Thursday, 30 July 2015

What a week...

#CecilTheLion is trending on Twitter and has the world finally waking up to the true horrors of trophy hunting.  So much has been said on this tragedy, that I will not elaborate further on here - except to say that his life and death must stand for something - we must now ban ALL trophy hunting.  What happened to Cecil wasn't at all unusual.  Lions are baited all the time to their deaths. Even those supposedly safe in national parks.  There are THOUSANDS of Cecils...
And what about the graceful giraffes... the gentle elephants - they too wanted to live...
#Killing4Fun is not acceptable.  It has no place whatsoever in an evolved society.

I was extremely disappointed that SAA (South African Airways) lifted the embargo on transporting hunting trophies.  I will no longer fly with them.  Rather support those airlines that have taken a stand such as Emirates.

On Wednesday 22 July Blood Lions premiered at the Durban Film Festival.  Congratulations to Pippa Hankinson for her vision and the team for an excellent documentary.  Beautiful people - please join the campaign here:

Hon Narend Singh, MP, and Chief Whip Inkatha Freedom Party, and myself

Some of the awesome ladies fighting for lions - Mariana Fernandes of GMFER, Hayley Dahl (who bust the rhino poachers in Kruger Park), myself, Donalea Patman who flew out from Oz, and was instrumental in getting the ban on lion trophy imports into Oz, and Linda Park of CACH

Inkosi EM Buthelezi - Dept President of IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) and Member of KZN Provincial Legislature - super cool guy!!
Also present at the premier, and featured in the documentary was Minister Khama of Botswana - who have a ban on trophy hunting.  What an inspiration to hear him talk about putting wildlife first.  And saying that there was no difference between poaching and trophy hunting.  He attended with his lovely wife, Thea.

On 24 July, 2 days later, Blood Lions went to KwaMashu Township.  I was accompanied by Xolanie Khumaloe (an IFP Youth Leader, and a real ROCKSTAR) and Jenni Campbell who has patience with my endless capacity for getting lost, and almost bumped in heavy traffic.

Myself and Xolanie Khumaloe

Xolanie, myself , and Jenni

With some of the audience - thankyou Nomusa Mukhungo!!

With the film crew
That same day Phasa issued a statement (after attending Musgrave Blood Lions screening) that they wanted to reconsider the hunting of lions.  Whoaaa!!!!!

And now my beloved #IFP (Inkatha Freedom Party) have just read this Members Statement in Parliament.  I really LOVE them - they want GM crops chucked out of SA, and they are brave enough to take on the #BulliesWithGuns



30 JULY 2015


Honourable Speaker,

The atrocity that is the practice of canned-lion hunting recently took centre stage at
the Durban film festival when the documentary “BloodLions” premiered on the 22

It is safe to say that this barbaric practice and throwback from the days of colonialism
is nothing but an abhorrent relic from an evil past.

It’s high time that South Africa stands up and says that its wildlife is no longer for sale
to the highest international bidder, its high time that we stand up for our wildlife.

This practice continues unabated at home in South Africa and in most of our fellow
neighbouring states as well. International news recently reported on the killing of an
icon of Zimbabwean wildlife, Cecil the lion, who was baited, wounded by a hunters
bow, tracked and then shot dead 40hrs later by an American tourist, Walter Palmer,
who allegedly paid 35000 pounds for the opportunity and privilege of killing Cecil,
and then attempting to have his head mounted on a wall at home in the United

Canned-lion hunting is a disgrace. Why should the very few hunting operators be
enriched at the expense of the many who will now never be able to see a ‘Cecil the
lion’ proudly wandering our vast African expanses? We must protect and conserve
our wildlife – This is a duty and sacred trust. Our Lions are apex predators, the pride
of African wildlife, they deserve nothing less than our most stringent protection.

We salute the Minister of Tourism who appeared in the documentary and hope that
he will be engaging his counterparts in Environment and Agriculture on this issue as
it will require a multi-pronged Ministerial and Departmental approach.
The practice of canned-lion hunting is unacceptable and must be driven from our
country and continent!
I thank you.                                                                                                        ..."

