Tuesday, 25 February 2014

COUNTDOWN - Global March for Lions 15 March 2014

World - its less than 3 weeks to go!

Lets make 2014 the year to be remembered - as the year when the world stood up to the bullies with guns that shoot lions in cages for fun!!

Lets make 15 March 2014 count!!

And one day when we're looking back we can be proud we made a difference and stood up for what is right - the thousands of innocent animals... on Death Row... waiting to die...

Feel the urgency of their misery!!

Spread the message!!


My message, on CACH site:

"In September 2013 I happened upon an article by Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) and started reading up on Canned Hunting.
The horrific reality was almost too much to take in.

I thought a worldwide march would be a brilliant way to raise awareness in the general public AND to show governments that there is a HUGE number of people out there across the world who will no longer be silent regarding hunting and the cruelty involved.

Quite simply we want trophy and canned hunting banned. I believe we have NO right whatsoever to decide when an animal dies. They are not here for us to use, to sell their lives. It would be pure arrogance to believe otherwise.

Our goals are to have trophy and canned hunting banned; to get lions on the Endangered Species List where they belong, to stop the export of lion bones to China, to stop the import of lion trophies in to USA and EU.

We need the world to stand together and call for a new gentler way of living here on Earth in harmony with all the other species which have just as much right to be here as we do. We have all the technology we need to co-exist peacefully - we just lack the willpower.

I hope that the march will make people think about how we are treating all the animals and the question of whether its right to kill an animal for fun. Is it right to breed lions to be shot? What kind of person shoots an animal in a cage for pleasure? It is a manifestation of a sick society. We have been taught to block it out. And that hunting is conservation. Nonsense. That is the system that the hunters themselves have set up. We need a new system.

I like to think that most people have good hearts. We desperately need for these people to stop looking the other way, to unblock their minds to the screams of the animals. The animals cannot vote for a system that is fair to them. They are relying completely and utterly on the compassion and integrity of the human species. If people would still their minds for a second, close their eyes, shut out the deliberate stimulation of the over-consumption culture we have engineered... and imagine the world through the consciousness of the animals... bred to be shot for fun, eaten, worn, for entertainment. Living in pain and misery then dying an agonizing death.

How can you not march?

When its time for the sun to set and you look back at your life one day - wouldn't you be bitterly ashamed of ignoring the horrific reality of the animals or would you like to know that you tried to end the terrible suffering our species has wrought on them. "
Find your march here:  
Twitter:  @GlobalMarchLions

Monday, 3 February 2014

Why I will be voting IFP this year...

I knew today was going to be a good day. A special day. But I didn't expect to fall back in love with um... everything again, life, my Self...  its been very dark days recently, but somehow today everything went full circle, and something clicked into place - lets call it hope. Oh hell - lets be daring, and call it FAITH!

After having lived out of South Africa since 1997 (5 years in UK, then 10 years in Mozambique)... I moved back to KZN end of October last year.

Other than having voted in the first real elections in 1994, I hadn't been paying much attention to politics, except for bemoaning the level of crime.

Until one day it hit me like a slap in the face - the absolute farce that is our government.

Um... they work for us!  They are not there to bully us with their flashing blue lights and uniforms. Nor to divert public funds to private castles.  Nor to tax us to death, and then put more tolls on top of that.  So... I started thinking... instead of crying at 4am about these grisly, sad, horrific pictures of animals subjected to all levels and manner of cruelties by mankind...  in those dark, dreary, hopeless hours... I started thinking about laws... who makes them, what to do about people that break them, how our society is structured... thoughts I used to think a lot, but then just shrugged off with a quiet sad acceptance of the lie, once I realised the system is rigged anyway.  Until I thought about the  effect that sad acceptance has on the lives of our animals.

And politics became suddenly very, very important to me.

How dare our government intimidate us, steal from us, lie to us.  How absolutely bloody dare they????

They dare, because we let them, because we believe their lies, because we're tired, because we're secretly or not so secretly eyeing immigration, because we've given up, and people keep saying... "its Africa, get used to it, deal with it..."  somehow there is such rejection and dejection in that one sentence, its enough to break your spirit straight away.

The only way for the situation to come right is for the millions of US to DEMAND it!
To demand a better system for the humans and the animals.

And if a party displays compassion for animals, especially in a country with rather massive humanitarian problems... well then for sure that's my party because they will then care for people too.

So... what to do with this new found enthusiasm for law, and everything I used to yawn about before...   so many women suffered to get me my vote... what to do with this privilege?

I turned to my trusty Google - (who must be a She, because She always knows EVERYTHING)... but not much on political parties and real environmental issues... just the usual blah blah blah yawn.

I don't approve of politicians in bed with hunters or pro-traders - its a direct conflict of interests for the animals - how can you write laws about beings that you kill for fun or are farming for parts?  That is like the slavers whispering into the ears of colonial powers, oh wait the colonial powers were the slavers, not much appears to have changed, just put an "ex" somewhere and change the species.

Until I found on my beloved Lion Aid's blog  (www.lionaid.org)... The IFP condemns canned lion hunting.  Aha... this sounded promising.  A real issue.  A real official statement. Not half-truths, avoidance, or maybe.  Hmmmmm....

So, after a lovely fellow activist assisting me, thankyou Mariana, I reached out... rather blindly...
to the IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) and today... a strong and firm hand pulled me up.

Myself, His Excellency, and Mandy Cox

I wish Prince Buthelezi were our President.  I would be so proud.  I wasn't nervous - because he radiated warmth and kindness.  So approachable, but very dignified.  Just like a leader should be.

With so many of his people in need of electricity, and food, and water... he listened with gentle patience to us asking for love for the animals.  Out of his busy day... he took the time to consider the plight of 8,000 lions on Death Row, and agreed to endorse our Global March for Lions.

The lion - Ngonyama - sacred to the Zulu people....   degraded to a commodity - trapped behind bars... waiting to die... shot in a cage for fun.

And we left with a feeling of hope, no - faith!

Faith that as long as we still have people like this in South Africa.. it will be ok.  That we, as a country, will rise above the division, corruption, racism that is still there like an ugly mouth ulcer.. causing pain where nobody can see it...

That Ngonyama will walk free, once more the King of the Beasts - honoured, sacred - shielded from the killers' bullets...  and if he is shielded, then I feel shielded and safe too.  The fate of Ngonyama has become somehow entwined in my thoughts with the fate of the Zulus (roughly 11 million people, the largest ethnicity in South Africa), and the fate of South Africa as a whole.

Will WE ALLOW lions to be farmed like cattle, to be shot in cages for fun, and then finally their bones sold to China?  Will WE ALLOW rhinos to be farmed for their horns for some fake cancer cure for the wealthy Vietnamese, home of the delicious dog dinner?

Or will WE DEMAND a government that protects us all - the very essence of Ubuntu?

That is why I will now vote IFP.

PS A lady to follow... Connie Zikalala - IFP spokesperson for the environment.   Every single speech of hers has resonated.  Ask your trusty Google.