Monday, 14 October 2013

For everybody who loves the animals....

A Blessing for the Eco-Warriors

    these hearts
      these weary, aching hearts
they break anew each day
   a thousand ways
these brave warrior hearts
     bleed for the animals
          and You

Please lend us strength to handle the horror
that we might stay strong
   Guide us in our actions to take
       inspire us on our paths
that we may have Heaven on Earth
the way You meant it to be

Angels stay with us
  protect us on our journey
     bathe us in Light
these weary Warriors
    fighting the good fight

when all is Dark
   and our flame flickers and sputters
let us know Faith
    and healing with love
   and our own

When we look ahead and see a barren Earth
 dead and empty of the beloved beasts
remind us of winter
    and the seed
deep underground
   which always blossoms in glorious color
when You have decreed

When we feel hatred
and would become less
   remind us
that only through love
    can we transmute the evil

Shine down
   the silver-gold violet ray of transmutation
and a waterfall of stardust of love and inspiration
    on this faltering Earth

Bless and protect all these healer-warriors
 and when it all feels too much
   let us lay our tired heads and aching hearts
       down on your Earth body to rest in your stillness
          and let the birds sing us to a place deep within
where we know everything will always be ok
    because You are always

(Christine Jordaan, 2013)

I have decided to ask this blessing each day for you and for me to help us with the horror - you could all join me... and this energy will build up like a golden pool on the inner planes where we can go drink... and also visualise the silver-gold violet ray of transmutation which transmutes wounds into wisdom.... and dark into light.... shining down non-stop on Earth 
this crazy planet spinning through the multi-verse

I hear the Satanists pray every day for the evil to continue ruling Earth.
I love the way Muslims incorporate prayer throughout their day.

So this love of animals is an attitude, a wish, a prayer...
Its a way we live here on Earth
And the horror we have to somehow bear
is easier when its shared

Before I used to keep my spiritual musings and writings on another blog... but its only when we heal the rift in our psyche caused by our split from nature and the Sacred, will Heaven come to Earth.
We need to bring the Sacred into our daily lives and doings....
   and see nature as Sacred ground....
then there is just no way we could kill it or pollute it
torture it, maim it, wear it....

Be blessed.

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