Read by Hon Narend Singh MP

I am SO proudly #IFP.  VIVA!!!!




PS What a cheek - I was watching the parliamentary live streaming now - and they interrupted Mr Singh!  Huh.  And they are going to revise the length of time the poor lion has between leaving its home where it has been hand reared, and being killed for fun.  Is there something wrong with these people?  What am I saying wrong or what is broken in them that they don't understand -
                            ITS NOT OK TO KILL ANIMALS FOR FUN!!

And even if animals are wild-born what gives us the right to take their lives...

Why are their lives less than ours?  We have a duty to be even MORE careful because we are the ones running the show - we have imposed OUR system on THEM, we control the resources...

Monday, 13 July 2015

A Yukky Winters Day

I have woken up very sick... on the surface its bronchitis...
but I dig a little deeper and I find that I am really sick

I am sick of trying in a cruel world where the (d)Evil always seems to win

I am sick of arguing about such an obvious and simple topic that animals deserve to live, pain and fear free, and that they too deserve equal access to natural resources

I am sick of seeing pictures of dead lions and terrible humans laughing over them

I am sick of feeling ashamed of my species

I am sick of being an African and wondering if I am supposed to be ashamed of my race even though I was too young to vote against apartheid

I am sick of feeling homeless on this Earth - if I don’t belong here in Africa, where do I belong and why can’t I go live there?

I am sick of greedy, psychopathic lunatics running the world - engineering wars, allowing Nature/The Sacred Feminine to be desecrated

But most of all I am sick of the vacuous humans that are not sick because they do not even think of the way the world is run or have the creativity to imagine a better system - they spend their lives on the couch watching junk TV, eating junk food, and thinking junk thoughts - if they think at all

And I am tired.  I am tired of not being able to be sick in peace. I am tired of digging ever deeper to find an empty smile to plaster on my face and paint the red rings under my eyes so my toddler does not know of this despair or the guilt I feel of this world that I have co-created for him.

I am tired of trying to remember a dream which floats just out of my reach - a memory of a better way of being here on Earth.
I am tired of trying to convince people to try - that it doesn’t have to be this way.
I am just so friggin tired!

But checking out psychologically is not an option I guess.  For the children and animals' sake we have to pick ourselves up and carry on trying - no matter the headache we get from hitting our heads against the wall.  The problem with passion is that it burns you ... and unless you add more logs onto the Fires of Inspiration - you burn out and drift away as smoke on the autumn breeze.

A dream... I need to remind myself of the Grand Vision...  its so hard to remember Summertime in the darkness of Winter, its so hard to have faith that Spring will come.  Its tiring trying to protect that brave little flame from icy gales trying so hard to blow it out...

The Grand Vision... ok, lets start again at the beginning...

We're humans on a beautiful planet full of life and other beautiful species.
We have all the technology we need to live here in Harmony with Earth (which spells Heart).
We just need the willpower. 


Imagine a rich, full eco-system... not bound or trashed by greed or selfishness...
Renewable energy ("energy" spells "green") straight from the strength of Nature - the burning sun, the mighty wind... the restless waters...

Visualise clean rivers journeying through fertile lands where everybody has enough to eat, because you don't consume more than you need, nobody hoards out of fear...
Homes built from natural materials, sheltering loving hearts...
Sharing our spaces with the beautiful animals... factoring their needs into our designs...

I know ("know" spells "now"  which is the only powerful time we have)  its possible.

How to convince others?  
I'm sick and I have almost lost my voice.
What words will open hearts?  Remove the blinkers?  Make people think?

Any ideas??


Sunday, 31 May 2015

Here we go round the Mulberry bush....

So here we have Minister Molewa denying the existence of canned hunting...

But in the article below, there are 2 clear references to the hunting of captive-bred lions...

"...Others are bred for hunting..."


"...allowing the hunting of captive-bred lions takes pressure off the hunting of the wild lion population..."





Again...  I don't think it matters whether the lion is captive-bred or not...


