Sunday, 18 May 2014


© 2017


He is a wild spirit
      trapped in someone else’s idea for his life;

Imagine his despair of life in a cage,
the pure frustration of wanting to swing free in trees
and interact with his own kind,
feel another furry body,
 touch another wild mind,

    Feel his fear of the beatings
when he hasn’t learnt to play his role correctly,
as designated by Mankind the Civilised,
in this degrading parody of entertainment,
dressed in an absurd guise of our shameful society,
served up to the mindless crowd
that either do not know or simply do not care,
that once he lived in a forest and was happy there,

And when the hordes leave
at the end of the day,
the lights dim,
and the music fades away,
he is led back to the empty silence
where time tick tocks away;

What passes through his mind
in the long hours before its show time again?
  does he remember the warmth of the African sunlight
and the veil of the soft forest rain?
where do his thoughts dwell while outside the city falls asleep?
  if I could peep into his cage at night
would I see this ape weep?

I wonder if his forest is still there
or are his trees now tables in some smart city house
do they hold an echo of the birdsong they once carried
or the magic of the dreaming moonlight?

He was free,
but here he sits a million miles away
     and forlorn
staring out through the bars
of man’s domination over Nature;

and there is something in his eyes
that reaches across the divide of space and form
it whispers to my heart
in utter despair and rage
and I recognise the panic of living and dying
trapped inside this cage

Please world, He must be bought home to Africa!!

© 2017

Stop the trafficking!

Send the #slaveapes home to Africa!

                                      Photo credit:  Shigzeo



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