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Letter to Stakeholders in the South African Tourism Industry

31 January 2014

Dear Stakeholders in the South African Tourism Industry,

The Current International Boycott of South African Tourism

Over this past year I have become increasingly aware of a market segment that I named, at least to myself, the Ethical/Moral Consumer Segment.  This market segment consists of people just like myself who have had enough of the way animals are treated, and how humanity is living here on Earth, and we are choosing to use our spending power to say how we feel.  Eg I will never ever travel to China because of the tiger farms, bear bile farms, our African elephants being shipped out there etc.
If this is the only way I can voice my disapproval – so be it – let’s call it “sanctions by moral consumers”.

Minister Edna Molewa’s statement that South Africa must become the hunting capital of the world has utterly reviled potential tourists.  They are now choosing to support the Botswana tourism industry which has banned trophy hunting.  Potential tourists have called South Africa morally repulsive, totally reprehensible. 

I have been monitoring social media sites, including many animal activists sites, and have become aware of a Boycott of South African Tourism which was begun by activists in Europe.


This link above is just one of many.

The poaching that is decimating African wildlife has the world horrified.  On 04 October 2013 cities marched around the globe – the first march for a single species – to raise awareness of the plight of the elephant.

An issue that really has everybody up in arms is trophy and Canned Lion Hunting – both of which are sadly legal. 

On 15 March 2014 the world will march again – calling for protection of the last lions.

Another trend I have noticed is people are no supporting conservation companies which advocate hunting as conservation.   So income into these organisations is also going to dry up and affect conservation efforts.

In August 2013 I wrote to the SA Minister of Tourism (attached) no reply was received.  I wrote to him again today to ask for his comments on this boycott.

The real benefits of hunting are grossly over played (see linked IPAW article, and the Socio-economic analysis of hunting areas by Lion Aid) and indeed hunting is a threat to our national interests (see attached CACH article).

I merely reference these sites – I do not represent these organisations – I have found these articles informative, blazing with integrity, and have thus chosen to base my opinion on them instead of the PR machine of PHASA - an industry that is basically built on slaughter and animal abuse – killing an animal for fun. 

Therefore I urge you, as stakeholders in the South African tourism industry, to please call upon our government to protect our wildlife through improved law.  And allow our beautiful, unique, natural heritage to remain for all of our citizens to benefit from – in the form of being able to enjoy it ourselves, and as income for you, the stakeholders.
If you add your voices to ours inside South Africa, and to the world’s – our government must take heed.  Our wildlife must be saved. 

Kind regards,

Christine Jordaan


Letter to Minister van Schalkwyk, August 2013

CACH:  Hunting is a threat to our national interests:


How much hunting really contributes to the economy

Letter to Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk

From: Christine Jordaan <>
Date: Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Subject: Letter to Minister van Schalkwyk - Canned Lion Hunting

Dear Minister van Schalkwyk,

Please, I beg you, bring an end to Canned Lion Hunting.

Firstly, it is immoral and a complete betrayal of our South African wildlife.

Secondly, there is a fast growing Moral/Ethical Consumer market in the world.  I believe that SA Tourism is going to suffer tremendous loss due to the practice of Canned Lion Hunting.  This market segment refuses to come visit South Africa based on moral grounds, just as I refuse to go visit China or Vietnam. I refuse point blank to give them my tourist dollars due to wildlife crime.

As Minister of Tourism, you know first hand that tourism supports one in every twelve jobs in South Africa and plays a meaningful role in contributing to our economic development.  It is often referred to as the 'new gold' of our economy, and the total foreign direct spend of tourists has overtaken gold foreign exchange earnings.

Furthermore, I read that South Africa has earmarked tourism as a key sector with excellent potential for growth with you, the government aiming to increase tourism’s contribution, both direct and indirectly, to the economy from the 2009 baseline of R189,4-billion (7.9% of GDP) to R499-billion by 2020 (National Department of Tourism, 2012).

Yet, a potential tourist said to me recently:  “I find the systematic abuse of animals completely repulsive.  Personally, I wouldn't dream of traveling there, now that I know what I do.”  This is just one of hundreds of potential tourists that I have heard, and thousands that I know are out there.

