Monday, 15 December 2014

All I want for Christmas

Oh god… I have been loitering at the crossroads of #GiveUp ,  #NoHope , and #WhyBother .   Thankfully #DrinkMe is clearly marked as a dead-end.  And this being South Africa... the streetlamps that are supposed to be lighting the way are off due to load shedding, and the road is full of potholes that I keep stumbling into.

Blind in the dark on a very bumpy road.  This is what happens when we allow faith to waver, and we’re too busy looking down at the shaky ground under our feet instead of up at our north star to follow.  You know how it is when you’re in a high place and everyone says “don’t look down, don’t look down”, but you can’t help it... so you do, and you freeze in that second of imagining … splatter!

I am frozen in an image that has come to me in a recurring nightmare since I was 12 or so…
South Africa is burning and I am hiding in a cupboard in the kitchen… at first I am hovering above the house… seeing a massive wave of people pouring down the hill, setting all the houses on fire… and then I am in the cupboard, nauseous with fear whilst windows are shattering and people are burning…  burning…

I don’t know why I am stuck here, in this horrible image.  Will it happen?  Are we going the same way of the rest of the failed states of this beautiful continent, ripped apart by greed and hatred, and other people’s ideas of how it should be?

There’s a cloud shadowing the bright sunshine… it is China… menacing from the East, the Dragon swooping down, breathing fire… burning… burning…  stealing Africa’s treasures, hoarding it back in the Motherland….

36 baby elephants stolen in Zimbabwe – one already dead… the rest waiting to be shipped back to BLOOD-y China’s safari parks…. How on earth can this be Just?  You can’t just rip babies away from their mothers  (wish someone would tell my damn ex and his mother that!)  And send them thousands of miles away…

CITES can’t or won’t stop China.  The way they have swept the issue of the #slaveapes stolen from Africa for Chinese zoos says it all. 

China - our animals, our resources, our Africa – do NOT belong to you… they are not for sale – NEITHER ARE WE!

Which begs the question – why is China doing this?  We have enough resources and talent in Africa to not even need the outside world – we don’t need China looting our natural resources, and sending it back in substandard products. 

They are doing it because our leaders have let them.  And why have the leaders done that?  Because people have voted them in.  Despite the rank, rotten pudding all around us, the proof is ignored and people continue to vote in the cANCer.  Vomit!

Someone once told me that Nostradamus said South Africa would be the last refuge when the Yellow Man took over the world. Now, try as I may, I cannot find that quote anywhere.  But I am going to throw all my efforts into making it so.  And if where we place our energy grows…

How…?  Well, since the Global March for Lions the IFP have impressed me even more… again and again Mr Narend Singh, Chief Whip, and spokesperson for the Environment has spoken out against trade in rhino horn, canned hunting, and most recently against the capture of Zimbabwe’s baby elephants.  And how I wanted to KISS him when he said:

“Is this the African heritage we wish to leave our children? A heritage that Africa was open to the highest bidder, no matter the cost? An Africa under siege by foreign ‘economic’ colonialists? … It is high time that all African countries started working together as one to collectively eradicate such barbarism from our continent. Africa should not be for sale to the highest bidder, no matter the price….”

We need people and political parties like this that will stand up to China.  The more I look for other examples… I just can’t seem to find any with the courage to do so.   The IFP must therefore be placed where they belong – in power!!  They have my utmost confidence.  I’m on their mailing list. (Sign up here:  Every speech I read makes sense to me.  It’s the only way forward that I see…   put the right people in the right places to do the job!

We need Africa to rise up and take our continent back from those that would leave it a barren wasteland.

And we need to stop seeing nature as something to conquer and exploit, stop living such an extractive lifestyle.  We need to want to live gently here on Earth (which spells Heart) sharing Her resources with all the animals who have just as much right to them as we do. We are meant to be custodians of Earth, not the brutal dictators we have become. 

Selling animals into slavery… trophy hunting… is a truly horrific energy to build our society on… it is no wonder that we are degenerating into a culture of children shooting children, and brutal crush videos….   What are we teaching the children?  Killing for fun is ok…   trap a wild creature because we want it… send it far, far away… until it dies in despair and heartbreak…  WTF!

I don’t have a choice about giving up – my son is 2.  Dear god, what kind of world is he going to inherit?  As long as there is breath in my body – it’s going to be one with free humans and free animals.  We MUST start thinking about the way the world is run!  The system is NOT working!  I am so impatient with people that moan, moan, but carrying on swallowing the nonsense they are fed – can’t people think about how it could be... how it should be?  People that actually think about how "civilisation" is structured… what a dangerous notion. 

