Saturday, 30 March 2013

F*@k you Asia!!

I feel sick to the depths of my soul that certain consumers in Asia uses rhino horn as hangover cures!  How on earth does anyone with any compassion or heart justify slaughtering such beautiful animals and for such a pathetic reason?   You do it for status?   Do you really think that you're SO cool spending money on pain and suffering?  You're not - you're an a-hole!!  A monster!!  Give me a few more glasses of wine and I'll really get going!

I wish I could wave a magic wand and put EVERYBODY involved with rhino horn and any wildlife trade in a den full of very, very hungry lions.  The punishment is not enough.  Its not enough that the poachers get shot.  The supply chain needs to be followed from beginning to end from poacher through the fat cats in the middle to the end-user.  I HATE people involved in wildlife trade, animal abuse or hurting nature in any way.  I think half the problem is the decent people in the world are not angry enough about it.  Why?  What would it take to rip people out of their lethargic complacency?  How can I sit down and eat my dinner while somewhere in bloody Asia (whom I never give a $ to if possible - from now on I would rather wear rags than anything made in Asia)  a bear is trapped in a tiny cage and farmed for its bile, or chased out their winter dens by dogs and murdered.

And incidentally - if you can't handle your liquor don't drink.  Don't come and rape my beautiful continent for your bloody headache.  If you were standing in front of me now, I would give you MUCH more than a headache to worry about.

I think that anybody with half a heart should stand up now and say ENOUGH!!!!!

Don't buy anything from China, Vietnam, or anywhere sanctioning the abuse of animals/nature.  If there are any businessmen that I know out there doing business with these countries - I seriously lose respect for you.
Our planet and ALL its inhabitants are worth more than any money.  Surely you realise that (unfortunately) at this stage the world runs on money and nothing deeper.  So its through your business deals, developments, etc that you can make a difference.  Shouldn't you be ashamed of yourselves for giving money to these countries thereby condoning their behaviour?  One day at the end of your life won't you be ashamed of yourself for what YOU helped destroy, instead of proud of the difference you made?


And Asia... while I am at it... keep your thieving hands off the rest of our resources as well.  We don't need you to come plunder our natural world, and then send it back to us in sub-standard cheap crap!
We are quite capable of building our own bridges and schools and hospitals...  Africa - get off your backside and wake up before you are turned into a barren desert.

I apologise if I have offended anybody - excuse me for being mightily offended by the current situation. Until something real is done about it, I choose to use my voice to speak out about something that is really, really upsetting me.