According to SAPA (the South African Predator's Association)  captive-bred lions have no conservation value...


Shouldn't that land be put to better use such as growing food for our burgeoning and hungry population...  

If we outlawed the breeding of lions (except for AUTHENTIC research and conservation purposes)  and put the focus on eco-tourism for our wild lions...

Lastly, there are just soooooooooo many people that refuse to visit countries that allow trophy hunting.  And its the poorest people relying on tourism, and its spin-offs that suffer... !
What is going to happen when they find out how trophy hunting is affecting their livelihoods... its not the wanna-be macho killers in their camo outfits that support the arts and crafts in remote areas...
hunting income generally only benefits a few!


If our intention is set to protect and nourish all life here in South Africa, and our moral obligation acknowledged to defend those that cannot vote for a fairer system...  if we listened to our hearts, and not just our heads...   if we had true wisdom instead of the cold logic of "economics" always looking out for me, me, me! ... if the Fat Cats stopped pilfering the cream and started playing fair...

This country could be heaven.  Just think of all that land turned to growing organic produce using renewable energy instead of breeding lions for the bullet!

It doesn't make sense the way that this country is run...  we have all the resources... we have endless potential for solar power - but we want to allow dangerous fracking...

Something is seriously wrong!

#CutThecANCer !

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why is killing lions for fun even legal in the first place?

This Lion was an African... one of us...
   created by something greater than Mankind...
        just as Earth was...
          just as we humans were...

He was part of Nature
 just as we are
   but because of the form of His Consciousness
he was sold to be slaughtered for fun

Dear Minister Molewa,

I appreciate your tweet inviting us to submit proof that canned hunting happens in South Africa.

Firstly, we in the activism world do not have access to the data that your Ministry has.
Therefore it is extremely difficult to prove where canned hunting takes place because, as I am sure you are aware, the lions are normally transported from the breeding “farms”  (where they have become tamed to humans) to the killing site where they are presented to the hunter as wild-born (and are often drugged for an easy kill). 

I am confident that you as Minister, charged with the protection of our national heritage and natural world, could, with the resources and data (eg Lion Register, hunting licence logs etc) at your disposal, undertake to investigate each breeding facility which number approx 170, to see where all of these lions are going to if you are really determined to stamp out any unethical practices.

Secondly, thankyou for the link to TOPS.  As far as I am concerned, it doesn't matter if the lion is captive-bred or wild-born:- 

Is it ethical to be shooting lions for fun?

Is it ethical to be breeding lions that are going to be shot for fun?
(if the breeding farms' captive-lions are not shot - then where do they go to?)

This is the core of this whole issue - WHY ARE LIONS BEING SHOT FOR FUN IN THE FIRST PLACE?

More and more people in South Africa, as well as in the international community, are seeing trophy hunting for what it really is...  a bloodthirsty past-time.  That is all that it is - KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS FOR FUN.

What kind of country encourages this?

We are calling for new laws that are not influenced by hunters, breeders, or anyone else that stands to gain from the exploitation of our lions, and other animals - thereby avoiding this total conflict of interest. 

We should be protecting the animals BECAUSE they are dependent on us - to display integrity and compassion.

Yes, the hunting fraternity is wealthy and powerful - does this mean that the bullies with guns should win?

If you would open your heart and listen to people around the world - begging you to save the animals...   we are many more in number than the wealthy killers.
If a survey were done throughout our land on attitudes towards trophy-hunting, I am confident that the majority would vote to protect the animals.  The land could surely be put to much better use eg growing food, than breeding lions to slaughter for fun.  Again - there is no conservation value in this abhorrent cycle of abuse.

Let us not talk about "harvesting" lions - they aren't crops.  They are living, breathing Africans!  Please don't hide behind existing laws - they aren't worth the paper they are written on!  WE WANT NEW LAWS THAT TAKE THE LIONS' RIGHT TO LIFE INTO ACCOUNT!

Minister - you are a Woman of Africa... 