Sir, our Wildlife is part of our Natural Heritage. It is extremely important to us as part of our national psyche and shared culture.  What would South Africa be like without our WILD rhinos, elephants, and lions?  I do not think that it is right that our Wildlife has been commoditised to feed the disgusting and immoral trade in animals and their parts.  Our Wildlife deserves to be wild and free in the wilderness, not farmed like livestock.  Horns, tusks, and bones belong to their animals.

Our country belongs to all of its species, and it is your duty as the government voted in by the people to respect the wishes of the people and to protect our Natural Heritage.  I, and many like me, want our children to grow up and enjoy the animals in their natural habitat.  We also believe that all of our species have the right to exist as nature intended.  South Africa would be a poorer place without the wilderness which is so much a part of us all.

You are in the privileged position to have the power to end this, and have a moral duty to protect our animals.

So much of our history is built on absolute cruelty of race on race.  Let us not move forward building on the human species obliterating or tormenting the other species with whom we share our beautiful landscape, but rather in an attitude of harmonious co-existence which is more than possible if our natural resources are managed sustainably.

"True benevolence, or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation."
Joseph Addison, 1672-1719
I thus urge you, Minister, to do everything possible to protect our Wildlife, and thus our communities, economy, and country. I am tired of the rest of the world, specifically China, viewing Africa as a drive-through pantry.  I urge you to deny access to our natural resources unless a). it is done sustainably and b). until China has closed down their ivory carving factories (which are decimating Africa’s elephants), tiger wine farms (which are now using our lions’ bones – I mean, really!) and trade in animals and their parts.

 Across the world, governments are moving towards enlightenment.

India has officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons, whose rights to life and liberty must be respected.  They have also banned animal testing.  Most of their population of 1 billion people live below the poverty line, yet they have not let economics sway them.

In Kenya, the first Lady Margaret Kenyatta has launched an anti-poaching campaign dubbed “Hands off our Elephants” whose main objective is to educate Kenyans and the world on the need to conserve the elephant for posterity.

The government of Botswana has officially banned hunting wild game for sport beginning January 2014, and their hunting lodges are becoming lodges for photographic safaris.

Costa Rica has banned animals in zoos and is sending them to sanctuaries.  They have also banned shrimp fishing with dragnets.

El Salvador has banned animals in circuses.

Please let South Africa join these brave countries in taking a stand to protect all sentient beings.  I would love us to be part of such a movement.  A Rainbow Nation for ALL species, not just cultures.

Furthermore I would like us to inspire our neighbours to create lasting protection for southern African wildlife and a network of sustainable tourism between our countries.

Thus we need to be an example.

I believe that if South Africa puts measures in place to protect our wildlife sustainably and honestly, taking into account that the wildlife should be wild, not farmed like cattle… the tourism revenue to South Africa would increase substantially because we would capture the revenue of the Moral/Ethical Consumer market segment.

Honestly, I wish a brave soul stood up and banned the whole trophy hunting industry.  I have high hopes of that for the future.  I read an excellent article just today:

But please Sir, for the moment, PLEASE, just ban the canned lion hunting.  It really is atrocious for the lions, and terrible for our national image.

Kind regards,

Christine Jordaan


by Chris Mercer,

Which national interests are threatened?
1. Our economy.
2. Our land use.
3. Our unemployment problem.
4. Our wildlife heritage.
5. Our foreign currency reserves.
6. Our Fiscus – tax receipts.
7. Our agricultural industry.
8. Our tourism industry, and the jobs that come with it.
9. Our efforts to stop corruption.
10. Our efforts to transition to a more caring society from a violent one.
11. Our environment.

Even though hunting is a major threat to our wildlife heritage, it is remarkable that no decision has ever been made in South Africa, that impacts adversely upon hunting. This is because conservation is heavily influenced, if not controlled, by an elite multinational group of hunters, who I regard as environmental terrorists. Thanks to them, South Africa remains a colony, with our heritage being plundered remorselessly.

Read the surprising facts in this IUCN report

• in sub-Saharan Africa, 16,5% of land produces only 0.0001% of jobs.
• 1.4 million square kilometers – more than 22% of all the national parks – are devoted to hunting.
• Returns from hunting are insufficient for governments to provide adequate management.
• Hunting uses vast amounts of land to produce negligible socio-economic benefits.
• Economic returns for local communities are negligible.
• Every year trophy hunters kill on average 105,000 animals, including 800 leopards, 600 lions, 640 elephants, and 3,800 buffalo. These numbers are unsustainable.

