Friday, 30 August 2013

The Real Psyche of a Hunter

At long last... the real psyche of the hunter presents itself...  

Here this self-confessed PIG comes to Africa and boasts about how many animals he is still going to kill.  And Americans wonder why their kids are walking around shooting each other up?

Look at what you are feeding their minds and souls - WAKE UP WORLD!!!!  

Sportman's (there's a euphemism if I ever heard one) Channel... how dare you air this?

In this day and age of many species nearing extinction pushed there by murderous, selfish human beings, I find it extremely offensive and disturbing that you air this person boasting about murdering wildlife. If you air it you are condoning this monster boasting about how many animals he is still going to kill.. reigning death from above.... his own damn words can you believe it.

PIGMAN!  Fuck off out of Africa. You are NOT welcome here.  Go back to your broken society which is falling apart because the mentality governing it is exactly the one displayed on your boasting Facebook page.
If it weren't so... there wouldn't be aerial hunting of wolves... that monster called Sarah Palin would not ever have got to government....  

Argh!!!  I am SO damn angry!  PHASA - there is NO amount of money that you can spend on PR that will cover this truth up... 

South African government... is this how you protect our country?  You allow this?  

THIS IS HUNTING!  The desire to murder, to kill...  this is what is wrong with the world, and this is what the children are being raised on, played out, I might add in these atrociously violent graphic video games!!!!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Volunteer Africa.... lions... conservation... NONSENSE!

Please... dear volunteers... do NOT come to Africa and get involved in hand rearing lion cubs... this is NOT conservation.  

These articles states it perfectly...

Is this really what you want your once-in-a-lifetime volunteer experience in Africa to be tainted with?  Honestly, if volunteered and then found out my money went to enterprises connected to Canned Lion Hunting eg supplying the lions to the death camps – I would sue the agency that sent me there for misrepresentation of circumstances.  They are presenting handrearing of lion cubs as conservation. Its not!  You're just helping to pay to raise the cub to huntable age.  And its making the poor cub habituated to humans.  When they’re too big for this part of the enterprise, they are sent to death camps, until they are big enough to be hunted.  Often they are only fed once a week and live in tiny cages, malnourished and neglected.  Then they are often drugged and turned out into a confined area, so a sadistic coward (it’s scary how those words fit together so often) can shoot them at close range (with no risk to themselves) and go home and boast how they shot a lion in Africa and have the poor betrayed beasts head mounted on his wall.  It’s disgusting!  I don’t know what kind of person would hunt like this.  But I would absolutely freak if I found out I volunteered and helped the industry benefit even more from my money.  I would sue them to hell and back, and I would publicise the farce everywhere to help the lions and future volunteers. 
If anybody would like to help me please mail:  Your privacy will be respected.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Letter to Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk

From: Christine Jordaan <>
Date: Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 12:25 PM
Subject: Letter to Minister van Schalkwyk - Canned Lion Hunting

Dear Minister van Schalkwyk,

Please, I beg you, bring an end to Canned Lion Hunting.

Firstly, it is immoral and a complete betrayal of our South African wildlife.

Secondly, there is a fast growing Moral/Ethical Consumer market in the world.  I believe that SA Tourism is going to suffer tremendous loss due to the practice of Canned Lion Hunting.  This market segment refuses to come visit South Africa based on moral grounds, just as I refuse to go visit China or Vietnam. I refuse point blank to give them my tourist dollars due to wildlife crime.

As Minister of Tourism, you know first hand that tourism supports one in every twelve jobs in South Africa and plays a meaningful role in contributing to our economic development.  It is often referred to as the 'new gold' of our economy, and the total foreign direct spend of tourists has overtaken gold foreign exchange earnings.

Furthermore, I read that South Africa has earmarked tourism as a key sector with excellent potential for growth with you, the government aiming to increase tourism’s contribution, both direct and indirectly, to the economy from the 2009 baseline of R189,4-billion (7.9% of GDP) to R499-billion by 2020 (National Department of Tourism, 2012).

