Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Horror of the Lions Waiting to Die

Credit:  Kriss Kringle
He was a dream of Africa
      Pure essence of the Sun God
          Raw power blazing down on the Savannah
              A mighty roar of the wind
But He was born into bondage

Credit:  CACH
    Into a world where His magnificent Spirit is of no value
        His only worth is the price on His head for His slaughter
             and His bones for "medicine"

In commercial lion breeding enterprises
    the lionesses are kept breeding
their cubs torn from them at only a few days old
   and unsuspecting, well-meaning volunteers are duped into paying large sums of money to help rear the “orphan” cubs…
who are also rented out as "props" for events - placed into unnatural, stressful situations - to earn their "owners" money

They then progress to the next stage of the cycle of exploitation
"walking with lions"
after which they are left waiting to die

Their beauty displayed in hunting brochures to be salivated over by blood-thirsty serial killers
UK Daily Mail
choosing their next victim
with the utter arrogance to pose as conservationists, when in fact these lions are never released into the wild, and hold no conservation value whatsoever - they are purely #Bred4theBullet

Used to humans
They are usually drugged for an easy kill
Credit:  Unsure
baited to His death
            His glory drips away into the sobbing Earth

Far from His Africa…His head is mounted on His killer’s wall

            as a monument to the terrible darkness of the Human Shadow-Self

His bones are ground up in the East - passed off as tiger bones for traditional “medicine”

              And the Light of the world flickers dimmer

He was one of approx 8,000 lions in South Africa alone


Live lions leave South Africa in regular shipments 
destined for China 
I shudder to think of their fate

                     Will they lie despairing in cold Chinese zoos?

      Or endure the horror of the tiger farms where the big cats starve for their skins and bones?

Isn't it time that we ended the evil that the animals endure at our hands? 

We're programmed with the lie from birth - that animals are here for us to use..
That their lives don't matter...

But their lives matter to THEM!!

The pure selfish arrogance of humankind leaves me dizzy and breathless, crying bitter, bitter tears in the dark hours, when the world is sleeping, but I can't, because I know that somewhere at this very minute, the animals are dying in agony, or being tortured, or maimed...  to be eaten, or worn, or slaughtered for fun.  
And no matter how I toss or turn, or put the pillow over my head, its useless trying to sleep because there is no way, and neither should there be, to shut out the heartbreaking screaming of the forgotten, neglected, abused ones.  I sit here looking for words to reach into hearts so the majority of people who are currently looking away will join us fighting for the animals...

Until its 5am and the Sun peeping through the curtains finds me with my head on my desk, and an empty tissue box, wondering if today will be any different, if we're any closer to reaching critical mass consciousness...    If there is any hope?

I fail to see why "hunters" think they're so great.  Are they creating something beautiful for the next generation?  A masterpiece of art or great mathematical insight?
No - they're simply destroying something beautiful that they did not create, and that is not even theirs. Neither does it take any skill or courage to shoot a helpless, unarmed animal with today's modern weaponry.

Its just brainless, selfish destruction, and symbolic of a worrying trend in the world.  People are so desperate for quick fame (a source of energy), and the world somehow seems to be becoming more stupid - the song lyrics that hold Nr 1 position - there's nothing of substance in them.   Why do people create crush videos?  To get energy from 1). the animal that they are torturing 2). from the people watching the videos....

Its the same for hunters - they're empty inside... there is nothing clever or creative within... so they steal the energy from the animals to make themselves feel good...  and the stupid, sheep mentality praise them for it.

How shallow and soulless are these humans that they need to resort to cheap energy fixes...

If everyone could source their energy correctly from 1). self-respect and self-love  2). from the parts of nature which we should be drawing strength from - plants, crystals... being in nature...  most of the horror wouldn't exist in the world.

But lets face it - a large portion of the human race don't deserve to live on this beautiful, breathing planet - they should be banished to a barren place somewhere where there is nothing for them to break.  They have no interest in living in harmony here - because harmony doesn't feed their energy bodies... and the (d)Evil that is controlling the world has no interest in peaceful solutions because it feeds off the shadow self of humanity which grows stronger each time the innocent are killed or tortured.  Vampires are real - they feed off energy created from misery.  They are the puppeteers pulling the strings of the politicians...  energy is a currency for them... the ultimate currency.

These endless deliberately-engineered human wars...  the war on animals, eating meat - its all stealing energy from the innocent... to feed the (d)Evil.  Child soldiers...  taking Innocence, twisting it, until the children are killing...
and in the West - the so-called civilised world - look at the example the children are being DELIBERATELY shown - that killing for fun is ok, that it's cool.  The governments could change this, but they don't.  Why not?  Because their puppeteers are happy with the status quo - they want the human race to degenerate further into darkness - feeding their energy bodies.

That is why our natural spaces are not being protected... because they make our Spirits strong - they give us good energy, feed the collective human Soul - this is dangerous to the (d)Evil...  this is why our wild animals are racing towards extinction - because their energy (ALIVE IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT) can help us fight the (d)Evil...

How sick then is canned hunting - breeding the King in factory farming operations - to be shot for fun.  He is the Sun God made manifest on Earth....   there is a terrible image in my head of the sacrificed one on an altar or crucifix...  our animals are being sacrificed on the d(E)vil's altar and most people are too damn drugged/anesthetized with materialism or hatred or envy to even notice or care.

Canned hunting is the ultimate symbol of pure (d)Evil... drugging Him, chasing Him with dogs, baiting him.
His bones used in traditional medicine - thereby trapping the energy of the King of Africa... faraway in Asia - China who is gobbling up the natural spaces of the world - desecrating them, torturing animals..  China holds our Lion's Spirit and is feeding off it.  China - who is stripping our forests bare to stock their zoos of horror...   China who has Agreements in place with most African governments after supporting them through their wars of independence...

Oh yes - make no mistake - we're at war - with the (d)Evil.  The prize is freedom from the chains keeping humanity in servitude.  The price if we lose is our Souls.  Whose side are you on?

You need to choose NOW.  Sitting on the fence is only going to end in disaster for everyone. You cannot say you didn't know.  Each time you help an animal, guide a child to the Light - you're helping the Soul of the World burn brighter.  Each time you turn away, pretend you didn't notice - you're feeding the (d)Evil.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make your voice count for the lions next month.


13 March 2015 - Friday - protests at South African embassies across the world

14 March 2015 - Saturday - marches organised at some international cities, and Durban, Cape Town

21 March 2015 - Saturday - protest at Johannesburg Lion Park


  1. That wss so powerfull and heartbreaking christine xxx

    1. Thankyou. We're running out of time... soon the wild lions will be gone. The Spirit of the King will be bound. We, as a species, will be totally lost in the darkness.

    2. I know christine it just breaks my heart,it would be a tradgedy if all the beautiful Lions are killed off.

  2. I found it fascinating that David Icke in "Human Race get off your Knees" portrayed the Truth Vibrations coming through to heal Earth as a lion... and the Sphinx represents the God on Earth at that time?.... and then Linda Tucker's book Saving the White Lions... so this BREEDING of lions to KILL FOR FUN is beyond utterly beyond EVIL! If one thinks that the reptilians and their hybrid blood-lines are the exact opposite of our warm, regal King... and I wondered what vision CS Lewis was seeing when he wrote Narnia and Aslan...