We only have one Earth – we need to stop destroying it.  And we need to come up with a better plan of how to live on it – a fair plan that suits all humans and animals.

I am re-reading two awesome books:  “Steering by Starlight” by Martha Beck.  And “Synchrodestiny”  by Deepak Chopra.  Both, along with Paulo Coehlo books,  highlight a common thread – when one aligns oneself with the Vision of the Universe – the highest good for all – miracles happen.

So whilst the thunderclouds gather outside, and the first raindrops start falling, I sit here at my desk and draw in my son’s bright crayons... a picture of Eden, as I imagine it could be.  Healthy biodynamic farms feeding ALL the people of South Africa...   trees being left to stand instead of chopped down for firewood – because that is no longer necessary as EVERYONE has renewable energy  (energy spells green!) , animals seen as other nations on their own journey here on Earth with the right to live and roam and human spaces designed to include them instead of destroying their habitat…  people marvelling over their beauty ALIVE instead of finding their kicks in slaughtering them and hanging their heads on their walls…  In my Eden human society knows we are part of nature and thus nature is restored and revered.
In my Eden we all realise we are artists of Life or the authors of our collective story and we determine to write a happy one of fair play and integrity.
It boils down to choice… knowing that we can change, and having the courage to do so... no matter how bumpy or dark the road is.
If we set our intention on restoring Eden, the logistics will fall into place – miracles will happen.  I place my Eden picture in the branches of the Christmas Tree.
I believe in miracles and have Great Expectations!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tick Tock...

A sense of urgency is eating away at my stomach and lumping in my throat.  I’m staring out the window at the town, but I feel as if I am drowning in a river of blood.  Even the hot ‘berg wind blowing down from the mountains sounds sad and forlorn… 

Spring is here, my favorite time of year – a time of lambs and buds…  new growth in the forests… I should feel happy.
But my heart is full of dread…  little lambs being born to be butchered, forests being felled.

Speaking of forests being felled… I moved back to SA end of 2013, having spent the last ten years in southern Mozambique.  The logs leaving Maputo weekly defy belief… so huge you couldn't put your arms around them…  off to China - the ships loaded down, headed for the motherland, carrying African resources and Africa's future with them.  

It’s my greatest dread that China takes over the world – it gives me nightmares – I had a terrible nightmare once that my beloved dogs were on a spit for sale in a Chinese butchery.  Let me say here and now there are many, many beautiful and wonderful Chinese animal activists.  It’s the spirit/energy of China that I have a problem with.  It feels like some big steel machine trampling over Earth, crushing all the little wildflowers underfoot, devouring everything, all the resources, until we’re left with a desert, burnt-out, used-up, tossed aside - a wasteland of shifting sands, and mocking echoes of rainfall.

I can’t remember who told me of a prophecy that South Africa would be the last refuge when the yellowmen took over the world.  Maybe I wistfully dreamt it up to comfort myself in the dark hours. I pray for it to be true every night.  Wishing it with all my heart.  That there is a place that they cannot swallow up.

I never ever hear a political party, especially in Africa, standing up to China.  I guess because China supported the liberation wars?  (I don’t pretend to understand or judge the complexities of our African past).  I just know that China is swallowing up Africa, and our beloved animals are dying out. 

So – I seriously ADORE, with all my heart and soul, Prince Buthelezi for having the courage to stand up for the right of the Dalai Lama to visit South Africa – see below.

Once again the Inkatha Freedom Party have impressed me with their courage and honesty….   I LOVE them!!!!!  Please world, pretty, prettiest please Universe, can IFP rule KwaZulu Natal again so I can lie down at night in peace, and actually get some sleep.  Their emblem is the elephant – the gardener of the forest…  enabling the forest to thrive...  we need people in power with common-sense and that speak the truth if we're to have any hope for the future.  

Sometimes I can't eat when I think of all the starving animals I am confronted with, scrolling down my Facebook animal advocacy groups. I don't know how, I just really don't know how, President Zuma goes to bed at night in his grand castle, whilst his people starve around him... the kids sniffing glue on the street corner not far from here.  He could have fed half the country with that palace of his.  Surely a leader should be someone that lets everyone else eat first, and then goes last to the table to dish up?

I believe in miracles. I believe if you pray or wish, whatever you want to call it, and call on a higher wiser Power that created this Universe that Mankind is so wilfully and stupidly destroying.. I believe that Spirit hears you... whatever we place our energy/focus on grows in strength...