1. Environmental Ruin Inc.

The trophy hunting industry is centered around Safari Club International. (SCI) is headquartered in Tucson Arizona, but its annual conference is held in Reno, Nevada where tens of thousands of hunters and hunting operators gather every year to buy and sell hunts. For an illuminating description of how this event functions and how the prizes given out prove beyond doubt that this is a terrorist group, not a conservation organisation, read Chapter Two of Matthew Scully’s best – selling book “Dominion.”

Prizes are given out for bizarre actions, all totally contrary to conservation. For example the person who has killed the highest number of animals anywhere in the world gets a prize. So does the hunter who has killed the highest number of endangered species.

Scully’s description of what happens in Reno, Nevada should convince the most skeptical that SCI is not a conservation organisation. It is a killing machine built around money: those who have it and want to kill, and those who want the money and can produce the living targets.

SCI is a threat to the wildlife heritage of every third world country which still has wildlife to kill.
As if this were not enough, the tanning and mounting of trophies involves a serious pollution problem problem. Large amounts – tonnes- of toxic heavy metals,mainly Chromium, lie dumped outside waiting to be washed by rain in to our streams and rivers. Environmental legislation seems to be winked at when it affects hunting.

2. Bribery on an Unimaginable Scale.

The trophy hunting multinational conglomerate is obscenely wealthy. It is rich and powerful enough to bring down non-compliant third world governments. Safari Club International (SCI’s) board of directors have included Presidents and past presidents, captains of industry, celebrities and less famous but even richer people dripping in inherited or acquired wealth.

The membership of SCI is a virtual who-is-who of the Republican party in the U.S.A. including war mongers and war profiteers, and gun ‘nuts’ like the National Rifle Association.

Just one example of the scale of wealth – and the vast amounts that trophy hunters are prepared to spend on their sick sport: former SCI Committee member Kenneth Behring was exposed by an investigation which showed that over a period of years, he paid the venerable Smithsonian Institute to import his endangered species trophies as “museum specimens” to exploit a loophole in the Endangered Species Act.

The payments totalled US$100 million. Behring was prepared to pay in S.A. terms three quarters of a billion (billion with a ‘b’) rands to import his wildlife body parts in to USA.

And that was one man. One SCI member. Add up all the money value of the whole hunting conglomerate and the scale of the threat to vulnerable third world countries becomes evident.
To understand the threat even better, I annex my article on the extraordinary efforts of the trophy hunting colonials to subvert conservation policies in Africa.

When I was in Nairobi for the wildlife symposium, I heard anecdotal evidence from members of the government steering committee of how many Kenyan Parliamentarians and officials had been paid to help overturn the hunting ban.

3. Foreign Currency Swindles?

The present strength of the S.A. Rand is artificially high, being held up by the international Carry trade. Banks and dealers are borrowing in Yen at 0.25% interest, buying S.A. bonds at 6% and pocketing a handsome profit. But this can and will change overnight. Rising interest rates overseas, global instability, natural disasters etc, can reverse the capital inflow into capital flight – overnight. 

The Rand will plummet . Aware of this inevitability, many rich South Africans are getting their money out while the rand is still over-valued. Although foreign exchange controls have been relaxed to enable wealthy South Africans to invest abroad, the bureaucracy involved is formidable and carries the risk of triggering a tax audit.

One of the easiest ways to run down local funds and build up foreign assets must surely be through trophy hunting. Businessman have the opportunity to form syndicates and set up game farms for the captive breeding of lions, rhino, buffalo, Sable and other high value animals. These enterprises would have nothing whatever to do with conservation. They would be foreign currency swindles - with tax evasion thrown in for good measure.

A foreign trophy hunter may be prepared to pay, say, R400,000.00 for a male lion trophy. But the hunting operator/landowner could easily arrange to split that sum in to two portions. He could then declare to SA tax and forex authorities that the lion was sold for, say, R200,000. That R200,000 would come into the country legally - but the other half might be paid overseas in to tax haven bank accounts. In this simple way, unknown but perhaps vast sums of foreign currency that ought to be repatriated to S.A. – and subject to tax – might easily be kept outside the country.

We cannot point to any individual hunting operator and say that he is guilty of tax fraud and foreign currency swindling, and certainly there must be many who operate legally, but it is perfectly proper for us to point out how easy it would be for hunting operators to use the special opportunities offered by the trophy hunting industry to cheat the taxman and build up foreign funds at the expense of the SA fiscus. 

