Friday, 2 August 2013

Dear Fat Cat

Fat Cat!
You sit atop your pile of gold
      of broken dreams
            and promises sold
Don’t you know that it’s lethal
      the power that you hold?

Did you forget Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
   or how it feels to be hungry?

Fat Cat!
  Get out of the concrete jungle
        take off your shoes
go sit under a baobab with your spine against its trunk
   and wait to connect with the wisdom of the Earth that sustains us

Can’t you hear Mother Africa weeping for her lost children and animals
   for her polluted streams and oceans
        doesn’t She sing in your blood anymore
             don’t you know its together we stand
                             or together we fall?

Fat Cat! 
   There is no more cream if the cow is dead!

Fat Cat!
   I am the umKhuhlu tree
         standing as a woman on a battlefield
surrounded by dead bodies of loved ones
     I am the wilderness
  which you are allowing to be desecrated
     horns and tusks hacked from my body while I'm alive
        I am every consciousness that is staring out a cage
                     instead of roaming free in the wilderness as is my birthright
                I am being raised just to be shot by foreign cowards
                        and then my bones and carcass sold
                            instead of decomposing into the soil of my Africa
                                  to return home

Fat Cat!
I am a Child of Africa
         don’t you see I have a gun in my hand
      instead of food?

Fat Cat!
  I am a Woman of Africa
            I carry the collective memory of years
                of systematic rape of your wives and daughters
Why do you not protect us? 
   we are not pawns to be used in your wars or bartered as cattle

Fat Cat!
What did you used to dream when you were small
    when you imagined your destiny?

Did you watch the sun setting behind thorn trees on the bushveldt
or listen to the drum of thunder in an afternoon rain shower?

Fat Cat!
  don’t you know you were born to be a majestic African Lion?

not a spoilt domesticated kitty
  purring around the ankles of the
   morally corrupt, empire-building, global Elite

You were BORN to be king

Half the countries on this continent fought brutal and bloody wars
  to shake off foreign oppressors
    who divided us along imaginary lines drawn in the sands
why have you now prostituted us to Asian countries
     for our natural resources? 
why are you pimping us to another oppressor
with a terrible human rights history
   and abuse of nature?
why are you allowing foreign syndicates to enter our lands
    and destroy our nature and communities?
They do not belong here if they do not respect our nature and our people

Fat Cat!
  do you have no faith in us
        or love of us
    we have all the talent and creativity and resources we need
      right here to sustain us

Fat Cat!
   Our mineral wealth is here to FEED OUR people
          not to arm our children with guns to go shoot other Africans

Fat Cat!
  I am AFRICAN  
    have you forgotten you are too?

Inspire us to look inwards to Africa for inspiration
   not to the West
    where the children of its broken society are fed on pornography and drugs
nor to the East
   where the government elite still keeps the common man chained
       whilst touting the line of “best for the people”

but instead underneath us
  to our roots in the deserts of the northern cape
    from the rolling hills of emKhambathini
     to the majestic spears of Quathlamba 

Fat Cat!
When you die
  and your material form falls away
   to pure consciousness
  when all human-engineered boundaries
      of race and class and species
      are revealed to be the shackles on our ankles
keeping us chained in servitude
   to the Evil that currently rules our beautiful planet
  when you look down on earth
and only notice Soul, not form or colour
     will you not be ashamed of what happened on your watch?

Fat Cat!

Please roar out and become our Lion…

Please instill in our children pride in our natural heritage and inspire them to protect it by your example.  
Please say NO to the trade in rhino horn.
Please destroy any confiscated horns and ivory.
Please outlaw hunting safaris and canned animal farming practices.
Please safeguard our coastlines for the visiting whales.
Please ban the longliners wreaking havoc in our waters.

Please remember who you were born to be.

by Christine Jordaan, 2013

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