So I am going to focus everyday on the Elephant governing KZN... that everybody returns home to the herd.... that we may live in a safe, thriving province, where people and nature and animals are held as sacred and honored, where everybody has enough to eat, and I can walk my child to the corner park with no fear.  That will only ever happen if we elect leaders with integrity.  Please, please world - THINK of how we live on Earth (which spells heart), REALISE we can change it by standing together and using our voices as a majority intent on living together in fairness, and honesty.  ACT by placing the right people in the right places to change what is so dreadfully wrong and broken in our society.    

Viva IFP! 



During a visit to Mthonjaneni on Sunday, IFP President Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP berated Government for bowing to pressure from China in its unethical and unconstitutional approach to the Dalai Lama.

"They are barring a Nobel Peace Laureate from entering our country. Imagine a democratic country did this to Madiba or to Inkosi Luthuli? We would be outraged," said Prince Buthelezi.

However this is but one in a litany of examples of the ruling party compromising what is good, right and lawful to please its alliance partners, its funders and those to whom it owes political favours.

"We saw Government's policy of GEAR fall by the wayside when COSATU rejected it, and the NDP may well face the same fate," said Prince Buthelezi. "In the case of the Dalai Lama, the SACP made its mandate clear that Government must never allow this man with his 'perverted political agenda' into our country."

Prince Buthelezi was referring to a statement issued by the SACP last week claiming that the Dalai Lama sought secession for Tibet. It refused to be part of 'an agenda aimed at undermining the sovereignty and national unity of China', because, during the liberation struggle, China 'refused to recognise the apartheid agenda to balkanise our country'.

"This viewpoint is riddled with contradictions and ignorance," said Prince Buthelezi. "They fail to appreciate that by telling our Government to bow to China on this issue they are in fact supporting an agenda that undermines the sovereignty and national unity of South Africa."

"Tibet is not seeking secession," he said. "During the World Parliamentarians' Convention on Tibet, in Rome in 2009, the Dalai Lama made it clear that his Government-in-exile is no longer seeking the independence of Tibet, but merely a form of regionalized local autonomy."

More recently, Kalon Dicki Chhoyang, Cabinet Member in the Central Tibetan Administration, visited South Africa and explained the Tibetan struggle in these words, "Fundamentally, it is about a people's fight for its right to exist with its own distinct cultural identity and language within the provisions of the Chinese constitution.  This includes the right to practice their religion openly and without hindrance from the State as permitted in all free countries.  We are not seeking to secede from China."

"China may have refused to recognise apartheid's agenda of balkanisation, but as Chief Minister of KwaZulu I entirely derailed that agenda by refusing to accept nominal independence for KwaZulu. So shouldn't the SACP be urging Government to listen to Mangosuthu Buthelezi? Their politics is often poorly thought-out, yet it influences Government's agenda profoundly. This is a big problem," said Prince Buthelezi, "Government needs to show greater leadership."

IFP Media Parliament

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lion Bone Trade

Too many nights I go to sleep with wet cheeks…

Too many midnight hours spent lying awake, wondering how to open people’s hearts to the screams of the animals…

Too many dips down into the hell of feeling it’s a war that we cannot win…

But every now and again the angels send a little light…

Thankyou AGAIN Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)…

PLEASE keep up the pressure on the gov. until canned hunting and export of all lion parts is banned!!




Mr N Singh (IFP) to ask the Minister of Environmental Affairs:

Whether, with reference to her reply to question 1734 on 23 August 2011, confirming numerous exports of lion parts to a certain person (name furnished) in Lao People’s Democratic Republic, she will now consider banning all (a) further exports of lion bones, skeletons and carcasses and (b) other wildlife exports to the specified person, given that a substantial monetary reward has been issued by the State Department of the United States of America for information leading to the dismantling of a certain organisation (name
furnished) of which he is the leader; if not, why not; if so, what steps will she take?


Reply received: August 2014


(a)    and (b) Yes. Sections 88(2)(e), 92A and 93 of the National Environmental
Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act No 10 of 2004) (NEMBA), as amended, provides for the issuing authority to defer a decision to issue a permit; refuse a permit; and to cancel a permit, in certain circumstances. The relevant MECs, who are the issuing authorities for the issuance of export permits to private individuals, including the specified person, in terms of Section 87A of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act No. 10 of 2004) (NEMBA), will be instructed to implement these provisions. Furthermore, I will, in terms of Section 59(d) of NEMBA, instruct the MECs that permits should be refused where the specified person is involved as well as any other person involved in illegal wildlife related activities.