We have seen how widespread and commonplace these forex schemes can become. They are extremely difficult to detect, even by forensic audits, and ‘sting’ operations plus the co-operation of foreign banks might be needed to expose them.

4. Subverting SA Conservation Policies.

The Trophy hunters have adopted an extraordinarily successful strategy of invading and occupying conservation space, thereby displacing real conservationists, who are dismissed by industry propaganda as ‘bunny huggers’, radicals and extremists. This King-of-the-Castle strategy takes place at the highest levels, such as the UN Environment Programe and the IUCN (World Conservation Union) based in Switzerland, and conceals its darker side in iconic conservation organisations like WWF. 

Hunting industry lobbyists have devised a policy of Sustainable Use. South Africa has adopted this policy through the Biodiversity Convention, perhaps without knowing that its whole purpose is to legitimise the slaughter of wildlife. 

Wild animals are reduced to a commodity, like tin or copper. Animals can be killed without pity, so long as sufficient numbers are left in order to provide living targets for the hunters next year. It is a policy custom made to justify hunting. 

Notice the racial and xenophobic consequence of this hideously exploitive policy. If you are poor and black and you kill an animal, then you are a poacher. But if you are rich and white and you kill the same animal, you are a conservationist. If you are an Oriental and you kill a rhino so that people can shave rhino horn in to their traditional medicines, you are an evil exploiter. But if you are a rich white hunter and you kill the same rhino in order to hang its head on your wall, you are a conservationist.

The truth, of course, is that hunters, poachers and Asian crime syndicates are all the same in my view - environmental terrorists. The difference is that hunters are the only ones who pretend to be conservationists.

In South Africa, because of the culture of hunting that our conservation services have inherited from our dark political history, SCI is regarded as the God of Conservation. For the same reason, South Africa is easy prey for the international hunting machine. Many conservation officials here are themselves Professional Hunters - with a financial interest in the destruction of wildlife. 

The corrupting influence of the hunting fraternity is evident in the Annual Hunting Proclamations, where grossly excessive daily bag limits are allowed. By law, where officals have no science-based knowledge of wildlife population numbers, they ought to declare a moratorium on hunting. But again, the powerful hunting industry exempts itself from laws that apply to everyone else.

5. A Worldwide Intelligence-gathering network.

Sharing of information between South African hunting clubs like PHASA and SCI, takes place with military intensity. SCI committee members know exactly what is going on in South African conservation circles; indeed, I contend that they are controlling the process. 

Recently I was approached by a well-known hunting operator in the Eastern Cape at a workshop on farmer/predator conflict in Port Elizabeth.
“Ah Mr. Mercer,” he said. “I’ve just come back from an SCI meeting in Arizona. We were wondering what had happened to you – you’ve been quiet lately!”
I thought this was a very revealing statement because it exposed just how well-informed industry executives in U.S.A. are - even about a small, insignificant NGO like mine.

6. Policy and Legislative corruption.

Look how powerful the hunting conglomerate is, exempting itself from laws that apply to all other citizens:-
• TOPS regulations.
When one considers that hunting is recognised as one of the major threats to wildlife, one would expect that the new Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) regulations would carefully regulate hunting practices. Instead, astonishingly, the hunting industry is exempted from these regulations and specifically granted the power to regulate itself. 
This is an abdication of government. There is no logic or the slightest reason for such a surrender of government regulatory powers. And it is a direct threat to our wildlife heritage.

• Firearms Control Act.

Whenever government comes up against the hunting industry it shrugs off responsibility and backs down. Take the firearms control legislation. In an effort to crack down on gun crime, government has tightened up the laws relating to gun ownership. Except for the hunters, who are once again, as a result of heavy lobbying by an industry with vast resources, exempted from the new restrictions.

If a citizen wants to own a gun for the serious and legitimate purpose of protecting his family from violent criminals, he must satisfy onerous requirements, and may only carry or possess a very small amount of amunition.
But if a hunter wants guns for the frivolous purpose of hunting or killing animals, then he is exempted from all the restrictions applying to other citizens. He may own and keep as many guns as he likes and may store tonnes of ammunition in his home if he wishes.

• Stock diseases.

