Sunday, 18 May 2014

Slave Ape

African leaders – please call for DNA testing of the #slaveapes currently in China, Armenia, amongst other countries.  And then ask CITES to invoke Article VIII to bring them home!!  

Please don’t abandon your animals – don’t sell them out!!   They are worth far more than money could ever be – they are part of you, part of us all!!  

If you close your eyes, and listen with all your heart – you will hear them calling out to you from their cages.

Slave Ape

When the rising moon calls to his soul
he cannot answer,
he cannot follow Her shadow’s path weaving through the magic of twilit trees
as She glides so lightly through the sky,
perhaps he catches a glimpse of Her against the smog and city pollution
through a dirty window as Night slowly creeps by;

He is trapped in this cage until his keeper comes tomorrow,
when he is wheeled out for his part in the show,
degraded to being dressed as a human and playing drums,
and the idiot crowd laughs and thinks this is good,
and that this is fun;

He cannot express his urge to swing or call,
and instead of tree bark he has cold steel,
he cannot feel the gentle breeze rocking him to sleep in a branch,
just the city’s noisy stories makes up the sadness of his real;
His very nature eats away at him,
because you cannot trap the wind as it dances through the trees
and you cannot cage a wild creature that is meant to be free;

He cannot BE his truth,
so he bashes his head against the bars in frustration,
until that pain somehow eases something in his screaming heart;

When the eagle calls so far away in his Africa - it echoes in his soul
though he cannot see it’s shadow flicker against the clouds,
he feels it, as he feels the trees falling,
forests being felled for man’s greed,
his heart is crying out because they are one,
and our souls are dying
because we do not want to know
that we too are all one.
The trees are our roots and our lungs
and he is our brother;

He MUST return to his Africa - we cannot leave him there
enslaved, and one day, to die alone
so far, so very far, from home

Christine Jordaan
May 2014

© 2017

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