Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lament of Gaia

It was Springtime
   and you were a child in my forests
        in awe at the splendor of the towering trees

I gave you rainbows to smile at after the storm
   and butterflies when you slipped and fell down
       a whole garden of friends in all shapes and sizes
with feathers, and fur
     scales and claw
      so much for you to love
            and to love you

I sob now
  those forests are torn down 
      and tears of acid raining on dead ground

You have grown away from me
   slipping into a treeless realm
where my soft sunlight cannot reach you
  I sing to you on the evening breeze
but you have built walls to shut me out
     and discord has entered the lands

In this,
  the autumn of my being
   the colors are fading fast
I am wilting,
my meadows are silent
but for your ghosts walking the dreams
  of happy summertimes

My waters are poisoned
      shadowed and grey
  the merry ones do not leap and dive
all is empty and dead
 choking in plastic
   and foul green slime
vomited up by your industries into my once crystal clear rivers

Will nobody save me?

Where is my Love
  in this twilight of my story
     where on Earth do You linger
     My heart?

Do you lie dreaming on the tides of yesteryear
    locked in a  happier embrace with me?
       are you lost in what could have been

have you seen
what they are doing to Me?

    Night draws near
cloudy and cold
  I have need of you

Hold up your sword
   and fight the good fight
defend your non-human brethren

as I gave you my flesh and fruit
 my Sweet
   as I sheltered you
now awaken the Son within
   to shelter them

or else
   I am lost

I will sink back on these dead petals in despair
     and winter will come
but this time it will not give way to spring

    No, I will become ice
you will not know me
   and then I will crack
      torn apart by the lack of You
as my heart is tearing now

   I will be no more
     not even a whisper
for no voices will be left to sing of me

you will be gone
  abandoned your form
      perhaps found a new heart

All will be dead
my beauty forgotten

Or shall I erupt in wrath as a woman scorned
    lash out in rage
        great burning rivers of gold
pour down with ash and mud
    until I have covered every last sign of you
        the mockery you have built
these monuments to your vanity
     towering high
they will crash and crumble
    back into dust

You have ripped away my forests
torn the heart out of my body
    consuming all
leaving nothing for your animal family
the beautiful fabric I weaved for you
was full of life and joy
    now it is rent with bloodstained gaping holes

the horror
    the despair
slowly covering all
   is almost too much to bear

Come back to me
   come back to me
come dance again in my fields and flowers
   bring your harps
      your words
and love me with music in the moonlit hours

it is nigh midnight
   we’re on the brink
you and I

   shall we go plummeting down
or soaring up high
to a new way of being
   in love
together again

it is possible
   if you could learn to share
     and care
harming none
  if you could just realise that
       All is One

Christine Jordaan (2013)

© 2017

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