Friday, 10 January 2014


Your life
Dear One
was not ours to take
you had your own destiny
your own path to follow
and now, this human,
operating through pure Evil,
has stolen your tomorrow

ELEVEN times he pulled the trigger
how could he do it?
watch you fall
and carry on shooting
what is broken in his heart?
tearing your body apart
to fill some sick need of his

ELEVEN times he made the choice to kill you
decided you must die
I cannot even begin
to try and fathom why

I must bow my head in shame
before your spirit and the rest of your kind
utter shame,
and disgust with my own
I must beg you for forgiveness
and more kindness than you
and all the animals are shown

I must try to find words
to voice this wrong
to break the good people’s hearts
so they can feel your pain
and stop looking away

so they can hear the cries
rising up from the Earth
from the beasts we are murdering
and torturing
for pleasure and fun
for food
for wear
for testing
for status
for foul medicines

and from selfish destruction of your homes

they must feel the horror of your days
spent in agony and fear
 your hearts, spirits, and bodies long since broken
and your faith and trust in us shattered
all the unsung victims of Mankind the Dictator,
currently occupying Earth as a brutal tyrant!

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