Yet, a potential tourist said to me recently:  “I find the systematic abuse of animals completely repulsive.  Personally, I wouldn't dream of traveling there, now that I know what I do.”  This is just one of hundreds of potential tourists that I have heard, and thousands that I know are out there.

Sir, our Wildlife is part of our Natural Heritage. It is extremely important to us as part of our national psyche and shared culture.  What would South Africa be like without our WILD rhinos, elephants, and lions?  I do not think that it is right that our Wildlife has been commoditised to feed the disgusting and immoral trade in animals and their parts.  Our Wildlife deserves to be wild and free in the wilderness, not farmed like livestock.  Horns, tusks, and bones belong to their animals.

Our country belongs to all of its species, and it is your duty as the government voted in by the people to respect the wishes of the people and to protect our Natural Heritage.  I, and many like me, want our children to grow up and enjoy the animals in their natural habitat.  We also believe that all of our species have the right to exist as nature intended.  South Africa would be a poorer place without the wilderness which is so much a part of us all.

You are in the privileged position to have the power to end this, and have a moral duty to protect our animals.

So much of our history is built on absolute cruelty of race on race.  Let us not move forward building on the human species obliterating or tormenting the other species with whom we share our beautiful landscape, but rather in an attitude of harmonious co-existence which is more than possible if our natural resources are managed sustainably.

"True benevolence, or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation."
Joseph Addison, 1672-1719
I thus urge you, Minister, to do everything possible to protect our Wildlife, and thus our communities, economy, and country. I am tired of the rest of the world, specifically China, viewing Africa as a drive-through pantry.  I urge you to deny access to our natural resources unless a). it is done sustainably and b). until China has closed down their ivory carving factories (which are decimating Africa’s elephants), tiger wine farms (which are now using our lions’ bones – I mean, really!) and trade in animals and their parts.

 Across the world, governments are moving towards enlightenment.

India has officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons, whose rights to life and liberty must be respected.  They have also banned animal testing.  Most of their population of 1 billion people live below the poverty line, yet they have not let economics sway them.

In Kenya, the first Lady Margaret Kenyatta has launched an anti-poaching campaign dubbed “Hands off our Elephants” whose main objective is to educate Kenyans and the world on the need to conserve the elephant for posterity.

The government of Botswana has officially banned hunting wild game for sport beginning January 2014, and their hunting lodges are becoming lodges for photographic safaris.

Costa Rica has banned animals in zoos and is sending them to sanctuaries.  They have also banned shrimp fishing with dragnets.

El Salvador has banned animals in circuses.

Please let South Africa join these brave countries in taking a stand to protect all sentient beings.  I would love us to be part of such a movement.  A Rainbow Nation for ALL species, not just cultures.

Furthermore I would like us to inspire our neighbours to create lasting protection for southern African wildlife and a network of sustainable tourism between our countries.

Thus we need to be an example.

I believe that if South Africa puts measures in place to protect our wildlife sustainably and honestly, taking into account that the wildlife should be wild, not farmed like cattle… the tourism revenue to South Africa would increase substantially because we would capture the revenue of the Moral/Ethical Consumer market segment.

Honestly, I wish a brave soul stood up and banned the whole trophy hunting industry.  I have high hopes of that for the future.  I read an excellent article just today:

But please Sir, for the moment, PLEASE, just ban the canned lion hunting.  It really is atrocious for the lions, and terrible for our national image.

Kind regards,

Christine Jordaan

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Reality on the Ground - Warning graphic content for sensitive viewers

Fk you China!!!!!!!

Whole herd gunned down from the airs... matriarch, mothers, babies...