Ultimately my question to you is this - during your precious time on this dying Earth...  carrying the power that you carry... are you going to be the heroine or the villain?

Lastly, these articles say it all:

Biggest con in conservation:

Hunting is a threat to our national interests: 


Hunting does NOT contribute as much to the economy as the hunters would have you believe:

From a ranger’s point of view:

Thankyou and kind regards,

Christine Jordaan

Saturday, 21 March 2015


I visualise the pockets of animal lovers like little candles shining across a darkened globe.  As more people join us through love, the light will grow until the entire planet is shining and shimmering... a Kingdom of Rainbows.

We need MORE kindness, MORE compassion, MORE patience, MORE give, MORE love.

We need the Lady (Mother Earth/Sacred Feminine) to be championed - we need MORE HEROES!! (and heroines of course ).

Only when She is respected and restored to her rightful place in our collective psyche, will our broken society heal.

Earth is a living, breathing being...  her rivers, her oceans, her forests... are dying.
Her animals (and children) are crying out to be noticed and cared for.

How can you turn away?

How can you sit and drink your coffee as if nothing is wrong?

The big, greedy, transnational corporations don't want you to visualise Her as alive and beautiful.  Then we would never allow them to do what they are doing.  The animals are pleading with us... but our children are instead listening to talking machines.

We have magic all around us...   cocoons open and beautiful fragile butterflies emerge...
We are taught to tune out from nature....
So that we won't notice Her suffering, and our degradation...

All we need to do is plug back in.

Stop!!  Go outside... Look up... imagine the silent planets slowly turning... know you are part of something that is massive and awe-inspiring....

Feel yourself on this crazily spinning planet hurtling through the cosmos... interconnected...

Look down... feel your feet stretching through Earth searching to be rooted in wonder...

Now go create some miracles!

Let everybody know that you will no longer tolerate our planet, our home, the Lady being destroyed.
If you're a rebel or you want to fight... pick the right side, and the good fight.

Vote with your money!
Go organic!
Go vegan!


Find organisations that resonate with you... that are helping to manifest a greater vision - a prettier, gentler, kinder world.  Support them in any way possible.

And stop buying junk you don't need and won't make you happy. And keeps you on the hamster wheel trying to fill a space that material goods just can't full.



Be blessed!!

Credit:  DeviantArt

Friday, 20 March 2015

Global March for Lions - Durban - 14 March 2015

Well... it was a boiling hot day, and although we walked up in a small group to the assembly point... these guys came along and pulled one of the lady's earrings right out her ears.  R5k Tanzanite.
It kinda put a damper on the start.  The police had told us which route we were allowed to march.
Um... the assembly point was full of sleeping hobos.
So many people told me that they weren't coming because of the route and when I got there I understood why.

HOWEVER, we were a merry little band of lion warriors.  And very honored to be joined by Hon Ms SJ Nkomo, MP, and Secretary-General of the Inkatha Freedom Party, as well as Mr Les Govendor of the IFP.  Thankyou so much for joining us.  I can't say enough nice things about Ms Nkomo - such a genuinely warm Lady!!  Viva!!!  Once again, I pray fervently that IFP reclaim KZN next year.

To everybody that came... THANKYOU!!

Good news is the police have agreed we can have the beachfront back!

Thankyou to Brian Connell, Clair Crook, Xolanie Khumaloe, David & Claire Crook, Jenni Campbell, Carol Dillon, and Beth Duncan - so sorry about your earrings.

The kids totally rocked it!!

Jenni - bless her - was an absolute angel.

Myself and Hon. Nkomo, MP, IFP

This youngster was really having a ball... little eco-warrior in training!!