Issued by IFP Research, Parliament


Thursday, 4 September 2014


Oh I must say it again - Viva IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party)!!  Once more they have come out very strongly for our beloved wildlife.
Firstly they added the strongest possible support to the Global March for Lions in March earlier this year.  Then in July Hon. Mr Singh, MP and Chief Whip, delivered an awesome Speech (below) on Environmental Affairs speaking out against trade in lion bones and rhino horn.
And this week they again re-iterated their anti-trade stance.
“Is this the kind of heritage we want to leave our children?”  asks Hon. SJ Nkomo, MP in a debate (speech below) earlier this week. 
At a time when Africa’s resources are being looted, poached, felled, “traded” to China, … and our own government speaking silkily traitorous words of trade, and STILL pandering to the killing machine of trophy hunting…   there is something so encouraging at hearing a political party speaking in moral terms. 
I want to urge all of you, including those sitting far away from home overseas, to visit their website…  We so badly, urgently need a change in the seats of power… a Party with Soul!  Otherwise what hope is there?  This could be such a cool country with the right people in the right places.  Just IMAGINE if it were governed properly!!  We all need to play our part in this co-creation….  Stand up and use your voice – MAKE IT COUNT!!  

Honourable Chairperson,

At the outset let me thank the Chief Whip of the Majority Party for tabling this motion for debate. Make no mistake. We are at War. Our Rhino population is being slaughtered at rate that will see it all but wiped out within the next five to seven years.

Since the start of this poaching epidemic in 2008, South Africa has lost over
2600 rhinos, with 716 being killed this year alone, which figure, I might add, excludes 'pseudo' hunts, - and by 'pseudo hunts I mean hunts authorized allowed by crumbling, corrupt and inept conservation services.

It is reported that our Conservation services in the North West, Limpopo and Mpumalanga are currently beyond repair.

There is still no central database or system which nationally tracks and co-ordinates our anti-poaching efforts. Our rhino are dying because of ineffective systems, a lack of the required political will, alleged complicity in poaching by security and policing services, lack of information sharing between our enforcement agencies and judicial sanction that is not yet swift or severe enough.

International co-operation, remains vague and embarrassing. It seems that the required political will is missing with our government paying mere lip service to same. We would encourage greater action and International cooperation - and less speak.

Government's focus must also be on the rangers, the anti-poaching units and security services - they our frontline that stands between the poachers and our rhino; these units must be adequately staffed and equipped.

Honourable Speaker, the protection of our Rhino from poaching places a solemn and binding obligation on us all, and in particular, the government of this country, to do everything it possibly can to prevent this wholesale slaughter.
Any calls, efforts or regulation which seeks to subvert such obligation must be opposed.

In closing, let me re-iterate that Rhino Horn has no medicinal value whatsoever!
By legitimizing its trade, we legitimize this fraud!

Is this the kind of heritage we want to leave our children?

I thank you.

Hon SJ Nkomo, MP

02 September 2014                                                                                                                                               ...”



17 July 2014

Honourable Chairperson Our environment sustains us, gives us life, shelter and commerce. Without it we are a barren wasteland of nothing and yet we continue to choose to relegate it far too often to the side lines, viewing it more as an impediment to progress and less as an overarching provider of everything we hold dear. This perception must change. Our environment must become our primary concern and any legislation or regulation that is antagonistic to its sustained growth and survival must be ruthlessly amended or repealed.
Practices that are however, of no detriment to the environment or the citizen should be un-regulated and allowed to continue. Here I speak, as an example, of the long standing and currently 'illegal'
practice of using coal-ash to manufacture building bricks for homes.
Coal-ash is still regulated as a hazardous substance and as such cannot be made into building bricks. This is ridiculous. There is no harm. It empowers the people that have access to it, to build homes and engage in small scale enterprise; it empowers communities. We accordingly call for its immediate deregulation.
This year over 600 of our Rhino have already been poached and 157 people arrested in connection with Rhino poaching. Whilst we applaud the arrests and the efforts of law enforcement, we decry the merciless slaughter of our wildlife. Perhaps we should be following in the bold steps of the Ugandan President, when he earlier this year ordered that any poacher found in a National Park would be shot on site? In terms of International cooperation, it is reported that we are still awaiting compliance from Vietnam in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2012 which, inter alia, stated that Vietnam would send DNA samples of confiscated rhino horn to our authorities here in SA so that we would be able to identify the origin of the 'horn.' The Minister should advise this house as to why this has not yet occurred?
The SA Government seems content to turn SA in to a hunting colony for rich foreigners to plunder our wildlife heritage. By pandering to the hunting industry, the SA conservation authorities have allowed a lion farming enterprise to grow to the point where it has become a threat to the survival of all wild lions in Africa. Wild lions are being poached in neighbouring states in order to capture cubs which are then smuggled across the borders and sold to unscrupulous SA lion farmers. Tourists and volunteers who support lion farms posing as 'wildlife sanctuaries' are being duped into supporting a toxic commercial enterprise that is destroying the conservation of lions. We once again, call for a complete ban on the practice of canned Lion hunting! Tragically the SA Government also continues to allow exports from these farms, of hundreds of lions skeletons and bones annually, to wanted criminal networks in Asia who then pass them off as Tiger, endangering the last wild tigers too!
As things stand we will be a complete laughing stock when we host the CITES Conference in 2017. The IFP remain firmly anti-trade in Rhino horn and animal bone, as any kind of decrimilization and regulation of same will have the knock-on effect of stimulating further market demand and thus creating further illegal 'black' markets.

