Sunday, 29 May 2016

This Vote You Have

Once upon a time Source was dreaming, and His dreams became matter manifesting into Earth (which spells  “Heart” ). 

This beautiful planet was a Spiritual School and the ultimate qualification was to learn to remain focused in love even during the darkest times.  The golden lesson was that Love can conquer all.

But in order for humans to learn our lessons in this Spiritual School there had to be Dark as well as Light.  So the (d)Evil manifested too, with his mission being to break our Heart (Earth).  He imprisoned Her deep underground where She remains chained by Mankind’s seven deadly Sins.

Eons passed.  The Ice came and retreated, came and retreated. 
We grew into a complex society, at last able to reflect upon our choices and actions, and technologically capable of surviving in harmony with the Earth.  All we needed was the will to do so.  If we remained true to the Golden Rule that Love can accomplish anything – poverty would be abolished.

But the (d)Evil had not been idle… and so the world polarised into the haves and have-nots. And also into those operating from Faith, those operating from Fear, and those with no choice really on how to live because they’re too busy trying to survive under the socio-economic system that was rigged for the benefit of the elite few.

Now here we are in South Africa in 2016 with municipal elections approaching in August.  Under the ancient Chaldean numerological system the number  “20”  represents  “The Awakening”  or  “The Judgement”. 
“16”  symbolises the  “ Tower Struck by Lightning from which a man is falling with a Crown on his head."   It is also called   "The Shattered Citadel".  August is the 8th month with  “8”  representing  “Power and Abundance”.  And the sum total for the day 03 + 08 (August) + 9 (2016) = 20.  The Awakening!     

Thus 2016 is a key year leading up to our General Elections in 2019.  Again  “20”  represents  “The Awakening”.    “19” represents “The Sun”  or  “The Prince of Heaven”.  Clearly 2016 and 2019 are pivotal years in South Africa’s future.

Driving through town I see more and more beggars on the street to break my heart.  More violence ripping through the country.  Literally burning, in violent service-delivery protests across the nation, South Africa is on the brink.

But I hear… “I won’t vote.  It won’t count….”   Do people not realise how important their vote is?
This vote you have…

What will you feed your children when the Fat Cats have stolen all the cream?
they have taken on the power but betrayed the Struggle’s dream,
ensconced in ivory towers, feeling neither hunger nor the cold,
they have traded the blood of the Sacrificed,
and sold our Rainbows for fake gold

When hunger dims the brightest eye and the smiles of Innocence fade away,
and sounds of little knights at play no longer brighten up the day,
when the old and poor and the uncared-for,
are left in passageways to die,
for lack of funds and medical cards
why are we living with the Lie?

Whilst just next door the champagne flows,
and the Dragon gives a ghastly smile,
and drinks a potion of our lions’ bones,
thus capturing Africa’s soul,
and the King of Beasts in his shadowed cage
awaits his turn to die,
golden eyes grow dim with pain,
staring sightless up at the sky

The Fat Cats grin and hand over our land and gold,
but its far, far more that they’ve stolen and sold,
fracking splits the Earth apart,
and GM crops poison Her breaking Heart

Where will Moon reflect upon Herself
when the waters dry into concrete and desert sand?
who will be left to cry when the last tree falls
to the Shadow Self of Man?

When the World’s Wild Soul sighs its last pitiful breath,
and the Titans are unchained to unleash blood and death,
when Poseidon raises his trident up to the darkening sky
where crazy comets crash and fuming Furies fly

The ocean swells,
Man’s Empire falls,
Father Time yawns and swallows up all
the dancing substances give their final bow
and we’re sucked back into the Void to mourn our broken Vow

Down we all go to the House of Hades,
to pray for mercy amongst the wailing shades,
demons knowing,
red eyes glowing,
claw to pick Souls clean of Ego’s dream

The short sharp pain
when the blinkers fall
and we realise how we’ve failed yet again,
our Souls were screaming out for Heaven’s golden dream
but the Fear won and the (d)Evil prevailed
and Lady Earth now lies bleeding and beaten

So, you see, this vote you have,
it’s the Crossroads that we’re now at
and the choice you make will paint the coming years
who do you want to speak for you – bloated puppets
feeding us controlling fears?

These Fat Cats in their fancy cars
while children are sleeping on the streets?
who stuff their stomachs with wine and cake
while a mother sells her body so her child can eat?
the Dragon’s mask and its cANCerous sores
erupting into burning schools?

There’s a child in front of you 
with dreams as big as big can be,
he wants to be a Spaceman or maybe sail off to sea,
this vote you have it’s a gift to him – in fact it is a key,
which door will you open for him
      – a land of Chains or a world of Free?

This vote you have, it was bought with blood,
and if I still my mind I can hear the Heroes crying,
they speak of shame and searing pain,
and remind us of the dream for which they died

by Christine Jordaan
28 May 2016

Note:  The Dragon = China !
And heroes/ines dying for the vote include the global fight for women to vote, as well as “non-white”s under apartheid law.

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