Mr Les Govendor, Brian Connell, Hon SJ Nkomo, and Yours Truly


14 March 2015
Firstly thankyou all for coming and showing you care about the lions waiting to die.
I would also like to thank Prince Buthelezi of the IFP for his continued support of this cause. On Thursday this week Ms Nkomo submitted a Members Statement in parliament again calling for a ban on canned hunting. Viva Buthelezi!!
I am glad that somebody in parliament is standing up for the lions. Because it appears that our government is hellbent on wringing every last cent out of their exploitation. Is this ok with you? NO!
Well then we need to tell them. Our government works for US. It’s not the other way around. And we are here representing a large number of South Africans that are sick to death of the horror that the animals are enduring. We are here to DEMAND protection for the vulnerable in our society – those that cannot vote, or bribe, or manipulate, or steal funds to get themselves a better system.
President Zuma – there are THOUSANDS of people in the world that support this cause – to protect our wildlife, and ban canned hunting. How can you allow this to continue – in fact to flourish? Surely you feel a moral duty as President to save these animals? Shouldn’t you should be the first to call for a ban on this evil? Isn’t the lion sacred to your Zulu culture? Don’t you care at all?
Well, we are not going to stop, ever. What is happening is wrong and simply must be abolished.
I call upon government members to disclose any commercial interests in game farming, hunting, and other “uses” of our wildlife. Do we agree that they should NOT be writing laws and policies that affect the animals? Isn’t it a total conflict of interests that people that stand to make money from the animals’ exploitation and death should be anywhere near the law and policy making process concerning their welfare and protection?
I call upon Minister Hanekom, our Minister of Tourism, to protect our tourism industry which is at SERIOUS RISK of a boycott by the international community. If a true audit were done on the hunting industry as to where the income actually ends up – it would prove that very little goes to the poorest people who currently rely on tourism, and tourism spinoffs. That lady on the side of the road selling pineapples stacked neatly on her little stand in northern Zululand waits for tourists to stop and buy them…. It’s not foreign killers decked out in camouflage outfits that stop… neither do these killers support rural community-owned tourism initiatives…
I therefore invite these rural communities to take a stand with us and fight for their livelihoods.
I would encourage all tourism stakeholders to think hard about what a boycott would mean to them – because that is the way we are headed.
Our governments must choose between money from murder or from morals.
There are a few things I would like you to think about…
Why are we breeding lions? They are not for conservation purposes.
What kind of people breed lions to be shot for fun?
Who finds pleasure in killing lions that are habituated to humans, normally drugged, and baited to their death? Are these the kind of guest that we really want to host here?
Is this an example we should be setting our children – that killing is ok? Isn’t it this attitude that is anchoring the violence in our modern society? Killing animals for fun is not brave… it’s not clever… it’s not creating something beautiful or precious…. It is simply wanton destruction of magnificence that the hunters didn’t create and have no right to destroy.
We are also here today – standing up for our own rights as human beings – to live in rich, full, functioning ecosystems. Do we want to live in a wasteland – a barren desert where the only lions are in cages waiting to die on a rich man’s whim?
I personally have never agreed that anybody could take the right away from me or my child to live in the natural world that we were lucky enough to find ourselves in. Did you? So why are we allowing it? Mankind didn’t create the forests or rivers or lakes that we are busy destroying. Mankind didn’t create the animals whom we claim to own, and have the pure audacity to say that they are here for us to use.
We need to claim back our nature from the governments and big organisations that are doing zero to save it, in fact they appear to be doing their best to destroy it. The animals, our nature… they need US to speak up for them. They can’t do it for themselves. As long as there is profit to be made, and as long as senseless slaughter commands the sick, misplaced acceptance that it currently does – the innocent animals will continue to bleed their magic away into the Earth. Where will we be as a species when all the wild animals are gone?
Nature is the source of our greatest spiritual strength. We are degrading it, debasing it, and we are totally losing ourselves in the process as is evidenced by our broken society. We need to stop now.
Canned hunting is the ultimate symbol of all that is broken in our society… and how we view this issue indicates our moral stance on sharing this planet with other sentient beings. Do we exploit them at every step of the way just because we can?
Or do we exercise our integrity and compassion as humanbeings?
Isn’t there a gentler way of living here on Earth in harmony with all Her species?
Shouldn’t we find one and insist on it?
Animals should have a representative in every parliament, with a seat on the United Nations. They need enforceable, punishable, legal rights. We stand here in the sun today… free to walk around… what gives us the right to take this freedom from them?
What gives us the right to breed them, keep them in misery, until we kill them?
Try and feel it through the lions senses… can’t run, can’t hunt, can’t play.
They are bred for the bullet and just waiting to die.
Thankyou to our committee and Xolani and the team of marshalls.
Lastly, a big shout out to Durban Metro Special Events – they are seriously the most efficient, friendly, speedy government department I have ever dealt with in South Africa.
Christine Jordaan

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Gotta love the IFP

VIVA Inkatha Freedom Party - IFP !!

