Friday, 4 October 2013

Maputo Elephant March 04 October 2013, Mozambique

Today I marched for the elephants.
I marched for the right of a species to simply carry on living

And I marched too for my soul
the right of my soul to dance in joy in the full ecosystem that Nature gifted to humans
not to just exist in the barren wasteland that Mankind is creating
And I marched for the right of my son to grow up with elephants as part of the human psyche
not with their memory a story to be told with regret and too-late-tears

And I marched for all the other beings in all shapes, colours, and sizes
who are suffering under Man’s occupation and dominion of Earth

And as I marched
with the sweat pouring into my eyes
and the drumbeat of Africa inside me and around me
proudly holding my banner high
I do not think that in all the colourful chaos
anyone noticed the tear slip from my eye

Today I marched for the elephants
with adults and children
of all races and creeds
in 43 cities around the Earth
we marched for the Gentle Giants

Brutally slaughtered tusks hacked from their faces whilst still alive
in front of calves who traumatised often do not survive
whole herds gunned down or their waterholes poisoned with Death

Today I marched for the elephants
and for the integrity and compassion of humanity
and which needs to now SHOUT OUT and say NO MORE!

We left at 5.30am today on 2 speedboats across the bay of Maputo...

Thankfully it was beautiful weather.

Enoques Zavala coaching our chants

On our way...

Waiting at UEM still practicing our chants

Thanks Patricia Guerra for organising sponsors for our awesome T-shirts..

                                                 Rodolfo Cumbane from MSR

What do we want... save elephants... when do we want it - NOW!!

 Who does ivory belong to?  Elephants!!

Home at the end of the day... sunburnt but exhilarated...

Thankyou to Enoques Carlos Zavala - my co-plotter and thankyou to all our wonderful sponsors, without whom this would not have been possible:

Athol Emerton, Luis Kanje, Wayne Fraser, Construa, Sargres Restaurant, Kevin Fleischer,

and Armando Guenha, Rodolfo Cumbane, Patricia Guerra, Laurie Gill, Roy Jansen van Rensburg, Karel Meyer, Anifa Bacar, and Bruce King for all their kind assistance.

And to all my Machangulo marchers the Elephant Warriors
and to every person in Maputo that joined us!

And to the OccupyforElephants people for inspiration and moral support!

LOVE you guys!! 

No more cutting our forests for dirty oil.  
We have all the technology we need to live sustainably WITH the Earth not OFF it.
Stay OUT of the Arctic!
All other species have just as much right to be here as we do. We do not own them or Earth.
And HELL NO to GM crops!

Next march?? BAN Canned Lion Hunting 15 March 2014 - SEE YOU THERE!

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