We note that Animal activists in Europe are calling for an international boycott of South African tourism due to canned lion and trophy hunting, and the rhino poaching crisis. Will the government allow a few wealthy game ranchers and foreign crime syndicates to jeopardise the livelihood of millions of South Africa's poorest or will they protect the 1 in 12 jobs in our economy thereby capturing the moral consumer market segment who are currently choosing to travel to Botswana due to their ban on hunting of wild animals. We urge the Minister towards increased international cooperation, tougher criminal sanction and greater anti-poaching efforts if we are to ever turn the tide on the decimation of our wildlife.

Honourable Chairperson, we see large scale pollution of our rivers in our land. This is largely through commercial dumping of waste products and unsanitary hygiene practices, through necessity I might add, by some of our communities. Our aquatic life, fish and plants are being wiped out through these practices. Durban's South basin is being called the "Toxic Hub of South Africa" as it continues to struggle against disproportionate exposure to a hazardous environment and sulphur dioxide pollution, whilst simultaneously , being faced with dire health hazards linked to petrochemical industrial production. When is the Minister going to deal comprehensively with this crisis?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Satao - RIP 30 May 2014

Pic:  Tsavo Trust

© 2017

A hush has descended over the savannah
    Satao has fallen,
        He is no more,
and the wild birds’ song
     as they flip flap along,
          mourning Him,
but He can’t hear their call

He died by a poisoned arrow
    hissing through the crisp winter air
and He crashed to his knees,
    amidst the sorrowful trees
        wintering, leafless and bare

A shadow dimmed the skies
     as the light left his gentle eyes
whilst his killers circled round
       knives in hand,
and there’s a stain on our soul
     from the blood-soaked ground
where His dear face was butchered,
         and a curse on the land

Pic:  Tsavo Trust

Satao, it’s dusk,
   the moon is growing…
are You out there?
     were You able to journey into the Night?
or are you trapped,
     weeping for those left behind?
or maybe You’re one of the twinkling golden lights
        that I lift my eyes to
when it all just seems too dark on the ground?

What was it for? 
    a trinket, no more
       You lost your life to satisfy some fool’s greed,
oh Spirit – this heartbreak is too much to bear
     Satao – come get me – I’d rather weep with You out there,

     You must be looking down on Africa
           and praying with the Angels for us 
in this hell that we’ve allowed,
      from the vision of light and love,
how we’ve sunk
    to such darkness defies belief,
             like a thief
the shadows drain the joy from the sun,
if only humans would realise we are all One
     and feel with their hearts instead of think with their brains,
oh Satao – how much longer will this agony carry on…
     until all the trees, the animals are dead and gone?

Christine Jordaan 11 July 2014
© 2017

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Slave Ape

African leaders – please call for DNA testing of the #slaveapes currently in China, Armenia, amongst other countries.  And then ask CITES to invoke Article VIII to bring them home!!  

Please don’t abandon your animals – don’t sell them out!!   They are worth far more than money could ever be – they are part of you, part of us all!!  

If you close your eyes, and listen with all your heart – you will hear them calling out to you from their cages.