The Department of Agriculture has always exercised strict control over the movement of livestock, to prevent the accidental spread of disease. It is known that generally speaking, one can move livestock from East to West without too many adverse effects, but not from West to East. Moving animals from the arid areas where many parasites and lethal diseases such as heartwater, are not prevalent into wetter areas where they are, can result in serious stock losses, and disease contagion.

Somehow, the hunting industry has exempted itself from all the important veterinary controls that apply to the movement of other livestock. Wild animals captured in arid Namibia or even as far away as West Africa, are brought in to the country and sold at game auctions as if there were no such things as disease transmission, spread of pathogens or genetic pollution.

Cross-breeding to create mutant freaks takes place without any control, to produce un-natural species that hunters will pay more for. Much of the wildlife is smuggled in across the porous Botswana borders. The game industry is a ticking time bomb. It will surely bring in disease pandemics that will spread to our livestock, with potentially disastrous economic and social consequences.

To sum up:
the multinational hunting conglomerate poses a direct and serious threat to several South African national interests. More specifically it threatens:-
1. The land reform programme and food security by wasteful use of a high percentage of land.
2. The economy and job creation by wasteful use of large swathes of land.
3. (No proof but I would bet my life on it) The fiscus through foreign currency swindling and tax fraud.
4. Our wildlife heritage, by subverting natural processes, killing the strong instead of the weak, removing from the environment valuable animals.
5. Food security and our agricultural production by increasing substantially the risk of disease transmission.
6. Conservation policies and legislation designed to protect our wildlife heritage
7. Social security and gun controls in S.A - the hunting fraternity is in effect an unnecessarily over-armed militia, owing allegiance only to themselves.


1. We should follow the example of Kenya and ban all sport and trophy hunting.
2. To ascertain if foreign currency swindling and tax fraud that goes on, a combination of forensic audits and a couple of highly publicised sting operations should be mounted by SA tax authorities. There are specialists in this field in U.K. Finding a whistleblower and/or securing the co-operation of foreign banks would also be useful.
3. The expropriation and consolidation of suitable wilderness land in to viable mega-game reserves, turned over to eco- tourism lodges, would bring in revenue to government – not the hunting industry - though leases and taxes, and prevent the wasteful use of land by hunters.
4. Gun controls need to be applied strictly and equally to all citizens. The exemptions and privileges currently provided for hunters, who want to use an array of weapons for the sole purpose of killing animals, should be abolished.

Open Letter to South African Minister of Tourism - Mr Van Schalkwyk

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christine Jordaan <>
Date: Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 2:39 PM
Subject: Boycott of South African Tourism Industry

Good day Minister van Schalkwyk,

I was wondering if you were aware of the international Boycott of South African Tourism which was initiated a month ago by activists in Europe?

This is one of many sites and was started because of the plight of our wildlife.  

I did write to you in August last year but you did not respond.  
A copy of my mail is attached.

I am interested to hear your comments on this boycott.  


Kind regards,

Christine Jordaan

Twitter:  @CMJordaan

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Message on Lion March

My heart is singing with the way this Global March for Lions has roared off into the sunset.

We CAN and WILL do it!!

Please read my message here.

PSSST... I'm looking for a job somewhere in SA if anybody has a spot open :o) please contact me.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Debunking the Myth of Hunting

This lady, Joy Johnson, posted on FB today.  I asked her if I could post here to reach people who we are not in contact with on FB.  Because I just found it so good the way she debunks "hunting".  So true!

"There is no such thing as "hunting" today.  There hasn't been since the advent of the quick loading and repeating rifles.  This is technology-aided slaughter and the human trying to make himself feel better by killing something he perceives to be strong, is weak and whiny inside, where strength in a human really counts.  It is an act of supreme cowardice and nothing more clearly identifies the shortcomings a human sees in himself or herself than the things they do to attempt to mitigate that condition.  
What kind of human needs to kill with a giant repeating rifle to make themselves feel good about themselves to feel pleasure?  

We - you and me - have been feeding the lies and myths by calling them hunters.  We feed the lies and the myths by referring to dead body parties as trophies.  That has to stop.  They slaughter with the aid of the work and technology of millions of humans, then they hack off body parts to haul home as souvenirs to remind themselves of that one time and the horrific act of violence that makes them feel big.  F them!! WE ARE NOT GOING TO CONTINUE TO GIVE THEM THAT SATISFACTION.  Every chance we get we need to point out there is no hunting, that dead body parts aren't trophies, and that people's actions highlight their inadequacies.  We can see the body. We can see age... We only need eyes to see these things.  You have to use "glasses" to look into the souls of humans to see why they do what they do.  You can always tell what lies in the soul of a human by their actions.  What characteristics of a soul require this of its owner?  Even before we identify them, we know they are not the characteristics that make a good father or mother or spouse or boss or employee.  When this is what lurks in the soul, the gun is always loaded and its pointed at you.  Run like the banshees of hell are on your tail when you see dead body parts hanging off people's walls, or off their bodies.  Those are the clearest signs in the world of a rotted, diseased soul underneath."