Thankyou Prince Buthelezi and Adv Anthony Mitchell




National Assembly: 12 March 2015

Honourable Speaker,

One year ago, in this House, the Inkatha Freedom Party tabled a Motion Without Notice decrying the barbaric practice of canned lion hunting. We stated that Africa’s wildlife, and in particular our lions, deserve the greatest possible legislative protection.

We implored Government to immediately denounce canned lion hunting and to amend our laws to fully protect our wildlife.

Honourable Speaker, that Motion was unanimously accepted and adopted by this House.
And yet, a year down the line, Government has failed to respond in any way.
The multi-million Dollar industry that profits from the murder of tame, drugged, captive lions continues to thrive in our country.

Only some 3 500 lions remain in the wild in South Africa. But more than 8000 lions languish in captivity, waiting to be killed. They are bred for the bullet.

We cannot pander to cowardly and pathetic pseudo-hunters, pretending it is good for tourism. South Africa’s reputation across the world is being mauled. What kind of a country exploits its heritage with such wholesale depraved cruelty?

Let us sound the call again to the one who can save our lions: MINISTER, BAN CANNED-LION HUNTING!


Saturday, 28 February 2015

White hot rage - Valley of the Kings

It’s been a long time since I had this white-hot rage with its accompanying blinding headache building up behind my eyes.  I am outraged to the point of nausea.  This journey of the Sad Lions has taken me on a rollercoaster of emotions from absolute despair to hatred to horror … but now I feel as if my blood has turned to pure molten lava.

For once I was actually trying to relax, and researching the link between ancient Egypt and lions… (ancient and classical times being an interest of mine I don’t get to indulge often enough) and I ended up at the Valley of the Kings.  Which inadvertently led me onto another website for a totally different, more sinister Valley of the Kings right here in sadly South Africa - a collection of private game and nature reserves.

I saw their lion breeding program  (they breed other species too)…  and then wondered whether they were part of the atrocious canned hunting industry. Please refer to my earlier post: 

I can only demonstrate below that firstly they breed lions, secondly that the cubs are habituated to humans. And lastly, that hunting takes place on their reserves.

It’s amazing how quickly pictures and links disappear off websites once they come to the public’s attention.  So all the pictures I have inserted below, are backed up by screenshots of the actual site underneath… and please note that according to their website:

"All pictures were taken on location"


A.   Let us look at the lion breeding part of the operation - described on their website....

Below are images of their lions from their Facebook album "Lions"...


Credits above:

Q:   Why are they breeding these lions?  For Conservation purposes?  

According to South African Predator Breeders Association:

"Captive bred lions have nothing to do with the survival of lions in the wild. They were not and are not responsible for the decline of the free roaming lion populations and they cannot contribute to the survival of the lion as a species in the wild". 

So we are quite clear on that point...  


Lets talk about the cubs.  Pics below are off their Facebook page...

Q. Is this really how "wild" animals should be treated - tamed to Man?

(Screenshot of their FB page )

Q:  So do they hunt on the same reserves where they breed and where these adorable little cubs are handled by humans?

Yes, according to their website, they do.

Valley of the Kings has appointed Hunting Legends International as the exclusive hunting outfitter for the Valley of the Kings reserves."

Note the "Safari" tab in yellow...  "Hunting Safaris" right next to "Breeding Programmes"  How Apt! It seems to be - We breed, you can come kill!

Apparently the hunting is "great"...

