Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back home to KZN

Out of the forest…. back to South Africa.

Got back late on 26th Oct... saw this elephant on the way home... broke my heart the way he dashed away....

What a crazy month. On 27th Oct I got a lift across the bay to Maputo to lay flowers for the elephants outside the Chinese embassy, along with the rest of the world.  Beautiful weather… and dolphins came to say hello.

After not one second of sleep the whole night…. I went to the embassy. Not one single person had responded positively to the idea of protesting with me.  So it was just me with my poster of Qumquat and white flowers, dressed in white for mourning.  Crazy taxi ride with a great driver playing 50s music and couldn’t speak too much English.  Such an edgy, exposed feeling on the pavement outside the embassy.  Traffic buzzing past, this big impersonal complex…. the guard called down a Chinese lady who emphatically refused that I laid my flowers inside or outside.  I knew if I left them there the guard would immediately move them.  I felt like I was bashing my head against a brick wall as I showed her the poster of Qumquat and the taxi driver was translating in Portuguese that the Chinese ivory carving factories were responsible for these deaths.  This horrible hard person, this filthy city…. this Chinese machine grinding along… wrecking our Earth….  so impersonal, so metallic…
I wanted to cry, I wanted to smack her, I wanted to rage and jump into the traffic.
I bit my lip and my tears back and jumped back into the taxi with 50s music and asked him to find a park.

As we were driving through the traffic, busy, busy, cars hooting, jumbled impressions, dirt, crippled beggars, the poshest 4x4s, street vendors, fruit…. I looked up at the sky trying to still this dread feeling in the pit of my stomach and I saw a white steeple reaching up into the overcast grey….
I asked the driver to stop.  I jumped out totally trusting him with all my luggage, pc, camera, phone lying on the back seat, and as I walked up the wide steps of this church I felt peace descending like a veil in my mind being pulled back…. 
Kneeling at the top of the steps praying to Spirit I found a measure of calm, knowing we are part of a cycle that is playing out … day/night, dark/full moon, winter through to Spring. 

All of this pain, this horror is part of a journey of Earth Mother, humankind, and the beloved beasts who have somehow in their kindness agreed to be part of our lessons.  I only pray we do not descend further….   our role as Lightworkers is to keep the fires burning in our souls and have faith in a Divine plan.  Maybe this whole darkness is our journey to Light…. without chaos we would not be able to get there. 

When I came down the taxi driver had my camera in his hands and tears in his eyes – totally connecting with me on this journey.  

He dropped me off at the marina where I had to wait for a lift back across the bay.  But back I dropped to utter panic… the water was so choppy and grey, gulls swooping….   pc and cel phone battery were almost flat, I watched the tide go out and come back in….  another cycle…  I wondered if it were self-forgiveness I was asking for too on the church steps…

After a while the dhows sailing in soothed me… they totally trust the tides and winds to bring them safely home….  a sailor has total faith…. 

The water turned to liquid grey metal
the clouds lifted
my lift arrived
and I had the most awesome boat ride home….  blue-green water, flamingos, sun bursting through grey clouds….

That day I decided to pack up 10 years of my life and leave the day after next.

How hectic….   saying goodbye to Abel, in his 80s and full of fascinating stories...

a last sunset on the bay, goodbye to my forest, driving for the last time through the elephant reserve…. 

the road of course had to be a bit underwater just to remind me ...

And now back in KZN for the next chapter… 

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