And then on another post about this atrocious auction of an endangered Black Rhino she writes further...

"...This is the biggest pile of BS. Its clinging to concepts that were invalidated at least 200 years ago to give sociopaths excuses to feed their stinking worthless egos.  NO.  There is no "hunting" with the work and intellectual product of a million people being put into play against ONE sentient being who is basically the same as they were hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago.  Humans just SLAUGHTER them.  There is no challenge, except to find one in the substantially diminished to nearly extinct populations and and ENTIRE TEAMS of trained professionals accomplish that!  The shot is lined up and some fat, out of shape, mentally deviant slob empties a high powered repeating rapid fire rifle into him. Our job is to shine the light of day on the TRUTH - to cut open their deviant minds for all the world to see - to expose the maggots living off their brain tissue - that is our job - to NEVER refer to them as "hunters" or parts of the bodies of their victims as trophies.  Its the Dallas SLAUGHTER Club when anyone, but somebody in it writes it.  They aren't going on "safari".  According to the dictionary, "safari is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa."  They are SLAUGHTERING the animals of Africa.  They SLAUGHTER ALL OVER THE WORLD.  There is nothing "safari" about what that club in Dallas does!  To use that word in connection with their activities is to foster the LIE they tell, the false picture they paint in people's heads.  Its our job to paint the correct picture - the picture of fallen, mangled, bloody bodies of ENDANGERED beings simply so they can feed their sociopathic egos, get HIGH - get that god-like feeling of euphoria with sexual overtones they are willing to pay so very much money and devote all their time to experiencing.  WE have to come to grips with what this really is.  WE HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE DEPRAVITY.  Until we get on that boat, we are sinking.

Thankyou Joy Johnson.  That is just so well put.  And so exactly what we are dealing with.  

Friday, 10 January 2014

Why the Earth needs to go Vegan...

The reason why going Vegan is the only way to honour your love of animals and Earth.

Firstly, nobody expects you to go empty your fridges and freezers now.  Also, I understand that your body has to adjust.  But why I think that over time everybody should become vegan....

We all agree hunting is as bad as poaching.  The end result for the animal is the same - death!

We all hate Canned Lion Hunting - breeding animals and then keeping them in miserable conditions to be killed.  Now, whether animals are shot for fun or for food they still end up dead, and I don't think the animal particularly cares whether it died for fun or food.

We all hate the idea of rhinos being farmed for horns, tigers for bones... but what is the difference between them and dairy cows being farmed for milk.  One might say... the former are wild, the latter are domesticated.  Again, do either type care??  Probably not.

All instances are examples of humans imposing our will on what we think the animals are here for... wild or domesticated... big or small... furry or funny...

So if you love a lion, or a bear, a tiger, or a wolf...  then you love animals...  then you need to be vegan.  The animals need you to be, Earth needs you to be, and your Soul needs you to be.

That feeling of going to sleep knowing that today you caused no pain to any being...

Its a good feeling.

Its worth sometimes being a little bit hungry until you figure out what to replace the tastes with.

Ok, nothing tastes like meat.  But take your tummy and tastebuds out of it... THINK what meat is... the blood, the pain - all being absorbed into your energy system... and you will find that your wanting and fake-need for meat quickly disappears.

I read somewhere in 11 months every cell in your body has been replaced.  (I hope that rights, but its somewhere near there).  So in 11 months you can have a higher frequency physical body... much easier for your Spirit to inhabit... all your choices and decisions will come from that higher frequency...

Consider it, and then take it slowly... cut out the red, then the white, then the dairy and eggs, make sure you have no leather in your house, or animals in your clothing...

And then go to sleep and have happy dreams!

Be blessed.


