Saturday, 28 December 2013

Earth's Heart

A conversation with the heart of the World…

The tears you weep
           I keep
   they wake me at night
when it feels
  as if the Light
       has left

for your heart
   is my heart
       I feel your pain
          as the soft grey rain
crying out for the caged ones
   the starving ones
            the unseen tragedies
                       the cruelties kept hidden
where polite people cannot know them
   but still they rise
as wailing ghosts in their nightmares

       their minds have blocked you out
     but their hearts are tied to you
  and must open to you

as a spear stabbed cruelly
  left me gasping
on the edge of heartbreak
  your cries
my heart
   your heart
       trail them in their sleep
screaming them awake

 they try to drown them
             in a bottle of vodka
or a line off a mirror
        that stares emptily back up at them
or buy them off with false gold
 that next to your sunshine has barely a shimmer
   not even a glimmer
        of your beauty
              after the rain

they reason with logic
and big words to explain the injustice
divorced from emotion
    because it would hurt too much to feel
        the horror of your Real

if they thought before they ate
  and saw the misery on their plate
     they would choke in guilt and shame
and so they choose not to know
   what “civilisation” daren’t show
they look away
   and shadows
cloud over the day

the killing for fun
because they’re taught we’re not one
      Earth which spells heart
  how can they even think we’re ever apart?
      my heart
          your heart
 beats within mine
      in time
 with the song of our dream

    as a stream
will eventually meander down to the sea
  oh heart
    my heart
 their hearts
will still open
weep with me
  that the beasts
the innocent
    should be wild and free

Christine Jordaan, 2013
© 2017


Sunday, 15 December 2013

Why the World will march for lions 15 March 2014

Warning:  sad images below.  

This info is gathered from various sites:

Photos are from these sites, and others are credited below the picture. If I have missed a credit, no offence intended, just trying to raise awareness of the horror - please just comment below and I will add credit immediately.  Thankyou

The African lion is heading for extinction.

Human-lion conflict in rural areas and trophy hunting has left just approx. 20,000 lions in the wild.
Because hunters have wiped out so many wild lions there is a demand for a constant supply of living targets and lion farming has increased dramatically in South Africa. 

In the last fifteen years the number of captive lions in S.A. has increased from almost zero to over 8000. That is twice as many as there are wild lions (4000).
Breeders are not required to be registered with SAPA (South African Predators Association) so who is controlling what conditions they are kept in and how they are killed?

Lionesses are kept constantly breeding until they are too old then they are killed.
Lion farmers grow out lions for at least three years before they reach huntable size.
To help pay the cost of rearing lions, lion farmers rent out their cubs to be played with by tourists. And they take in volunteers who pay to be allowed to work at a lion farm (deceitfully described usually as a lion sanctuary).  Once they are too big to be petted they are mostly left in miserable conditions in small cages, usually malnourished and neglected, until someone pays to shoot them for fun.   

A canned hunt is a guaranteed kill as the hunting company only charges if there’s a kill.  So the hunt is rigged.  The lion is often drugged, dogs are sometimes used, meat is put out as bait, and it’s in a small enclosure from which it’s impossible to escape.

The head is then exported to the hunter’s country of origin.  The skin and bones are sent to China for use in tiger wine – a traditional medicine. 

Additionally there are regular shipments of live lions from South Africa to China.  What is their fate?  Who knows or controls this?

For too long we have been fed the lie of hunting is conservation.  (  and watch “The Con in Conservation” (

Captive bred cubs are never released into the wild.  And what is the conservation value of them living in cages?  They are bred purely as a resource to be "harvested"  - murdered.

This is their sad story....
Born into slavery….

            Waiting on Death Row….

(photo credit above:

Then killed in a cage by a coward for a thrill….

           (Photo credit above:  Pigman TV FB page- btw - Pigman above - fcuk off!!!!)

Reduced to a commodity…

Is this OK with you?

THEY need YOU!!
·         They cannot talk.
·         They cannot vote for a system that is fair or kind to them.
·         They cannot riot or steal or manipulate or blackmail to be treated better.
·         They rely completely on human beings for compassion and wisdom.
·         And the courage to stand up and say this is NOT how we should treat them

Please think carefully and realise YOU have the power to change this.
We need to call for a change in the law - because here's the horror - ITS LEGAL. 
But the joy - we CAN make it illegal if enough good people ROAR out.

