Friday, 21 June 2013

Dear Ivory Consumer

Dear Ivory Consumer in Asia, and all around the world...

Apparently you may not know that your demand for ivory causes elephants, (and the same goes for your insatiable disgusting appetite for rhinohorn) to be murdered in coldblood, in a horrific slaughter, taking out entire herds in one foul swoop.

I find this extremely hard to believe.  Do you think the elephants just lie down and chew off their tusks and then hand them over?

Ok, so MAYBE you didn't realise.

Let me then take this opportunity to tell you... YOU are the cause of butchery on a devastating scale in Africa.

If YOU don't buy the ivory, or rhinohorn, or any other part of wildlife which you should not be consuming - how on earth can you cause species to be tortured, skinned alive, butchered - then this war on our wildlife would stop.

The poachers will stop the slaughter if YOU do not buy the product.

I don't believe in the medicinal purpose of wildlife products - but if you go one level deeper - you must realise that there is a terrible karma/energy attached to all animal products, especially involving pain, torture, murder.  So any perceived medicinal purpose that it may grant you, is anyway negated by the dark energy attached to this.  How could it be otherwise when YOU are causing all this bloodshed here?  Any action you take, any thought you think, all has energetic consequences - if you send out good energy into the world, you will receive it back.  If you send out murder, hatred of nature - because you must hate nature for this to be taking place - that is what you will receive back.  You should stop this crime (or face the death penalty - not the poachers, but YOU - because YOU are the cause) for moral reasons, but if you are not so evolved yet, then you should stop it in the name of common sense.  Look at what you are reaping. What world you are leaving behind for your children?  A world without the big guys - wolves, bears, rhinos, elephants, tigers, and lions - is like a night sky without any stars - empty and bare.  What are YOU aiming at?  A barren desert - lifeless, treeless?  Empty oceans - no whales or leaping dolphins?  What gives YOU the right to decide that you know better than whoever (call Him, Her, Them, It whatever you want) created this beautiful planet?  What gives YOU the right to destroy Africa's (and any continent's)  wildlife so that my own child will not know it?  Who the hell do you think you are?

Whoever you are, I have NO respect for you.  I think you must be some of the most evil, horrible, disgusting, empty, revolting human beings on the planet.  Ivory as a status symbol?  Who on earth would grant you status based on the slaughter caused by YOU wanting these products?  Only other murderers I guess.  No one kind or decent or that has respect for any kind of life.

I do not know you, but I wish you would fall into a den of hungry lions.  Or that you would go to space and live on an empty lifeless yukky planet where there is no beautiful nature for you to destroy.

Its never too late to turn back.  YOU can stop buying ivory, and if you are buying ivory or rhino horn, I would guess you are very wealthy, so why don't YOU rather do something useful and honourable with all your money and donate it to conservation companies and thereby undo some of the negative energy which is around you?

There are some excellent companies out there (none of which I represent - and none of which are responsible for anything I say - I get so angry, but if you think I am bad, come to Africa - I will introduce you to some very nice people that will happily re-educate you) - Lion Aid, Elephant Voices, Rhino Revolution - you can find them all on Google.

So no more excuses that YOU do not know - consider yourself informed and warned.

From the bottom of my heart, I BEG YOU to stop buying ivory, rhino horn, tiger parts, lion bones...
Couldn't you rather just love the animals as they should be - alive and in nature - maybe you should visit where you can read all about how loving nature is good for us as individuals and as societies.

Wasn't it Ghandi who said that you can tell the state of a nation by how it treats its animals?

Won't YOU be ashamed of yourself if you don't stop this genocide?

My knees are so sore from praying for you to wake up.  We didn't create nature or ourselves, therefore we are part of each other. Its very logical.  So why destroy ourselves?

"...the corner-stone of the temple is not higher than the lowest stone in its foundation."  Kahlil Gibran.

Friday, 7 June 2013

A sad, sad day

If there was ever a day when my faith in humanity was at an all time low its today.

Last night I watched the Secret of the Seven Sisters about the oil cartel.  Bas%*rds!

The children are starving in Africa, but the countries are producing so much oil. The inhabitants have the cheek to be angry about it - oh wait lets call them terrorists and blow them up quickly.

Energy is free – we were born on Earth with everything we need.  The word energy spells G R E E N.    It is free and ours for the taking.  The problem is people’s greed for money (another form of energy) and power.  Why are we still fighting over Oil?  That is what we did before we started evolving.  Now it’s time to enter a new age of living with the Earth, not off it.  The days of extraction survival should be numbered.  We have all the technology to live in harmony with the planet, and each other.
Oh dear...  