Both pics courtesy of Botswana Threatened Wildlife Trust

So basically the threats to the beloved animals are:

Poaching to supply body parts for traditional medicines, and trinkets.  Asia has a lot to answer for and as China is the super power in this region – it should do everything in its power to stamp this atrocity out – but why isn’t it?  China can and does squash any activity it doesn’t approve of such as free speech etc – there is no way that it could not end the poaching crisis by closing down its ivory carving factories, making consumption of rhino horn illegal, banning any trade in animals, or their parts if it really wanted to.  I can only assume the government elite are the end-users or have a financial stake in the industry. 

Hunting to satisfy something dark and depraved in humanity – this bloodthirsty “sport”  does not belong in a modern, evolved society.  This includes trophy hunting and canned hunting – both are murdering an innocent animal for fun!  There is nothing sport-like or fair about either way.  It feeds the same darkness as the ancient gladiatorial combats in the Coliseum in Classical Rome.

Farming of animals for food, clothing, tiger wine, bear bile farms – animals are kept in terrible conditions and then brutally slaughtered - veganism is the only way forward.

Abuse of animals for entertainment purposes eg circuses, zoos, fairs, and for labour purposes (horses in Nepal, elephants in southern Asia…)

Torture of animals for sadistic pleasure eg the completely depraved crush videos – I mean WTF! Dogfighting, bear baiting…

Destruction of habitat eg these terrible palm-oil plantations and climate change leading to drowning polar bears amongst others.

The rhinos, tigers, elephants, bears, and wolves are the symbols of a totally diseased and sick collective human psyche. 

Why we ask ourselves?  Look at all the pornography and violence in the movies, video games, and advertisements.  Look at what children are doing to each other on one side of the world and the poverty they are living in on the other side.  Society is sick and broken and operating at an extremely dense, low frequency.  Evil is feeding off this, growing larger and sucking everything into the vortex.

But, on the other hand more and more lightworkers are incarnating now, and anchoring a higher energy on Earth.  Earth is polarising very quickly into Dark and Light – each thought we think, each cent we spend is a vote in this battle for our power.  Our power belongs only to us… we choose what we do with our time and energy on Earth.  We choose what energy we allow into our minds and hearts, our homes and around our children.   If each of us will take responsibility for keeping our own spaces clear and light, making choices that help nature, the animals, and therefore ultimately ourselves, then already the world will be a better place.  If we consciously choose to transmute our shadow selves, and raise our frequencies – the world will naturally evolve too.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What are we losing...

As we are part of nature, I wonder what is happening to the collective human psyche or consciousness by the loss of species caused by the heartless poaching, and the sadistic, sick, pathetic cowards hunting…

The loss of any species is tragic, but let us think for a moment about what the bigger animals symbolise…

Wolves… who are currently being exterminated…symbolise guardianship, ritual, loyalty and Spirit.  They do not fight unnecessarily –  “the wolf teachers you to know who you are and to develop strength, confidence and surety in that so that you do not have to demonstrate and prove yourself to all.  …Wolf can teach the lesson of proper governorship – a balance between authority and democracy.”  (Animal Speak by Ted Andrews)

Elephants – 35,000 poached in one year, others being tortured in cruel circuses, or neglected in labour camps…symbolise ancient power, strength, and royalty… and are symbols of the mist that separates the formed worlds from the unformed…  Because of their relatively poor eyesight they rely heavily upon their sense of smell… a long time symbol for higher forms of discrimination.  The tusks are used as weapons and for digging edible roots – giving knowledge of things beneath and above the earth.  
Cow and calves live in herds of females representing the ancient tradition of three forms of the feminine energies in life – the child, the mother, the wise old crone.  They are led by a matriarch.
They teach us powerful family and societal ideals, mutual care of the young, respect for the elderly and sick.

Rhinos… symbolise ancient wisdom… they are basically solitary animals and they teach you how to be comfortable in your own solitude, also how to draw upon your own innate wisdom and apply it to the present time.