·         What do YOU think about breeding lions to be shot?
·         And keeping them in cages until someone buys them to kill?
·         Shooting them in a cage where there is no escape for them?
·         The hunter taking their heads home to stick on his wall as a trophy?
·         And finally their bones and skins sold to China for use in traditional medicines?

·         What kind of person makes money from the misery of farming with these lions?
·         What kind of person gets happy from shooting them?
·         Especially in cages where they cannot escape.

·         Would you want your father or your brother to do this?
·         What do you think of mothers that kill for fun?
·         Would you let your child kill an animal?
          What is your child watching on TV - hunting/murder?  

Will you march with us PLEASE on 15 March 2014 Saturday around the world...

If you can step up and organise one it would be so much appreciated:  contact Nikki Elliot on that page.

Join Globally United Against Canned Lion Hunting:

which will last as long as this BS does!

And KZN, South Africa - See YOU! in Durban:

Twitter: @GlobalMarchLions @CMJordaan

Yes, Women Rock!

One of my personal heroines (Neytiri, SF) asked on her FB status recently….

If we need to …will we march?  Will we do what we need to do?

Yes!  We will!  Because we know the tragic consequences of NOT acting and that would give us courage.

And how would we live with ourselves if we didn’t act.  We may survive, but if we did not heed the call to action, we would not be living… because we would have blocked something out of our consciousness to avoid cognitive dissonance… we would not be whole… so it wouldn’t really be worthwhile being alive anyway. I would rather live 10000%  (with the highs of soaring through the heavens, and the lows of wandering around lost in hell) and know my life mattered … I really do not want to be ashamed of myself when I die… when I have to sit and evaluate what I have achieved against what I set out to do.. the lessons learnt or unlearnt.. the pain I failed to alleviate in ANY way possible.

This is how the good people stay on the fence and do NOT act – they have chosen (from fear of knowing too much perhaps or leaving their comfort zone) to block off or repress the part of themselves that says STOP!  ENOUGH!  But energy (which funnily enough spells green) doesn’t die. It just transfers… so what happens to this repressed/blocked out energy?  It turns to drink or drugs or inflicting pain on oneself – a pain which is controllable eg cutting up your arms or legs – you’re in control of this pain… its safe… or emotional pain by getting involved with the wrong partner that you know in advance will hurt physically or emotionally…   thereby feeding the energy of the Shadow selves we all have dwelling within us… and these in turn feed the collective Shadow self of humanity… which loves hurting self and outside of self… it is this bigger darkness that can drive a good person mad trying to repress something that is not part of them – but feeding into them.  It’s a vicious cycle and that feeds into this whole hunting, murder, rape… darkness of shadows hiding.  Moral of the story, btw, is expression not repression.  Turn the wounds into wisdom – at least then they count for something constructive.  Where you are wounded is the source of your greatest power.

A great book that explains how archetypes work in us is Caroline Myss Sacred Contracts.
Briefly all of us have the Child (guardian of innocence), the Victim (guardian of self-esteem), the Prostitute (guardian of faith) and the Saboteur (guardian of choice).  And then there are 8 more archetypes which match up to your 12 astrological houses and fit into your chakras.

In 2001 I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.... It opened up my eyes to how the world operates on energy (as a form of emotional currency). When a person doesn't obtain their energy from the correct source - you end up with the current state of affairs of the world. I'm thinking that is hunters... they literally source their energy from the animal they are murdering - and that is why it becomes serial murder for them – it’s like a vampire needs blood - so they kill.  I doubt very much many hunters will change (though I live in hope of this) but if only the whole wide world read this book, and tried to source their energy correctly... I mean - imagine... no more new hunters (or head butting due to egos..)  Nature is a source of this energy… it is Spirit manifested into matter... our ecosystems need to be kept as pure as possible to anchor it... our bodies are literally a temple of this energy - again... if you eat meat you are absorbing the cruelty and horror into your energy system...  if you buy ivory.. the agony... is coming into your energy field.... if only Asia and users of energetic medicines would realise this - drill down a level deeper - on the top level…  the energy of the animal passes into their own energy system, but dig a level deeper so does the darkness, and this darkness is highly addictive to the Shadow Self that resides in us all.  Again... hunting feeds that person's Shadow Self..... so we need to catch the Shadow Selves of everyone before they become addicted to this darkness...   we need to simply be in nature as much as possible, work with healing properties of plants, be vegan…   but it boils down to simply loving and honouring Earth.  If someone honours an animal they normally respect humanity.  And if humans murder animals… they are churning a lot of violent energy and darkness into the consciousness of the world.  This violence and pornography creeping into everything is because its easy energy.  A woman can’t sing, but if she takes off her clothes she gets attention, album sells, she gets adored… all lower level energy…
Sensationalist violence – same thing… nothing really creative or deep in these horrible movies… just violence… sells – money is just another form of energy.  And its what our kids are watching.. keeping those neural networks activated... look at Sarah Palin... what a terrible terrible example of a female, and that Melissa Bachman - I could throw up on both of them.

