Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A new vision...

Basically our war on behalf of animals is conducted on so many dimensions...

There is the moral dimension.  We can appeal to the decency of humankind, and yes there is some out there.  There is always a right way to do something... always... we see it in our everyday little lives... whenever I try to take a shortcut karma bites me in the butt, and I know there was a better way... 

We need to seed, no, it’s too late for niceties, we need to BLAST into human consciousness a WILL to live in harmony with all species.  If that willpower is there (just like the will to not drive fuel powered vehicles led to the invention of more eco-friendly vehicles) then we can manage on the economic dimension to find solutions that suit all species.  So we can live in a multi-species (hey multi-special) society.  The economic systems any way need to be dismantled. That is blatantly obvious.  There should be not ONE single starving person or animal on the planet.   We're clever enough to manage it - we just lack the will power.  Its greed and its fear of sharing - there is ENOUGH.  And if we operate from that consciousness we will attract a higher frequency down.  Instead of the terrible evil that has spread itself like a darker than black blanket across the globe.

How to influence Will....

Ok, most humans, including myself, will do something if we see a benefit to ourselves in it... People - we are happier and healthier if our planet and all it’s species are too.  It’s simple.  Please see These lovely people explain it all in great detail.  Otherwise take a walk in a park and look up and breathe out.  Don’t you feel better? 

I am trying to stop eating fish.  Except for some slipups when I had too much wine I don’t eat meat or chicken or pork or anything dead (and these slipups will NEVER happen again because I am now very wise as to the evils we perpetrate on factory farmed animals. And I watched Babe again.)  Except now and again I eat fish.
Now – damnit I am HUNGRY!  And I live here on the beach. And there are no shops nearby.  So, my lettuces are only half-grown, and something that looks a bit like spinach.  My carrots looked like rasta dudes with little dreadlocks – no they were REALLY weird (and I am pretty sure they were natural seeds, no GMO crap here, thankyou very much)… so yes I’m HUNGRY!  But my mind, actually my heart, is going to win over my matter.  Firstly I don’t want my matter polluted.  I see my body as a temple where my soul resides while it’s on earth. Like a little car you drive around in.   Before, you could say, I was using leaded petrol… meat, way too much alcohol (I am now looking at making honey mead from all the bees here – hint – there are loads of bees here because there are no pesticides and no GMO crops to f&ck up the environment and alter our DNA), and just general junk.  But I am much happier when I eat healthy and I know I am not causing misery to animals and nature. 
Also, I hope I will not get too much of a rough ride next life time because I am really working on my karma piggy bank (by NOT eating piggies!)  So if the pull factor of being a happy little tree hugging hippy doesn’t sway you to my cause… well then maybe the push factor of YOU WILL HAVE A REALLY REALLY BAD LIFETIME NEXT TIME AROUND will… if you are going around shooting up elephants and posing with their trunk?  Holy cow!  (no I’m not Hindu – cows are pretty cool though) I just about threw up when I saw this woman posing with an Elephant’s trunk.  What planet are these people from!  Where was I?  Oh yes, Karma!  If that doesn’t intimidate you into stopping your murder of animals…  what about all the bad wishes of all the THOUSANDS (I am confident by now it must be at least over a MILLION) people that, not to be rude, HATE you!  I can honestly say that I could not overcome my shadow self and when I saw this Bitch-with-a-murdered-elephant’s-trunk-photo I wished all the damnation of hell and all the misery of all the animals ever killed for fun on her.  Sorry, I’m only human.  Actually I’m not sorry at all. I am TIRED of being EXHAUSTED with grief and despair over people’s actions towards our non-human brethren.  I am PISSED OFF that this is still taking place – I mean really!  Have we not evolved from cave-man days… “I’m so big and strong, I kill everything in my path” kind of mentality. 
Think about it logically… first our muscles evolved so we could survive.  Then our brains developed.  And then our hearts… but what happened to some people’s hearts?  I really do believe they are less evolved.  Once your brain has evolved, you have survival pretty much nailed.  But it takes compassion to survive with grace and humility. It takes a humble person to acknowledge we are not meant to be at the top of the food chain, that life should be a glorious circle. And it takes a great person to be truly humble.  Because only once you have touched your inner greatness do you realise how very small we really are.  Look up at the stars if you can see them in your polluted skies….  I used to lie outside every night when I was small trying to call angels down…  we are so small and tiny, but we are killing this planet that we did not create.  How arrogant.

I’ve lost track.  But to summarise – if we can win people over on the moral argument, and create the WILL to image-in a different way of being here on earth (with more wine and louder music please!!) then the logistics of economics, and all that fancy stuff that smarter people know about… then that will all fall into place.  Because we will WANT it to! 

And you must realise that as sure as you are breathing there is a very evil force in the world, I don’t care what you call it.  I dreamt of it the other night.  I woke up in my dream and it was as if I had walked into a wall of pure evil.  It said to me… “I’m always here”.  Then I saw myself lighting a candle in this really black, dark, blanket covering the world.  And the light grew.  But then bits of the dark broke off and ran up my leg.  And then unfortunately I woke up.  So…. the evil is there.  We need to transmute it in ourselves.  If everybody did so, then we would have this question of will conquered.  We need to want to transmute our shadows.  If we just all take responsibility for our own inner darkness, surely we must become en-light-ened?

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