Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Broken Mirror

Credit Unknown

When I look back I do not want to see that Evil continued,
because I did not want to know,
because life was more comfortable so.

When I am remembering my life,
I do not want to hear the children’s screams
as they’re betrayed by those in positions of power,
broken bodies and shattered dreams,
raped, tortured, killed by politicians we vote for.

I do not want to feel the animals’ pain
at their moment of slaughter
so that some twisted human's bloodlust thrills,
or as they are murdered to feed
our insatiable need for their drained flesh.

Don’t let me see the blood-soaked ground
where countless people have died
slain by our own governments’ lies
to fulfill the plans of the Satanic Elite
who sacrifice the Innocent at Lucifer’s feet
as they gorge themselves full
of power from the kill.

No, no, no
let me rather cry now,
let me try now,
let me fight now,
so I can go into the shadows one day at peace with myself,
and I will not know with sickening shame that I looked away
because it was easier that way.

Show me the Truth and I promise to face it
no matter how hard
or what dark place it takes me to,
the pain of a broken heart
is less terrifying to me
than the agony of a guilty conscience would be.

Name the enemy, declare the war,
choose your side, and sharpen your sword!


Christine Jordaan
15 November 2016

© 2017

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