Saturday, 28 December 2013

Earth's Heart

A conversation with the heart of the World…

The tears you weep
           I keep
   they wake me at night
when it feels
  as if the Light
       has left

for your heart
   is my heart
       I feel your pain
          as the soft grey rain
crying out for the caged ones
   the starving ones
            the unseen tragedies
                       the cruelties kept hidden
where polite people cannot know them
   but still they rise
as wailing ghosts in their nightmares

       their minds have blocked you out
     but their hearts are tied to you
  and must open to you

as a spear stabbed cruelly
  left me gasping
on the edge of heartbreak
  your cries
my heart
   your heart
       trail them in their sleep
screaming them awake

 they try to drown them
             in a bottle of vodka
or a line off a mirror
        that stares emptily back up at them
or buy them off with false gold
 that next to your sunshine has barely a shimmer
   not even a glimmer
        of your beauty
              after the rain

they reason with logic
and big words to explain the injustice
divorced from emotion
    because it would hurt too much to feel
        the horror of your Real

if they thought before they ate
  and saw the misery on their plate
     they would choke in guilt and shame
and so they choose not to know
   what “civilisation” daren’t show
they look away
   and shadows
cloud over the day

the killing for fun
because they’re taught we’re not one
      Earth which spells heart
  how can they even think we’re ever apart?
      my heart
          your heart
 beats within mine
      in time
 with the song of our dream

    as a stream
will eventually meander down to the sea
  oh heart
    my heart
 their hearts
will still open
weep with me
  that the beasts
the innocent
    should be wild and free

Christine Jordaan, 2013
© 2017