Thursday, 9 June 2016


© 2017

As the Light grew, the Dark became jealous,
prowling at the edge of her Psyche,
whispering, tempting,
seducing with pretty promises and luring lies

Feeding off the Shadow,
hidden and hurting,
twisting and tricking,
until her Soul, distraught,
torn apart by anguish,
sought refuge in the Void,
giving a last regretful look before turning away
and stepping off the Edge into the Abyss

There in the icy Wasteland Souls hover,
frozen inside,
they know that they died a long, long time ago
Whilst outside, the human predators stalk and trap,
and Gentle is shackled in Bluebeard’s castle,
blindfolded, bound,
lost in the mists,
cold steel at her wrists,
drifting in and out of the Real,
keeping the panic at bay and the ghosts away,
by withdrawing and refusing to feel
Until one day all is flames and searing pain
as her Soul awakens again,
Realisation slams her head into the wall,
and the Long Road back begins
through the Underworld to seek what was lost
amidst the still smouldering ashes of the past

Standing once more before the dreadful door
that she was too afraid to open before,
there are no shortcuts or detours,
it’s the only way out
through the City of Ugly
back up to the Light

From the icy Abyss
through the Fire
down into Hell,
the Ego and pride is fractured,
to purify and strengthen the Soul

by Christine Jordaan 
09 June 2016

© 2017


  1. Really makes you think christine how life is precious xxx

  2. We waste so much of it being untrue to our Souls' true yearnings, and enslaved to other people's BS! Sigh. Live and learn! Hope that is all my lessons now - I wasted so many years in the Void.

  3. Your a beautiful soul christine dont ever forget that xxx

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  6. I love your blogg Christine and your poems are awesome
    love Marie