Lions… such beautiful creatures that for some reason are just not making it on to the Endangered Species list…   They symbolise assertion of the feminine and the power of the female sun – creativity, intuition, and imagination.   They can teach us lessons and issues dealing with community and groups as they live in prides. 

Never mind the fact that we do not own these animals and we did not create them therefore we have NO right to murder them or use them for our own selfish gains… 

We are downright STUPID to lose them from our collective psyche.
Nature IS Spirit made manifest.  
Nature is the source of our greatest spiritual strength.
Without Nature...
if we lose the Wild Ones...
our Spirits will become even more fractured and distorted...
Why are world leaders allowing the desecration of Mother Earth?
They COULD stop it if they choose to.
Just as they COULD end poverty and many illnesses.
But broken people are easier to control.  The more Wilderness we lose... the more broken we become.  The more we lose ourselves in the Matrix - chasing fake gold, empty ideals...
The "vampire" energy, currently occupying Earth as a brutal dictator, feeds off human misery and despair.  Wars, poverty, illness, twisting and abuse of Innocence - this feeds the (d)Evil and allows the Dark power to flourish and perpetuate the Misery necessary to sustain Itself and its reign of terror and fear.

By saving Nature and the Wild Ones - we are saving our Souls.

Monday, 12 August 2013

World Elephant Day

 Happy World Elephant Day!

Sr Rodolfo Cumbane, from the Maputo Special Reserve, came to talk to the kids from Mapanga and Nhonguane Schools, to explain why the elephants, and nature, are important.
Clap hands! Much appreciated.  Thankyou Rodolfo, and anytime you are in the area, shout!  I will happily come drink a beer.

Another kindred spirit!

Rodolfo in action

Innocence, a Ranger

Friday, 2 August 2013

Dear Fat Cat

Fat Cat!
You sit atop your pile of gold
      of broken dreams
            and promises sold
Don’t you know that it’s lethal
      the power that you hold?

Did you forget Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu
   or how it feels to be hungry?

Fat Cat!
  Get out of the concrete jungle
        take off your shoes
go sit under a baobab with your spine against its trunk
   and wait to connect with the wisdom of the Earth that sustains us

Can’t you hear Mother Africa weeping for her lost children and animals
   for her polluted streams and oceans
        doesn’t She sing in your blood anymore
             don’t you know its together we stand
                             or together we fall?

Fat Cat! 
   There is no more cream if the cow is dead!

Fat Cat!
   I am the umKhuhlu tree
         standing as a woman on a battlefield
surrounded by dead bodies of loved ones
     I am the wilderness
  which you are allowing to be desecrated
     horns and tusks hacked from my body while I'm alive
        I am every consciousness that is staring out a cage
                     instead of roaming free in the wilderness as is my birthright
                I am being raised just to be shot by foreign cowards
                        and then my bones and carcass sold
                            instead of decomposing into the soil of my Africa
                                  to return home

Fat Cat!
I am a Child of Africa
         don’t you see I have a gun in my hand
      instead of food?

Fat Cat!
  I am a Woman of Africa
            I carry the collective memory of years
                of systematic rape of your wives and daughters
Why do you not protect us? 
   we are not pawns to be used in your wars or bartered as cattle

Fat Cat!
What did you used to dream when you were small
    when you imagined your destiny?

Did you watch the sun setting behind thorn trees on the bushveldt
or listen to the drum of thunder in an afternoon rain shower?

Fat Cat!
  don’t you know you were born to be a majestic African Lion?

not a spoilt domesticated kitty
  purring around the ankles of the
   morally corrupt, empire-building, global Elite

You were BORN to be king

Half the countries on this continent fought brutal and bloody wars
  to shake off foreign oppressors
    who divided us along imaginary lines drawn in the sands
why have you now prostituted us to Asian countries
     for our natural resources? 
why are you pimping us to another oppressor
with a terrible human rights history
   and abuse of nature?
why are you allowing foreign syndicates to enter our lands
    and destroy our nature and communities?
They do not belong here if they do not respect our nature and our people

Fat Cat!
  do you have no faith in us
        or love of us
    we have all the talent and creativity and resources we need
      right here to sustain us

Fat Cat!
   Our mineral wealth is here to FEED OUR people
          not to arm our children with guns to go shoot other Africans

Fat Cat!
  I am AFRICAN  
    have you forgotten you are too?

