Wednesday, 8 March 2017


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You're out fishing, somewhere, drifting
on this ocean that you love
I'm sitting waiting at the water's edge
Sun burning high above

Dunes shining white, deep green drooping leaves
waves gently lapping the roots of the Mangrove trees

Santa Maria, Mozambique, 2006
I hope you catch a big fish
I want to see you glad
I draw you a huge and tasty one with my pencil in the sand

I'm caught up in forever
my gypsy heart at peace
I close my eyes and see you
a man out fishing on the seas

Today my heart is not wondering what lies beyond the distant blue
or where the dhow on the horizon is slowly sailing to
for once the wanderlust is still
and I'm dreaming just of you

Did you know I'd fall in love with you here
on this journey through tangled forest and open green
along the trail of wild flowers down to the crystal clean

Santa Maria, Mozambique 2006
Do you know I'm sitting here sobbing
that I have to go away
I wonder if this whispering breeze will blow me back to stay

The tide is almost in now
carrying you back to me
Sun is slowly sinking
as you come in safe from the sea

I'm a thousand miles away now
but if I close my eyes I see
the blue-green waters of paradise
and a man I love out fishing on the sea

Mozambique 2002

Santa Maria, Mozambique 2005
Missing You

I thought of you today and the winter wind sighed my sorrow

but I had to wander further, for it is the Sun I follow

I dreamt of you last night, 
and in my dreams the clouds wept with me
I awoke and felt so lost
and discovered the meaning of lonely

KwaZulu Natal, South Africa 1995

I sang to you at sunrise
I sang of wanting and sweet words of love
I stood alone in the still dawn
in the dewy grass with golden skies above
the sun had not quite risen
Moon was saying hello to day
and I blew a kiss on the fresh morning air
and sent it to you far away

I sat on the side of a bubbling stream laughing merrily on its way
I closed my eyes and pictured you there 
and told you all I needed to say
I told you how I loved you and wanted to hold you tight
I whispered how I missed you and cried for you at night

I said that you were like the shore
and I was the restless sea
you are the strong Oak standing tall
and I'm the summer breeze
I sobbed for you to come wandering with me
hand in hand travel the world wide
but you were silent and did not answer
and I bowed my head and cried

Ireland 1998
I sang to you of misty horizons
of winding paths beneath the setting sun
I spoke of golden seas and valleys
but still you would not come

I showed you the eagles soaring high
to teach you how to be free
you just laughed and smiled
you would not fly with me

I tempted you with the visions of a drifter
of someone that was born to roam
but you shook your head
my heart was sad
and I wandered on alone
Drakensberg, South Africa 2006

So now I'm sitting all alone
without sleep
far from home
I curl up and begin to weep

I thought of you today
and prayed to god to keep you safe from harm
I'm lost,
tossing on turbulent oceans,
and you're the harbor still and calm


March 2017

© 2017

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