Thursday, 1 August 2013

South Africa and our self-esteem as humanbeings

South Africa is the 3rd chakra of the world - home of the ego-self, our self-esteem, where we birth and establish our self-concept. (Read more in books by Dr Caroline Myss).  So it’s where we as a species birth our concept of ourselves.

What do these terrible practices of canned hunting, and trophy hunting located here in the WORLD's 3rd chakra - mean?  What is happening now to animals is akin to slavery, (which is still carrying on today for humans, and never ended for animals), apartheid (species-centric humans think animals are there for our pleasure, and use like white people used to think black people were),  trophy hunting reminds me of the human gladiators – in the barbarian times of ancient Rome (which supposedly bought civilization to the world, but all I see is they carried on the idea of empire from ancient Mesopotamia and Persia, through the Mediterranean and then docked in the US).

Could it be until we heal our relationships with each other and animals (and look we did abolish apartheid, it IS possible for animals) we as a human race will never birth our true self-concept or as a species have any self-esteem?  How can we esteem the human race when these atrocities occur? 

When the 3rd chakra is weak or imbalanced there’s tendencies to prosper at the expense of others, difficulty in taking responsibility for actions and consequences, and weak will or inflicting one's will on everyone around them… You see how this manifests in exploitation of people and animals?

Maybe it is happening here in South Africa because just like for apartheid the WORLD needs to put pressure on SA to NOT legalise the rhino horn trade (and thus open the door to further animal exploitation), to END trophy hunting, to completely OUTLAW canned hunting and farming of wildlife for financial gain…. because just like slavery spread like an evil fungus across the globe…. this poison will spread... like canned hunting of lions in Arizona - you monsters!

If the WILL is there to live in harmony with ALL species, the economics (which is after all, just a question of logistics) will all fall into place.

The whole world needs to act again to bring South Africa into the light regarding animal rights.  Until it does so, the world’s 3rd chakra will remain dis-eased, and we cannot as a species evolve into the light.

South Africa is the stage on which this issue is set to play out with consequences for the entire world.  Apartheid forced the world to really talk about how to treat other races  and now canned and trophy hunting, possible legal rhino horn trade,  this horrendous lion bone trade, MUST force the world to really talk about how we treat other species.

Let’s all work together and do EVERYTHING possible to heal the World’s 3rd chakra.

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