Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bad Blood

There is something in the Shadows that is pulling at my Soul
soft voices
mournful, wistful…
somehow splintered from the Whole

Like a song I used to dance to
but have long since forgotten the words
or the magical time of the twilight moon
and the goodnight chatter of sleepy birds

Is it these wishing whispers that lead me wandering
off into chaos and heart-ache?
I hear my heart murmur “don’t”
but still I detour and then I break

Why don’t I listen to the angel guiding me
it’s always told me true in time
this love-affair with mayhem
is it in my blood?
this devil of mine?

Do the sins of our long-ago fathers
haunt us with curses down the ages
and tragedy follows tragedy
as Time forlornly turns the pages?

When I die will I finally just be me?
released from the demon of this bad blood?
or will the Shadows still trail behind me
still forgotten, 
still whispering,
still unloved?

Christine Jordaan
01 March 2017

March 2017
© 2017

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