Inspire us to look inwards to Africa for inspiration
   not to the West
    where the children of its broken society are fed on pornography and drugs
nor to the East
   where the government elite still keeps the common man chained
       whilst touting the line of “best for the people”

but instead underneath us
  to our roots in the deserts of the northern cape
    from the rolling hills of emKhambathini
     to the majestic spears of Quathlamba 

Fat Cat!
When you die
  and your material form falls away
   to pure consciousness
  when all human-engineered boundaries
      of race and class and species
      are revealed to be the shackles on our ankles
keeping us chained in servitude
   to the Evil that currently rules our beautiful planet
  when you look down on earth
and only notice Soul, not form or colour
     will you not be ashamed of what happened on your watch?

Fat Cat!

Please roar out and become our Lion…

Please instill in our children pride in our natural heritage and inspire them to protect it by your example.  
Please say NO to the trade in rhino horn.
Please destroy any confiscated horns and ivory.
Please outlaw hunting safaris and canned animal farming practices.
Please safeguard our coastlines for the visiting whales.
Please ban the longliners wreaking havoc in our waters.

Please remember who you were born to be.

by Christine Jordaan, 2013

Thursday, 1 August 2013

South Africa and our self-esteem as humanbeings

South Africa is the 3rd chakra of the world - home of the ego-self, our self-esteem, where we birth and establish our self-concept. (Read more in books by Dr Caroline Myss).  So it’s where we as a species birth our concept of ourselves.

What do these terrible practices of canned hunting, and trophy hunting located here in the WORLD's 3rd chakra - mean?  What is happening now to animals is akin to slavery, (which is still carrying on today for humans, and never ended for animals), apartheid (species-centric humans think animals are there for our pleasure, and use like white people used to think black people were),  trophy hunting reminds me of the human gladiators – in the barbarian times of ancient Rome (which supposedly bought civilization to the world, but all I see is they carried on the idea of empire from ancient Mesopotamia and Persia, through the Mediterranean and then docked in the US).

Could it be until we heal our relationships with each other and animals (and look we did abolish apartheid, it IS possible for animals) we as a human race will never birth our true self-concept or as a species have any self-esteem?  How can we esteem the human race when these atrocities occur? 

When the 3rd chakra is weak or imbalanced there’s tendencies to prosper at the expense of others, difficulty in taking responsibility for actions and consequences, and weak will or inflicting one's will on everyone around them… You see how this manifests in exploitation of people and animals?

Maybe it is happening here in South Africa because just like for apartheid the WORLD needs to put pressure on SA to NOT legalise the rhino horn trade (and thus open the door to further animal exploitation), to END trophy hunting, to completely OUTLAW canned hunting and farming of wildlife for financial gain…. because just like slavery spread like an evil fungus across the globe…. this poison will spread... like canned hunting of lions in Arizona - you monsters!

If the WILL is there to live in harmony with ALL species, the economics (which is after all, just a question of logistics) will all fall into place.

The whole world needs to act again to bring South Africa into the light regarding animal rights.  Until it does so, the world’s 3rd chakra will remain dis-eased, and we cannot as a species evolve into the light.

South Africa is the stage on which this issue is set to play out with consequences for the entire world.  Apartheid forced the world to really talk about how to treat other races  and now canned and trophy hunting, possible legal rhino horn trade,  this horrendous lion bone trade, MUST force the world to really talk about how we treat other species.

Let’s all work together and do EVERYTHING possible to heal the World’s 3rd chakra.