Slave Ape

When the rising moon calls to his soul
he cannot answer,
he cannot follow Her shadow’s path weaving through the magic of twilit trees
as She glides so lightly through the sky,
perhaps he catches a glimpse of Her against the smog and city pollution
through a dirty window as Night slowly creeps by;

He is trapped in this cage until his keeper comes tomorrow,
when he is wheeled out for his part in the show,
degraded to being dressed as a human and playing drums,
and the idiot crowd laughs and thinks this is good,
and that this is fun;

He cannot express his urge to swing or call,
and instead of tree bark he has cold steel,
he cannot feel the gentle breeze rocking him to sleep in a branch,
just the city’s noisy stories makes up the sadness of his real;
His very nature eats away at him,
because you cannot trap the wind as it dances through the trees
and you cannot cage a wild creature that is meant to be free;

He cannot BE his truth,
so he bashes his head against the bars in frustration,
until that pain somehow eases something in his screaming heart;

When the eagle calls so far away in his Africa - it echoes in his soul
though he cannot see it’s shadow flicker against the clouds,
he feels it, as he feels the trees falling,
forests being felled for man’s greed,
his heart is crying out because they are one,
and our souls are dying
because we do not want to know
that we too are all one.
The trees are our roots and our lungs
and he is our brother;

He MUST return to his Africa - we cannot leave him there
enslaved, and one day, to die alone
so far, so very far, from home

Christine Jordaan
May 2014

© 2017


© 2017


He is a wild spirit
      trapped in someone else’s idea for his life;

Imagine his despair of life in a cage,
the pure frustration of wanting to swing free in trees
and interact with his own kind,
feel another furry body,
 touch another wild mind,

    Feel his fear of the beatings
when he hasn’t learnt to play his role correctly,
as designated by Mankind the Civilised,
in this degrading parody of entertainment,
dressed in an absurd guise of our shameful society,
served up to the mindless crowd
that either do not know or simply do not care,
that once he lived in a forest and was happy there,

And when the hordes leave
at the end of the day,
the lights dim,
and the music fades away,
he is led back to the empty silence
where time tick tocks away;

What passes through his mind
in the long hours before its show time again?
  does he remember the warmth of the African sunlight
and the veil of the soft forest rain?
where do his thoughts dwell while outside the city falls asleep?
  if I could peep into his cage at night
would I see this ape weep?

I wonder if his forest is still there
or are his trees now tables in some smart city house
do they hold an echo of the birdsong they once carried
or the magic of the dreaming moonlight?

He was free,
but here he sits a million miles away
     and forlorn
staring out through the bars
of man’s domination over Nature;

and there is something in his eyes
that reaches across the divide of space and form
it whispers to my heart
in utter despair and rage
and I recognise the panic of living and dying
trapped inside this cage

Please world, He must be bought home to Africa!!

© 2017

Stop the trafficking!

Send the #slaveapes home to Africa!

                                      Photo credit:  Shigzeo



Thursday, 15 May 2014


Photo credit:  Karl Ammann

Beautiful people….

I was honoured recently to be contacted by Karl Ammann (, a wildlife warrior of note (named Hero of the Environment, and SAB Environmental Journalist of the Year).  He asked me to help raise awareness of the plight of the #slaveapes  as he had seen the world roaring out for our beloved lions.   Together with Dr Dan Stiles (, Nick Cockayne ( and a specialised team they have created PEGAS.

And so world - I am afraid I need some more tears from you, I’m so sorry.   

After the lion march, I seriously wondered if I had any more tears left in my heart or had I cried them all out…  I worried that I had become one of those hard people you see that just don’t cry anymore…  but I’m afraid my heart has been broken again…  actually as I sit here now I wonder at what point one’s heart says “enough pain, stop beating”….   

Until we get to that point, however, we just have to carry on one battle at a time in our war for our beloved animals… whether they’re dressed in fur or scales or feathers…  whether they have four legs or no legs, whether they roar or croak…  we love them all, and we will never stop fighting for them.  To sink into despair is to abandon the animals in hell, and so somehow we have to soldier on with all our tears and heartbreak.

So! We have wept together for the fallen gentle giants – the elephants, victims of the heart-breaking poaching crisis.  We have roared out for those waiting to die – the lions in the horrific canned hunting industry, and all those slaughtered in the killing machine of trophy hunting.

Now I need you to cry with me for the slave apes.

I need your tears to break hearts wide open again so that we can fix this.

I ask you to close your eyes and still your minds…
feel a hot steaming jungle around you,
the sweat stinging your eyes ,
vines itching and scratching at your legs,
a cacophony of birds chirping and whistling out their own glorious songs,

let your heart sense a family of playful chimps …   
and then a heavier presence of the big apes,
    just an ordinary day in the sunlit forest…

until a baby elephant runs squealing through a clearing,
  birds squawk in a panic up to the canopy,
   and utter chaos erupts,
harsh voices shouting,
gunfire, blood, and death.

