way there.  (NOT the return trip).

Maputo Skyline


Bemujis restaurant on the bay

Mr Dick Nhonguane
Inhaca island in the background

Rugby in the mangroves

Meeting with The Boss - Nkosi Zacarias Nhonguane

Love the licence plate

Sandbanks at low tide

Catching up with my dear friend Abel, now in his 80s

Beach Bar