Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Our Africa

Someone asked me now on a Facebook group I am admin on, with regard to a post about our disappearing African wildlife... "Is the problem the Chinese...?"

No – actually it’s not. The problem ultimately is us - Africans. The Chinese are doing what WE are allowing them to do. If, we the MASSIVE NUMBER OF AFRICANS, stood up and told our gov.s to get their act together, and protect our wildlife, China, and whoever else is hellbent on destroying our nature would not be able to do so. Would China tolerate Africans going and shooting up the pandas for fun?  What do you think would happen if Africa developed a taste for Panda paws?  Would the Chinese government bend over backwards and welcome us in?

Africans need to stop pointing fingers (though tempting), get off our asses, and protest in the streets until the carnage ends. There is no point in waiting for someone to come along and help us, or save us... transnational economic colonizers will continue to RULE our governments, unless WE ALL realise our GOVERNMENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US! We are not here to fund their lavish lifestyles with our hardearned taxes....  they are supposed to be ACCOUNTABLE TO US!  

Then I wondered what Africa would be like if we had a chance to breathe.  If the "West" and "East" would just leave us alone, stop plundering us, stop instigating conflict for their own BLOODy agendas...
If these stupid lines the colonisers drew in blood on this beautiful continent were lowered like a flag on a military base at the end of a war...

If Africa grew quiet... 
and we laid down our guns...
curled up in the sun on the Earth and listened... 
to Her dreaming how it could be...

our continent RICH beyond measure in natural resources that if utilised properly and fairly could feed us all without hurting the land or animals

our people that together have over a thousand ways to say happy

our wide open skies of huge yellow moons and shooting stars
our savannahs with wrinkled river beds praying for rain
and Thunder Gods that preach on late summer afternoons 
our restless deserts rolling towards sunkissed ocean shores

and the animals… the truly magnificent animals
proud lions lounging under marula trees at noon
gentle elephants tracing out their ancestors’ songlines through golden-green grasslands

And then I thought of Her scattered souls... the millions of human refugees sleeping in freezing parks
far from home...snowflakes falling on them, outcasts in cold, alien lands;
the lions pacing in cages, surrounded by foreign concrete jungles;  
baby elephants, terrified, many dying in cargo crates enroute to lives of misery as slaves in Chinese zoos... 
I wonder how we sleep at night...  
with all these souls screaming out to come home....
I wonder how we dare to even try….

They tell me I'm crazy... this is Africa they say - the people are savage by nature...
Well... in Europe people of my skin color long ago lived in warring tribes, dressed in furs, hunted with spears.. then they evolved, to living in nations, plundering further afield (as in OUR Africa) and killing with sophisticated weapons now able to destroy um... the ENTIRE PLANET!

But I wonder how it could be NOW if Africa were unshackled from criminal loans, and agreements that have sold Her into slavery.  I do not mean rewinding to the past before technological innovation was given to us along with rifles, and disease... how could it be now if we wove together the benefits of the past darkness, with the lessons learned.... and the SUBSTANCE of African culture... metaphorically speaking... round huts in circular inclusive villages, matriarchal societies...  and we dropped the barriers between ourselves and the natural world.... barriers born of fear, and greed...   

If Africa were a Lady, living in a forest, and She invited us to tea... what would we wear - surely not the skins of Her children - wouldn't we wear natural cotton or hemp?... how would we get there...   in oil-guzzling, airpolluting transportation or ....?  What would Her dwelling look like…  built of sustainable materials or concrete and lead paint?
What would She feed us?  Bits of each other or plants, seeds, nuts…  harvested from healthy living soils, causing harm and pain to none…?  
What would our governments tell Her of the current sorry state of affairs?

Well, Africa is not a lady living in a forest....  She IS the forest, and we are Her house guests...

Shouldn't we be ashamed of ourselves - we're killing our brothers and sisters (of all species), 
we're polluting Her waters, we're tearing down Her forests, emptying Her savannahs...

Mother Africa...  
What have been the consequences of this patriarchal, left brained dominated, clever-but-not-wise culture we have engineered, and is now being forced on the few bewildered indigenous tribes that remain still living in harmony with Her?  Forced on them with the utmost cheek as if the modern world were a grand success, instead of a HUGE, self-destructive failure.