Your life
Dear One
was not ours to take
you had your own destiny
your own path to follow
and now, this human,
operating through pure Evil,
has stolen your tomorrow

ELEVEN times he pulled the trigger
how could he do it?
watch you fall
and carry on shooting
what is broken in his heart?
tearing your body apart
to fill some sick need of his

ELEVEN times he made the choice to kill you
decided you must die
I cannot even begin
to try and fathom why

I must bow my head in shame
before your spirit and the rest of your kind
utter shame,
and disgust with my own
I must beg you for forgiveness
and more kindness than you
and all the animals are shown

I must try to find words
to voice this wrong
to break the good people’s hearts
so they can feel your pain
and stop looking away

so they can hear the cries
rising up from the Earth
from the beasts we are murdering
and torturing
for pleasure and fun
for food
for wear
for testing
for status
for foul medicines

and from selfish destruction of your homes

they must feel the horror of your days
spent in agony and fear
 your hearts, spirits, and bodies long since broken
and your faith and trust in us shattered
all the unsung victims of Mankind the Dictator,
currently occupying Earth as a brutal tyrant!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

You placed us on this planet.
We did not create the planet. 
I would assume, therefore, that there are house rules for guests.

Something along the lines of…

Do not pollute the world You gave us.

Do not enslave our neighbours – the different species You placed us with here - torture them for fun, eat them, wear them, kill them – it’s just fcking bad manners!

Do not be greedy – the resources need to be shared amongst all species.

Clean up after ourselves.

Why do some people just not get it?

We don’t own this place.
We don’t own the animals.
We are all on a journey together.

Why do hunters think they have the right to decide when the animals’ journey ends?
How absolutely arrogant.  It just defies belief.  You created the animals.  You created us.  You created the Earth.  Then Man decides he is higher than you?  And he has the right to kill the animals?  And Earth - which is Yourself made manifest.  Its sickening!

How can we eat our neighbours?

The world is sick. It’s a soullessness. 

We’ve lost our soul. We traded it for Coke, Nike, skyscrapers, and instant everything.

Instead of creating, we desecrate.

Dear Universe, please let us hear the angels You have sent to light the way home to you.

If enough people want to and burn brightly, the Darkness must lift.

Why? Why should you help the animals?

You're living on Earth with them.
You're part of the human race who has totally and utterly wreaked havoc on all other species and the natural world.
You're using resources from the natural world.
Therefore you are honour bound to help the inhabitants of the natural world, seeming as we are all part of the race that has screwed them up.

Of course, you should just be helping cos its the right thing to do, and your heart can't have it otherwise.. but if you need more reason, there you have it above.
We OWE the animals. Big time.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Canned Lion

I am with you
   in your cage
      lying on the cold cement floor
wondering what the hell it is all for
  staring out through the bars
      seeing the sunlight
 but not feeling the warmth inside
  soul weighted down
    by another’s will
       for our lives

never to live as we should have
   never roaming wild as we would have
so much inside to be
desperately need to roar out
     to cry
until it’s the end
tossed out into a pretend-wild
    we wait
cannot escape
       until a shot shatters our body
            and we split

  I lie gasping
       hands over eyes
but I will never forget
   the heartbreak
in the angels’ cries

for there was no pride
in the way that you died
no great feat of courage
or show of intellect
or inspiration to create
just a coward with a gun
and an emptiness inside
who needed to feel big
and so decided your fate
to satisfy some twisted thrill
of watching you lie in agony
until you were still

no drumroll marked your passing
   just a solemn tree stood witness with me
         to your murder
and the sad moment your life force left form
     as your blood seeped into the Earth
your magnificent spirit
    was gone
   and society doesn’t even know
what it has lost
and as I kneel
because something needs to be said
     a horrible dread
falls over me
  part of me has died with you
part of the human psyche is lost
    at a terrible, unreal cost
all the wilderness dying
   silent, unheard victims
      of Man
someone as awe-inspiring  as you
     so pure
       so true
          to the original vision of Earth
deserves a song
   somehow I can’t,
it’s too deep
this horror, this tragedy
   this wrong,
nothing gets past the lump in my throat
       but as the tears roll down my cheeks 
the stars peep out and cry with me
at this waste of your glory

by whose authority do they write your death into law?
is man higher than God who gave you life?
how dare they decide
what your purpose is for
and keep your spirit in chains
til they decree you should die??

Man – the ultimate dictator occupying Earth
the Destroyer
should hang his head in shame!

 by Christine Jordaan, 2014
© 2017