Watched Mandela’s funeral now…

President Zuma:… You (Madiba) objected to being a black man in a white man’s court being tried by laws you had no part in making.

Me: If we go beyond the boundaries of physical form… beyond Ethnocentrism (holding our
own culture as right and superior) to Speciesism – why must the animals be subject to our will/laws? And they cannot vote for a new system – we have to do it for them. Apartheid wasn’t ended by asking politely. The injustice was fought relentlessly… in the streets, behind closed doors, and from WITHIN the system. How many wives cry secretly at night when their men take their sons on trophy hunting trips? And come home proud from their first “blooding”. Why don’t we as mothers take the opportunity we are granted to instill in our children LOVE and championship of Nature and the Sacred Feminine? If we must use our feminine wiles, let’s put them to good use and if our husbands hunt, can’t we gently lead them back into the light? The male force might be hard, but rocks can be shaped by water and wind – mountain ranges can be carved into beautiful valleys and meadows.

How far will we go to save the animals, nature, bring back the Sacred Feminine so all could be in balance? 

Neytiri summed it up perfectly:  “Peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience….”
I like this lady a lot!

I write dreamy, impractical words.. she gives the actions to fulfil them!  And you know how many brave, tireless female warriors I have met these last 6 months….  across the globe... tired, but determined, to fight relentlessly until every single animal is safe and recognized as having the right to just be themselves, free of us imposing our will on their lives...

As one warrior just said now “Women rock!”

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dedication to Limba - RIP - Child of Africa....

I wrote this 11 years ago, but today its for Limba.. a tortured soul, enslaved for human entertainment in a zoo in faraway Canada...

Who knew the cold snow of a foreign land, but never ever the hot sunlight of her homeland which was her birthright, stolen from her...

And for all the animals (and humans) trapped far from home, enslaved, despairing....

Child of Africa

Snow is drifting gently down

but it’s the hot veldt air ruffling my hair

and I don’t  feel the soft flakes on my upturned face

nor the whispering wind on my skin

for I raise my eyes to wide African skies

and this world around me goes dim;

As the roar of the traffic dulls my mind

I feel a hunger so strong, so deep

the pulse of the land that shaped me

calling to me in my sleep

I must go soon, my spirit is dying

longing for the majestic still

pacing this cage, my soul is crying

for the rolling green valleys and hills;

The meandering rivers, blood of the land

wending their way to the seas

from the rugged peaks through the desert sands

this rhythm of life is in me;

Before me stretch vast horizons

spirit untamed by human hand

speaking to me as it always has

born of the earth

one with the land;

Back to the glory, the savage beauty

beating always in my veins

this restless yearning, always burning

cooled only by soft summer rains;

Soaring through the silent space

the wild is waiting, alive and free

the hot desert sun is kissing my face

my mother, my home, welcoming me

I fall to the ground, the bare earth in tears,

She sees my pain

She knows my fears

cries with me, 

tears soaking into the ground

I feel Her heart beating

one with mine

Thunder rumbles

I know his voice

I’ve roared with him many times before

The air is charged, lightening flickers

spirit awakes, the land answers my call

Rain lashes down

and I tear off the layers

stand naked before heaven

and scream out my pain

wind is tearing around me

chaos erupts inside me

thunder crashes his anger, lightening bursts into flame;

Tears mingle with the rain

washing me clean once again

raw and alive I am strong

storm eases off

wind calms her fury

exultant I stand proud to carry on;

When my body eventually stills

take me back to the rolling hills

lay me down to rest in my land of birth

on the gentle breast of Mother Earth

to the silent splendor where I used to roam

I’m a child of Africa, take me home

London, 2002

Christine Jordaan

© 2017

Neytiri Tskaha and Mariana Fernandes...  don't cry for her death... its her life that must make humanity weep!

Please note this is NOT my photo of Limba - I will try to find the source and credit asap. Feel free to post it as a comment underneath if you know it!!  Thankyou source!!