The Sacred Feminine needs to return for our world to be in balance again…
Compassion, Nurturing, Wisdom… we desperately need for these values to have a central role in how we live here… if we understood this beautiful, green Earth to be a living, breathing, self-sustaining being, there is just no way we could condone the way we are living here off this planet…  but instead we would absolutely insist on a gentler way of living here WITH Her…   Couldn't we do this whole story of living here on Earth (which spells Heart) … better?   Shouldn’t we?

Of course, this is dangerous thinking… big, greedy, transnational corporations don’t want us to start developing a global, moral, connected conscience – this would be terrible for their profits...
And most definitely, these evil scumbags do NOT want Africans to start pulling together, and standing up for our rights to defend our resources…

But we must.  Before they are gone. 
And we will have no one to blame except ourselves.

Yes – Africa has corruption, dictators… but the millions that keep voting these individuals in – must WAKE UP, and stop it.  We can evolve past this image that the outside world keeps wanting us to believe that is all we are.  We can be better.  We simply must be.

Our Africa...

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Durban will roar out again - come on KZN - lets rock it for the lions!!

                                                                                                                15 January 2015



In March 2014 the world joined together across all nationalities, religions, and races, calling for protection of The Lion.  Sixty-two cities across the globe marched to show their abhorrence of canned lion hunting.

The canned hunting industry exploits lions from birth when they are removed from their mothers (so that the female can begin breeding again, and so that the cub becomes habituated to humans).  Cubs are rented out for functions eg weddings, and many unsuspecting volunteers pay thousands of rands to come to South Africa and care for lion cub orphans, not realising that they are buying into this horrendous industry.  Once the cubs are bigger, they are then transferred to the "walking with lions" part of the cycle.  And when they are too big and possibly dangerous to continue on this stage, then they are sold to be hunted.  These lions are tame.  They are often drugged and placed in small enclosures from which there is no possible escape.  Hunters only pay for a kill, so the hunt is guaranteed hence the expression canned hunting.  And finally, their bones and skins are sent to China where they are passed off as tiger bones, and crushed for use in traditional Chinese medicine.  There are approximately 8,000 lions currently waiting to die in South Africa.

This sick factory farming of lions has mushroomed so fast that trophy hunters can no longer keep up with the breeding.  Regular shipments of live lions are now leaving South African airports destined to China – who knows what awaits them there?

Building on the support shown last year, and keen to keep the topic in public awareness until the industry is SHUT DOWN, Durban will once again ROAR with the world this year.  Some international cities have chosen to protest on Friday 13th March at their nearest South African embassies.  Others (Sydney, Melbourne, Phoenix…) will join Durban marching on Saturday 14th March.

Marchers will assemble at King Dinizulu Park from 9.30am.  The march will begin at 10am marching straight down Pixley Kaseme (formerly West Street) ending at the City Hall where a Memorandum will be handed over to a representative of the Office of the Premier.

We would urge all KZN residents to look deeply at their value system – to ask themselves whether the practice of breeding lions to kill in cages for fun should be tolerated any longer.  We remind you that lions (and all animals) cannot vote for a system that is fair to themselves.  They are completely reliant on humanbeings acting with compassion and integrity.  If you step back and take a real look at the culture we have imposed on the natural world – it is impossible not to notice that we are failing miserably on all counts.  Breeding lions to be shot for fun, so that a foreign hunter can go home boasting about how they have killed a part of Our Africa – how can anyone with an ounce of compassion condone this?  Killing animals for fun is not brave (especially when most of the time these lions are drugged)… it’s not clever…  it’s not creating something beautiful or precious….  It is simply wanton destruction of magnificence and is feeding the shadow self of humanity…  a culture currently thriving on the lower energy of cheap trashy thrills, pornography, crush videos…  

What message are you sending to the children if you do not speak out against this horror?  This is
continuing because we are ALLOWING it to continue.  The breeders and hunters will not stop of their own accord.  The lions themselves cannot stop it.  All they can do is wait humbly and patiently until all the good people, who are currently looking away, simply cannot live with themselves any longer if they do not act against it.

As long as there is profit to be made, and as long as senseless slaughter commands the sick, misplaced acceptance that it currently does – the innocent animals will continue to bleed their magic away into the Earth.  Where will we be as a species when all the wild animals are gone…  and there are just empty shells left in cages waiting to die on a rich man’s whim?

The message remains the same:

In the meantime – get informed:

To interact with other KZN Lion activists:

Christine Jordaan