Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How have you voted with your money today?

Every cent we spend is a vote. 

We can vote to support companies with strong social responsibility and corporate social investment programmes. 

We can vote to support  companies who use Fair Trade principles in their businesses and products.

If you really feel you have to eat meat, you can choose to eat Kind Foods, and free-range products, causing as little suffering as possible.  (please note I do NOT endorse eating meat).

We can use our spending power to say no to:

The Blood Ivory trade which is decimating African elephants and financing terrorist atrocities on communities in central Africa

The Rhino is threatened with extinction unless the insatiable appetite for their horn is halted.

Products with Palm Oil in cause the destruction of irreplaceable rainforests and threaten the survival of humankind’s closest relative, orangutans.
Read more: http://ran.org/palm-oil#ixzz2ZraPhi4M

Why is Japan still in this day and age slaughtering dolphins in Taiji and hunting whales?

Need I mention China’s evil bear bile farms, and fur industry?
And the tigers?  And they are now using lion bones in their foul medicines.

The choices we make on how we spend our money can force companies and countries to CHANGE! 

I personally will not visit China, Vietnam, Japan, or buy any of their products until they have closed down their ivory carving factories, their bear bile farms, their traditional medicines that use animal parts, and put an end to Wildlife Crimes. 
I will avoid anything to do with their businesses and if at all possible, keep them from accessing our African resources until they have earned that right.

I will use the power of how I spend my money to say NO to Wildlife Crimes.

I will support governments that stand up for wildlife and nature across the world.  

It’s the only way I can think of to make my voice count!

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