     Whole families murdered - shot, or hacked to death,
 whilst trying to defend their babies,
infant apes shoved into rough canvas sacks for their journey through Hell…

  many die en route to the transit cities,  packed in between other illicit products, they suffocate, starve to death, or their little throats dry up whilst calling for help which never arrives…

   a journey through hell….
        to slavery…
  to a life behind bars…
 a life sentence for a crime which they have never committed…

We cannot do anything about those that have died, except cry for them and try to learn lessons from their deaths to stop further suffering…

But we can help those still enslaved far, far away from their native sunlight…
   who must have just one prayer in their little hearts…   
“Please, Bring Us Home”

World – shall we do it… shall we do our absolute best to get CITES to send them home to Africa?
And to stop all trafficking of our beloved wild animals?  
Karl, Dan, Nick, and their dedicated team will call on CITES for justice.  

Please join me in supporting them by raising awareness, and through activism in cyberspace and the physical world.

We need to end Ape Slavery!! 

Animals are not ours to rip from their families and send off to zoos, safari parks, and private collections for human entertainment. 

So together let us now tackle the horror of the #slaveapes and by raising awareness of this evil… we will bring to the world’s attention what we activists all know – Captivity Kills.  

There should be NO trade in animals.  Animals should have the right to live out their lives according to their own destinies and have fair access to the natural resources they require to do so.  We are occupying this planet as brutal dictators consuming all – we have literally waged war on all other species – and it’s time to STOP!  

Wildlife trade is horrific and unacceptable... their broken, beaten little bodies... their souls and hearts just waiting for us to realise that we are all one...  that they feel pain as we do... hunger and thirst as we do...  cold, frightened, and lonely as we do...  just imagine their utter bewilderment at being stolen away... from the sounds and smells of the forests to the pollution of the city... 

We have taken everything from them - their families, their freedom... and we're destroying their habitat.
Our planet is dying... we're losing our animals... our souls...  lets take a stand!  Make THIS the generation that woke up in time and made it right... opened our hearts to a better vision... a kinder, gentler world where all life is held as sacred.  And this culture of greed dedicated to a God of Things and Money... reborn into a culture of love.

Please world – help us bring the #slaveapes home to where they belong – appropriate sanctuaries in Africa – if their own countries cannot shelter them – there are willing ones.  
Karl and Dan have the problem clearly outlined and solutions ready to offer… but they need us to add our voice to theirs to show CITES that the world is outraged and this needs to be fixed, NOW!

So - let’s get cracking, rescue the #slaveapes, and stop the trafficking – let us END APE SLAVERY!!
The official campaign website will be up and running shortly.  

In the meantime, please visit us on:

and sign and share this petition:


Lots of love as always,


Friday, 14 March 2014

Dawn always comes...

Universe...  oh dear sweet kind loving awesome universe...

We have had, you and I, our ups and downs... I went from total faith, to no faith through the Long Dark Night of the Soul of THIRTEEN YEARS....  and now Dawn is peeping up over the horizon...

It started with a nightmare, then waking up into the horrific, awful, mind-numbing reality of Earth - to be alive in this world, right here, right now - you must either be heart-broken or on drugs or dead in your heart.

Its everything... the poverty, the cruelty, the absolute evil craziness of some people having so much that they could not possibly ever, ever spend it... to a starving child in the desert with nothing... and I mean nothing.

But the wound that for me bleeds the most, and after a while you get used to it bleeding, you have to, its always there, seeping... is the reality of the animals and nature... the majestic forests being felled, the orangutans being delimbed just for being there, the barbaric attitude of the human race - currently occupying Earth as the most brutal dictators - making war on all other species...

Two months ago I didn't know how to be alive anymore with this wound...  I wasn't sure I wanted to... I went back to some serious not-cool stuff because that controlled pain somehow eased this uncontrollable agony of what we are doing, as a species, to all the other inhabitants of our lovely planet.
I am a single mom - I had to somehow keep it all together and bite down these tears until my toddler was asleep, and then go sit on the bathroom floor (well in the forest in Moz I could be outside on the stardeck waiting to get beamed up - I lost that moving back to "civilisation")  with my hand over my mouth so my child wouldn't hear me crying.  I couldn't go back to the bottle - I am a very responsible mom - I only party when my little guy is with his dad.  So how to be alive with this wound?  And no, I'm not crazy - I am ALIVE with a CONSCIENCE - I am SO tired of people that tell me they love animals, but don't do anything.. .that don't feel this despair - then that is not love, that is a selfish appreciation of their beauty - to really LOVE animals means getting into all kinds of trouble, making a complete and utter nuisance of yourself, and being really unpopular with those people that do not wish to be aware that their comfortable lifestyle is causing untold AGONY and GRIEF to beings that we do not own, that can feel just as we can - WHY IS THEIR PAIN LESS VALID, and cannot write new laws for themselves or tell us it hurts like hell!  So no, I am not crazy, or if that is crazy, then I am proud and crazy, instead of unfeeling and sane.

