Thursday, 30 July 2015

What a week...

#CecilTheLion is trending on Twitter and has the world finally waking up to the true horrors of trophy hunting.  So much has been said on this tragedy, that I will not elaborate further on here - except to say that his life and death must stand for something - we must now ban ALL trophy hunting.  What happened to Cecil wasn't at all unusual.  Lions are baited all the time to their deaths. Even those supposedly safe in national parks.  There are THOUSANDS of Cecils...
And what about the graceful giraffes... the gentle elephants - they too wanted to live...
#Killing4Fun is not acceptable.  It has no place whatsoever in an evolved society.

I was extremely disappointed that SAA (South African Airways) lifted the embargo on transporting hunting trophies.  I will no longer fly with them.  Rather support those airlines that have taken a stand such as Emirates.

On Wednesday 22 July Blood Lions premiered at the Durban Film Festival.  Congratulations to Pippa Hankinson for her vision and the team for an excellent documentary.  Beautiful people - please join the campaign here:

Hon Narend Singh, MP, and Chief Whip Inkatha Freedom Party, and myself

Some of the awesome ladies fighting for lions - Mariana Fernandes of GMFER, Hayley Dahl (who bust the rhino poachers in Kruger Park), myself, Donalea Patman who flew out from Oz, and was instrumental in getting the ban on lion trophy imports into Oz, and Linda Park of CACH

Inkosi EM Buthelezi - Dept President of IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) and Member of KZN Provincial Legislature - super cool guy!!
Also present at the premier, and featured in the documentary was Minister Khama of Botswana - who have a ban on trophy hunting.  What an inspiration to hear him talk about putting wildlife first.  And saying that there was no difference between poaching and trophy hunting.  He attended with his lovely wife, Thea.

On 24 July, 2 days later, Blood Lions went to KwaMashu Township.  I was accompanied by Xolanie Khumaloe (an IFP Youth Leader, and a real ROCKSTAR) and Jenni Campbell who has patience with my endless capacity for getting lost, and almost bumped in heavy traffic.

Myself and Xolanie Khumaloe

Xolanie, myself , and Jenni

With some of the audience - thankyou Nomusa Mukhungo!!

With the film crew
That same day Phasa issued a statement (after attending Musgrave Blood Lions screening) that they wanted to reconsider the hunting of lions.  Whoaaa!!!!!

And now my beloved #IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) have just read this Members Statement in Parliament.  I really LOVE them - they want GM crops chucked out of SA, and they are brave enough to take on the #BulliesWithGuns



30 JULY 2015


Honourable Speaker,

The atrocity that is the practice of canned-lion hunting recently took centre stage at
the Durban film festival when the documentary “BloodLions” premiered on the 22

It is safe to say that this barbaric practice and throwback from the days of colonialism
is nothing but an abhorrent relic from an evil past.

It’s high time that South Africa stands up and says that its wildlife is no longer for sale
to the highest international bidder, its high time that we stand up for our wildlife.

This practice continues unabated at home in South Africa and in most of our fellow
neighbouring states as well. International news recently reported on the killing of an
icon of Zimbabwean wildlife, Cecil the lion, who was baited, wounded by a hunters
bow, tracked and then shot dead 40hrs later by an American tourist, Walter Palmer,
who allegedly paid 35000 pounds for the opportunity and privilege of killing Cecil,
and then attempting to have his head mounted on a wall at home in the United

Canned-lion hunting is a disgrace. Why should the very few hunting operators be
enriched at the expense of the many who will now never be able to see a ‘Cecil the
lion’ proudly wandering our vast African expanses? We must protect and conserve
our wildlife – This is a duty and sacred trust. Our Lions are apex predators, the pride
of African wildlife, they deserve nothing less than our most stringent protection.

We salute the Minister of Tourism who appeared in the documentary and hope that
he will be engaging his counterparts in Environment and Agriculture on this issue as
it will require a multi-pronged Ministerial and Departmental approach.
The practice of canned-lion hunting is unacceptable and must be driven from our
country and continent!
I thank you.                                                                                                        ..."

Read by Hon Narend Singh MP

I am SO proudly #IFP.  VIVA!!!!




PS What a cheek - I was watching the parliamentary live streaming now - and they interrupted Mr Singh!  Huh.  And they are going to revise the length of time the poor lion has between leaving its home where it has been hand reared, and being killed for fun.  Is there something wrong with these people?  What am I saying wrong or what is broken in them that they don't understand -
                            ITS NOT OK TO KILL ANIMALS FOR FUN!!

And even if animals are wild-born what gives us the right to take their lives...

Why are their lives less than ours?  We have a duty to be even MORE careful because we are the ones running the show - we have imposed OUR system on THEM, we control the resources...

Monday, 13 July 2015

A Yukky Winters Day

I have woken up very sick... on the surface its bronchitis...
but I dig a little deeper and I find that I am really sick

I am sick of trying in a cruel world where the (d)Evil always seems to win

I am sick of arguing about such an obvious and simple topic that animals deserve to live, pain and fear free, and that they too deserve equal access to natural resources

I am sick of seeing pictures of dead lions and terrible humans laughing over them

I am sick of feeling ashamed of my species

I am sick of being an African and wondering if I am supposed to be ashamed of my race even though I was too young to vote against apartheid

I am sick of feeling homeless on this Earth - if I don’t belong here in Africa, where do I belong and why can’t I go live there?

I am sick of greedy, psychopathic lunatics running the world - engineering wars, allowing Nature/The Sacred Feminine to be desecrated

But most of all I am sick of the vacuous humans that are not sick because they do not even think of the way the world is run or have the creativity to imagine a better system - they spend their lives on the couch watching junk TV, eating junk food, and thinking junk thoughts - if they think at all

And I am tired.  I am tired of not being able to be sick in peace. I am tired of digging ever deeper to find an empty smile to plaster on my face and paint the red rings under my eyes so my toddler does not know of this despair or the guilt I feel of this world that I have co-created for him.

I am tired of trying to remember a dream which floats just out of my reach - a memory of a better way of being here on Earth.
I am tired of trying to convince people to try - that it doesn’t have to be this way.
I am just so friggin tired!

But checking out psychologically is not an option I guess.  For the children and animals' sake we have to pick ourselves up and carry on trying - no matter the headache we get from hitting our heads against the wall.  The problem with passion is that it burns you ... and unless you add more logs onto the Fires of Inspiration - you burn out and drift away as smoke on the autumn breeze.

A dream... I need to remind myself of the Grand Vision...  its so hard to remember Summertime in the darkness of Winter, its so hard to have faith that Spring will come.  Its tiring trying to protect that brave little flame from icy gales trying so hard to blow it out...

The Grand Vision... ok, lets start again at the beginning...

We're humans on a beautiful planet full of life and other beautiful species.
We have all the technology we need to live here in Harmony with Earth (which spells Heart).
We just need the willpower. 


Imagine a rich, full eco-system... not bound or trashed by greed or selfishness...
Renewable energy ("energy" spells "green") straight from the strength of Nature - the burning sun, the mighty wind... the restless waters...

Visualise clean rivers journeying through fertile lands where everybody has enough to eat, because you don't consume more than you need, nobody hoards out of fear...
Homes built from natural materials, sheltering loving hearts...
Sharing our spaces with the beautiful animals... factoring their needs into our designs...

I know ("know" spells "now"  which is the only powerful time we have)  its possible.

How to convince others?  
I'm sick and I have almost lost my voice.
What words will open hearts?  Remove the blinkers?  Make people think?

Any ideas??