People eating lions!  Now I have heard everything.  This must be a sign of the end times.  Is there nothing noble or sacred in our spirit anymore?  I’m staring out my window, not at the beautiful forest and the blue Indian ocean, but at a wasteland of the human soul, at the great rift in our psyche where we decided we were not part of nature, but somehow over it.  Maybe that was the Fall? 

In today’s capitalist, individualist, materialist me-me-me driven society spirituality has somehow become a dirty word.  Because if we honored the natural earth we would not be able to strip her bare at the expense of Her other species.  For me the world is fast becoming black and white. 

In today’s world of instant communication it is IMPOSSIBLE not to know what is going on – and there is no excuse for sticking our heads in the sand or looking the other way.  My soft little heart is now hard.  There can be no more sitting on the fence.  If you are not clamoring for justice for the natural world and speaking up for those being slaughtered, then you are either a greedy person using money or religion or whatever other lies are being sold to control the people and the energy/natural resources; or you are one of the stupid people being controlled by the system, running around on your little rats wheel, after a faster car, bigger house, more than you could possibly use, which by the way you can’t take with you.  Why on this green earth must you have more than you can use?  I would rather leave my toddler clean air to breathe than R10m in the bank, which by the time he grows up anyway, the banksters will have found a way to steal from him.

All the money we spend on arms, instead of preventative holistic medicine.  Where’s our brains?  We split from nature.  Because of this we become dis-eased.  We use all our energy in jobs we don’t care about to earn money to buy stuff that we don’t need and makes us sick, and then we spend a fortune on medicines with some very nasty side effects.
Why don’t we downsize – buy only what we need, and spend more time out on the hills or on the beach?

And you know what?  I don’t care what you call source or spirit or God?  Why must it be an argument? Why can’t we just agree there is something good and kind and humble and wonderful in the world that motivates a person to sacrifice his own life for a stranger, and there is something dark and evil and depraved that incites people to torture defenseless animals.  I don’t think the go(o)d force  would be very happy with all the killings done in His/Her/Their name.  Of course the (d)evil will be applauding!  Why on earth all this fuss over how you choose to honour the sacred in life?  Why can’t there be a Mosque next to a Synagogue next to a Church all existing peacefully side by side?  Why does one group need to make another group wrong – so they can feel right?  Oh yes, then the fat pigs selling the guns would not get rich and there would be no excuse to steal each other’s resources. 

If people found their connection to nature again the empty space, which by the way, will never be satisfied by material goods, would be full of peace.  How insecure must somebody be anyway to find their identity in material goods.  It must be like having no personality of their own so they get branded like cattle with labels.  And nature pays the price.

I guess when the Muslims and Christians have blown each other up and shot each other to pieces and gobbled up all the oil, Asia will step in, ban all religion and strip the planet bare of all beasts and forests.    By then of course we’ll be so tired of all the bloodshed that we won’t care what they do. The Arctic will melt, the poor Polar bears will be gone, and we’ll be wandering the wasteland of our souls, parched, listening for the echo of a song we once knew.  The winds will not carry soft clouds then, but only dry, hot dust. 

It all starts with a choice on what we choose to love, and how we use our thought power and yes in this greedy world - how we spend our money.  If we consciously choose to raise our frequency and focus on goodness and kindness the rest will fall into place.  Nature spells TUNE – get in tune!!!!  And could you PLEASE HURRY UP!!

I actually can’t comment on this article.  I would probably get locked up for inciting hatred.

It’s just cold-blooded murder – a crime against nature and people should start getting the death penalty for it.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Goodbye Chefe do Posto African Style

Today was the end of an era.  Our Chefe do Posto, Sr Magaia, who has been here since 2007, is leaving us.  We had a beautiful ceremony this morning under the Waterberry trees in the village.  See the Presidents photo and flag hung in the tree.  Only in Africa will the outgoing government official dance the new one in - such wonderful uplifting spirit.

Our Administrator from Bela Visa, Sr Avelino Pinto Muchine

Our new Chefe do Posto - Sr Jose Limpo Rozao

Our Induna, Sr Zacarias Nhonguane and Abel, one of my favorite people here

Regulo Tembe


Bye Bye Sr Alberto Luis Magaia - we will miss you!  Good luck in Zitundo.