The worst was knowing that I, and none of us who care, could not give up.  To do so would be to abandon the animals in hell.  So we have to stay in hell with them.  We are still here.  But what is important and what got me through this particularly nasty little black spell lately.. that there are angels, and fellow warriors with us here ... walking with us, crying with us...  trying with us...  I would just be putting my head on my arms in despair... then bleep a little love would pop up on my screen at 3am from Neytiri in San Francisco, or Ingrid in Belgium or Susan in LA... too many names to list, all loved, all appreciated...  and that little light keeps our own flames burning when they would flicker, and maybe go out.

And then last year August I wished on here, Universe, for help, serious major help that was needed.

And look....

I recently publicised on here, and everywhere, why I would vote IFP this year.  Crikey moses.  Did I get a backlash...  I had obviously caused some serious offence, and threat??

But out of everyone I reached out to....  see what my latest hero, whom I am suspecting has the archetype of a Knight....  Anthony Mitchell of IFP has done for our lions, and for our animals...

What a great victory for the animals.


Oh Anthony - thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!  A big roar out from me, my activist friends, and all our wildlife in South Africa.  We LOVE you and your WHOLE team.

Anyone on Twitter - positive reinforcement please @VivaIFP - and spread the word - these rockstars are also anti-trade.

Someone in DA in UK asked me TODAY why do I love the IFP?  I replied simply  "they rock my soul".
I tried hard to verbalise it - what can I say - every single person I have dealt with - from the Prince, and Mr Narend Singh at the top, to the furniture removal guy that I was sitting on the pavement chatting to last month... they're all really REAL people - its cool!  

The DA guy today said I must really hate DA.  I replied nope, I just love IFP.  
You see... every single ugly racist encounter that I have had this last month - and yes there have been some recently.. has been from DA supporters.  Universe, you can strike me down with lightning now if I am lying...

... still here... so you see my point world...

So ... its Friday 14 March...  on the eve of the march... the world is mobilising for Earth's lions... Universe - you see - we love you and them and all the animals - we care...  please, please, pretty please, keep the miracles flowing... thankyou.

Well done to everyone fighting hard for all our animals...  Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan of who have been campaigning for years, and my beloved Lion Aid in London who never fails to make me laugh when I am losing my temper, and all the new people I have met on this awesome journey.

To a top activist and warrior in KZN - Mariana Fernandes...  - THANKYOU!

TOMORROW we're going to show the bullies and the sadists that they're not cool - just f-ed up and its time to stop their evil ways - because we will NEVER EVER stop, NEVER EVER back down, NEVER EVER compromise one tiny little inch, NEVER EVER stop fighting, and NEVER EVER forget to ROAR out as loud as possible for all those suffering, innocent, sacrificed, slain ones that cannot talk or ask for help....
Be blessed on your marches tomorrow - and thankyou for the incredible, incredible journey - walking together with warriors and angels - all the heartbreak, the tears, the anger, the fears, the trying, the crying, FROM ALL OF YOU, has manifested into the WHOLE WORLD mobilising tomorrow - in this massive massive plea for our wild ones, and all our non-human family.
Humbled, proud, thankful...
Oh and those of you that know me - know I totally suck at interviews, bless the poor souls that have tried.. so I tried to put my thoughts down at 4am this morning, excuse the quality, please note I hadn't had one second of sleep, hope it makes sense.
Lots and lots and lots of love,

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Vision.. A March...

Global March for Lions 
Today, somewhere,
another roar has been silenced
by bullet or deadly bow
and a betrayed spirit departed
to wherever the Wild Ones go

Today, somewhere,
an executioner
has hung up his weapon of death,
boasted his tale of a bloody kill
and his victim’s last agonising breath

Today, somewhere,
another heart has broken
and bitter, despairing tears wept
and a plea to the Sacred poured out to the night
drifting up to the angels where wishes are kept

In springtime last year I had a vision
that the King Stag was standing
on a lonely high peak
so faithfully
in the mist of the magic
so patiently ,
hurting, with the tragic,
waiting for us to grow into our Heroes

and in our thousands we gathered before Him
and knelt in a fervent prayer
that the Light would descend down to Earth
and live in every mind here

With a thousand sighs of the wind
and in a beat of the Earth’s wise heart
the tears of outraged Love
are carving out a new path

The hands of the heroes have reached
across the cultures,
the colours,
the divide,
to fight the horror,
the twisted,
the sick,
of the lions bred to die

Christine Jordaan, 2014
© 2017