Monday, 15 December 2014

All I want for Christmas

Oh god… I have been loitering at the crossroads of #GiveUp ,  #NoHope , and #WhyBother .   Thankfully #DrinkMe is clearly marked as a dead-end.  And this being South Africa... the streetlamps that are supposed to be lighting the way are off due to load shedding, and the road is full of potholes that I keep stumbling into.

Blind in the dark on a very bumpy road.  This is what happens when we allow faith to waver, and we’re too busy looking down at the shaky ground under our feet instead of up at our north star to follow.  You know how it is when you’re in a high place and everyone says “don’t look down, don’t look down”, but you can’t help it... so you do, and you freeze in that second of imagining … splatter!

I am frozen in an image that has come to me in a recurring nightmare since I was 12 or so…
South Africa is burning and I am hiding in a cupboard in the kitchen… at first I am hovering above the house… seeing a massive wave of people pouring down the hill, setting all the houses on fire… and then I am in the cupboard, nauseous with fear whilst windows are shattering and people are burning…  burning…

I don’t know why I am stuck here, in this horrible image.  Will it happen?  Are we going the same way of the rest of the failed states of this beautiful continent, ripped apart by greed and hatred, and other people’s ideas of how it should be?

There’s a cloud shadowing the bright sunshine… it is China… menacing from the East, the Dragon swooping down, breathing fire… burning… burning…  stealing Africa’s treasures, hoarding it back in the Motherland….

36 baby elephants stolen in Zimbabwe – one already dead… the rest waiting to be shipped back to BLOOD-y China’s safari parks…. How on earth can this be Just?  You can’t just rip babies away from their mothers  (wish someone would tell my damn ex and his mother that!)  And send them thousands of miles away…

CITES can’t or won’t stop China.  The way they have swept the issue of the #slaveapes stolen from Africa for Chinese zoos says it all. 

China - our animals, our resources, our Africa – do NOT belong to you… they are not for sale – NEITHER ARE WE!

Which begs the question – why is China doing this?  We have enough resources and talent in Africa to not even need the outside world – we don’t need China looting our natural resources, and sending it back in substandard products. 

They are doing it because our leaders have let them.  And why have the leaders done that?  Because people have voted them in.  Despite the rank, rotten pudding all around us, the proof is ignored and people continue to vote in the cANCer.  Vomit!

Someone once told me that Nostradamus said South Africa would be the last refuge when the Yellow Man took over the world. Now, try as I may, I cannot find that quote anywhere.  But I am going to throw all my efforts into making it so.  And if where we place our energy grows…

How…?  Well, since the Global March for Lions the IFP have impressed me even more… again and again Mr Narend Singh, Chief Whip, and spokesperson for the Environment has spoken out against trade in rhino horn, canned hunting, and most recently against the capture of Zimbabwe’s baby elephants.  And how I wanted to KISS him when he said:

“Is this the African heritage we wish to leave our children? A heritage that Africa was open to the highest bidder, no matter the cost? An Africa under siege by foreign ‘economic’ colonialists? … It is high time that all African countries started working together as one to collectively eradicate such barbarism from our continent. Africa should not be for sale to the highest bidder, no matter the price….”

We need people and political parties like this that will stand up to China.  The more I look for other examples… I just can’t seem to find any with the courage to do so.   The IFP must therefore be placed where they belong – in power!!  They have my utmost confidence.  I’m on their mailing list. (Sign up here:  Every speech I read makes sense to me.  It’s the only way forward that I see…   put the right people in the right places to do the job!

We need Africa to rise up and take our continent back from those that would leave it a barren wasteland.

And we need to stop seeing nature as something to conquer and exploit, stop living such an extractive lifestyle.  We need to want to live gently here on Earth (which spells Heart) sharing Her resources with all the animals who have just as much right to them as we do. We are meant to be custodians of Earth, not the brutal dictators we have become. 

Selling animals into slavery… trophy hunting… is a truly horrific energy to build our society on… it is no wonder that we are degenerating into a culture of children shooting children, and brutal crush videos….   What are we teaching the children?  Killing for fun is ok…   trap a wild creature because we want it… send it far, far away… until it dies in despair and heartbreak…  WTF!

I don’t have a choice about giving up – my son is 2.  Dear god, what kind of world is he going to inherit?  As long as there is breath in my body – it’s going to be one with free humans and free animals.  We MUST start thinking about the way the world is run!  The system is NOT working!  I am so impatient with people that moan, moan, but carrying on swallowing the nonsense they are fed – can’t people think about how it could be... how it should be?  People that actually think about how "civilisation" is structured… what a dangerous notion. 

We only have one Earth – we need to stop destroying it.  And we need to come up with a better plan of how to live on it – a fair plan that suits all humans and animals.

I am re-reading two awesome books:  “Steering by Starlight” by Martha Beck.  And “Synchrodestiny”  by Deepak Chopra.  Both, along with Paulo Coehlo books,  highlight a common thread – when one aligns oneself with the Vision of the Universe – the highest good for all – miracles happen.

So whilst the thunderclouds gather outside, and the first raindrops start falling, I sit here at my desk and draw in my son’s bright crayons... a picture of Eden, as I imagine it could be.  Healthy biodynamic farms feeding ALL the people of South Africa...   trees being left to stand instead of chopped down for firewood – because that is no longer necessary as EVERYONE has renewable energy  (energy spells green!) , animals seen as other nations on their own journey here on Earth with the right to live and roam and human spaces designed to include them instead of destroying their habitat…  people marvelling over their beauty ALIVE instead of finding their kicks in slaughtering them and hanging their heads on their walls…  In my Eden human society knows we are part of nature and thus nature is restored and revered.
In my Eden we all realise we are artists of Life or the authors of our collective story and we determine to write a happy one of fair play and integrity.
It boils down to choice… knowing that we can change, and having the courage to do so... no matter how bumpy or dark the road is.
If we set our intention on restoring Eden, the logistics will fall into place – miracles will happen.  I place my Eden picture in the branches of the Christmas Tree.
I believe in miracles and have Great Expectations!