Note who is tweeting this by the way....Phillip J Mostert, Hunting Legends  (keep his name in mind for later on)

See how it is all interlinked… humans handling the cute little cubs… the trophies on the killers’ walls…

Here is the breeding Valley of the Kings Thaba Motswere, Thabazimbi

Pic credit:  their FB page

And below... you can hunt at...

Valley of the Kings Thabazimbi - which is apparently "the Crown Jewel in African Bow Hunting" and 
"The home of Hunting Legends is the Valley of the Kings Thaba Motswere



Below they show breeding lions at Valley of the Kings Groot Marico....

and guess what folks...

"Great Marico... is a unique Big 5 Private Reserve offering you world class hunting and trophy qualities in a superb reserve."

By the way, Valley of the Kings' FB page positions their Thabazimbi and Great Marico Lodges as Wildlife Sanctuaries...

I find this branding to be terribly misleading and rather repulsive. 

By definition “sanctuary” indicates:  

"refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger."   

VOK – please could you rather indicate in your company mission statement that you breed animals, and you allow killing of animals on your lands.  This whole sanctuary business makes it sound like you save animals.  

One man, Philip J Mostert, seems to be making a killing (no pun intended) out of Africa’s animals being killed…  remember we bumped into him a bit earlier with his Tweet.

Check him out...

Ain't he cute..... ? Breeder... AND President of the Hunting Company that has the concession on .... wait for it.... that's right you guessed it - Valley of the Kings.  But it gets better...

So our dear Mr Mostert is  (amongst other roles)

*President & Founder of Game-Breeders
*President & Founder of Hunting Legends
*President & Founder of Valley of the Kings

Here he is on a lion hunt on one of the VOK ranches:

He makes money on the entire supply chain of the lions' lives.

See how intertwined and self-serving it all is…  one bloodied hand feeding the other…  he breeds them, he pimps them out to be executed…   a multimillion dollar industry built on killing for fun.  Because again and again I remind you… this is what it is all about – KILLING FOR FUN!

Under the Hunting Legends description on the image above they even offer you honesty and integrity.  Oh how wonderful to know that when you are off on a serial-kill mission, your pimps are going to be honest and full of integrity.  That surely must be a great comfort to you as you aim and fire at a grazing elephant, or gentle giraffe, or a magnificent lion (one of those cute little cubs perhaps? I don’t know, can't say).

I mused briefly on the nature of this deal... 

And then I saw blood-red…

"Africa is God's country 
God bless you!"

Am I going nuts?  Hunting and living in the same sentence as God...  Come to Africa - God's  country - kill our animals (which we breed just for you by the way) and oh yes God bless you.

If God created the animals -  I don't believe he did so for humans to kill for fun.  I don't even believe he created them for us to eat or wear... BUT MOST DEFINITELY NOT TO KILL FOR FUN!
So they justify slaughter of innocent animals for fun and millions of dollars by using religion and God?

NO wonder the world is so messed up!  All this killing in the name of God.

They go on to say on that same page... 

"Indeed, the only way to be truly happy is to live with excellence and integrity."

And referring to the animal activists obviously heartfelt criticism... 

"We are certain that God does not want us as fellow human beings to fight and to abuse each other in such disrespectful manners."

So they don't think God wants us to swear at each other, but it's ok to go shoot up his animal creations for fun and money.  How warped!  Vomit!

"If you don’t like hunting and don’t believe we are conserving much more than we harvest, it is your right to believe what you may and we respect that but we are Living for God."

Lions are here on their own little missions - not for humans to "harvest"!

"GOD BLESSES ALL OF US"  - obviously only humans.

I needed to move off that page very quickly... bile was rising in my throat.

But then came the next outrage....  how utterly TWISTED!



Exposing your child to hunting at a very young age will be the very best thing you will ever do for your child. Hunting is not just about dead animals, it’s all about creating lasting memories. Memories your child will cherish for the rest of his/her life.
Taking your child on a hunting safari is bound to change your child’s life and that’s a guarantee. In our business we are blessed and fortunate to experience many of those special moment’s when Dad and son (or daughter) discover each other in a total new way. Experiences where we watch in amazement how the children suddenly look up at their parents with eyes filled of pride and love. Your child will never forget the moment you shot your big Kudu or the day he or she shot her first Impala.  

"Hunting is not just about dead animals.

What about the animals?  What about teaching your children that it's ok to kill innocent victims because they enjoy it... you're building your family values on slaughter?  


No wonder our society is so violent - we're anchoring violence in our energy systems.

"We need to spend QUALITY TIME with our sons and daughters and there is no better venue than nature"

Slaughtering animals is quality time? Nature is not a venue - we are guests there... and they're murdering the hosts.

And then the absolute final insult to anyone with any kind of decency in them...



Doctor Annemarie Moolman is a renowned Psychologist specializing in Child Psychology and a keen Outdoors-Lady herself. In Annemarie’s own words, there is no better place than nature to teach your children the true values and qualities of life, while discovering themselves.
If you’re having problems or have children with challenges, then now is the time to take action and change your lives for the better! Bring them to Africa with Hunting Legends International and enjoy a vacation of a life time and rediscover your child and yourself. Dr, Moolman offers a complete and comprehensive service to our clients and can help you with your challenges while you’re on your African Hunting Safari.
No need for consulting rooms or stressed environments, just a good hunting lodge in Africa and our majestic natural resources is all she needs to help you.
Get solutions for your problems now and discover the best therapy you will ever need....


I spend hours pondering how to heal the world, the fracture between nature and human soul... 

How to fix what is broken.  And this woman advocates slaughter of the innocent to heal a child?
Has she never heard about Ecopsychology?  
Lastly, lets address this claim that hunters are so great for our country... 

PLEASE read and share widely...

I wondered for a brief moment how people stay sane in this absolutely tragic joke of a "civilization".  But that is just it.  I don't think we do.  I think that is why there are so many addicts in the world... not just abuse of substances, but abuse of anything that will keep the horror of the Real at bay.

We can't afford to lose ourselves... it doesn't fix anything.  We need to be brave, look around, and accept the terrifying reality - that pure mad Evil controls the world - or how else would this all be legal?

To be quite frank, whilst there is this kind of money and these kind of players involved in the game industry (and an industry is what it is... not conservation or wildlife sanctuaries... IT'S FARMING "WILD"LIFE TO MAKE MONEY!!)...

(old article from 2012 - but I doubt profits have decreased)...

whilst that is what is happening, I don't really see any hope, unless EVERYONE calls for a ban on trophy hunting, and breeding of animals to kill.

My question to you is … is this moral? Never mind how profitable to the country it may or not be… is it RIGHT?

If your answer is “no”  please can you join us… just thinking how gutwrenchingly awful this is, is not going to change anything.  The animals cannot walk into parliament and demand fairer laws.  They need us to fight for them to have legal, enforceable rights across the world…  and a representative on the United Nations.

We do not own them, any more than children born to slavers were owned by the slave-owners.  It is utter arrogance to impose human values on other species. Neither do we need animals for anything, we have evolved past that long ago.  
We are technologically advanced enough now to live in perfect harmony with each other and nature on Earth. 

These people like Philip Mostert… remind me of the ancient near eastern despots enslaving everyone and imposing absolute rule.  

Imagine life from the animals’ perspective.
Please try it just for 5 minutes.  You will either throw up, or sob uncontrollably for days, or want to smash something. 


Being here on Earth carries responsibilities – you’re part of the human race, you must take responsibility for the state of the planet, and all of its inhabitants that are living under our reign of terror and greed.

If we as a species are ever to evolve we all need to take responsibility for our collective shadow.  Its difficult I know – I look at these hunters and want to get sick – how can I even be part of the same species I wonder…

But we have to stop them and end this barbarianism.

We need to honor all of Earth’s creatures equally…  they all have just as much right to life and resources as we do. 

Will you help them?

Credit:  Valley of the Kings FB page
This next one is nothing to do with VOK, but its just as horrifying... and shows what is going on...